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Evelynn Build Guide by xToxinex

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xToxinex

Evelynn - Cry or die

xToxinex Last updated on August 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hey Guy´s my name is Domenic and I will teach you how to play Evelynn after the big nerf.
She is very difficult to play now. Most peoples say : No stun = useless .. but I say : F.U. Riot I rape the opponents even without stun .

This is my first Guide on Mobafire and pls excuse my bad english u.u I´m german.
If you have some problems with my guide wirte it in the comments and tell me what´s wrong.

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-Added AP section and improved somethings
-AD section will follow soon.


First release.

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Pros and Cons

Full AP :

Pro´s :

-Extreme Burst dmg !!!
-You will feel like an assassin
-Opponents will be afraid

Con´s :
-Only 1 nuke..
-you need very very much expereince to play full ap!

Pro´s :

-Good Damage
-Opponents waste gold for oracles and wards
-You can be usefull in teamfights if you kill the carrys.

Con´s :

-Can be counterd by oracles / wards

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Runes + Masteries

Full AP:

Masteries :

Hmmy typical caster runes you need the cooldown reduction and the manareg. from the utilitis tree.

Runes :

9x Magicpen will give you good dmg earlygame :)
9x Flat AP will give you more dmg for ravage :)
9x Flat CD reduciton is very very nice caus you can faster stealth and ravage has lower cooldown
3x Flat AP are nice too.

Hybrid :


Hmm I use the typical hybrid runes. I use 1 point in "greed" cause Eve is a bad farmer.. really bad. I have tried many ways for runes and masteries but 21/0/9 is the best way in my oppinion.

Runes :

Hmm 9x Magicpen is good for your Ravage ;-)
Hmm 9x Flat Ap will give you more dmg for your Ravage ;-)
Hmm 9x Flat Ad will give you more dmg on autohits cause you´re hybrid.
Hmm 3x Armorpen is good for you autohits.

Many peoples ask me why I dont choose survive runes . I answer : Eve dont need this. She is a assassin not a tank .

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AP :
First start with Amplifing Tome.. it gives your ravage nice dmg and you need this dmg. why no Dorans Ring ? Cause you need Mejais soulstealer .. You really really need this item without this item you are useless. You have already enough manareg from your masteries.After first trip back buy boots and if you are feeded buy a soulstealer too. Next item should be Ryalis caus your shadow walk slow + ryalis feel like a stun :) and the hp are nice too.
Buy Voidstaff if they stacking magicres. wuhahah you will rape the opponents so hard :)
Hextechgunblade is good for AD and AP cause after ravage you have to wait 5 seconds until you can use your ravage again :) and the Lifesteal is great. Buy Rabbadons and rape them harder you should have your itembuild until the 45 minutes mark :)

First start with Dorans Ring .. it increase your HP and give you nice Ap bonus. And the Manareg.
is awesome caus you will often stealh. My first trip back is if I have 1,2k gold. I buy boots of speed and dagger for malady . Why I choose malady ? Malady increase your AS and makes your autohits more dangerous. After finishing malady I will finish my boots of mobility .. why no magicpen boots ? or berserkers graves ? You need Boots of Mobility cause you´re a assassin you have to be mobil . After boots I try to buy gunisoo´s rageblade it will give you nice ad and ap boost. After that HextechGunblade is your first priority you NEED THIS. Your Stealth + Gunblade slow is awesome it will feel like a stun :) And a AD+AP boost is nice :). After Gunblade build Rabadons OR Infinity and if you hard feeded build both of these two awesome items :)

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What is the mission of an assassin?

Your Mission is to kill the carrys. You think thats easy? Oh Nooo.. it´s a hard work and if you not feeded it´s the hell.. cause the carrys ( if they are not brainless) walk evertime in a team. And that will makes your work so hard.

How to get a carry ?

Before a teamfight start you should see whether the opponents have an oracle. If they have no oracle you stand behind the carry.(NOTE THIS : ATTACK EVERYTIME I REPEAT EVERYTIME from behind.)
Signaling your team the team they should start the fight when they are ready.When the team starts fighting you should kill the carry directly.Now the opponents hunting you and you should run away. But dont run to far away escape with your stealth .. after killing the carry go in stealth and run to a brush . If they dont have a oracle you will escape and can kill the low - hp guys who run´s away from a teamfight.

If the opponents have a oracle than do you have a problem. Now use your brain .
Signaling your team, they should start the fight when they are ready while you wait in the bush.When the battle is in progress you should go in stealth and activate your ultimate.
Your first priority is the carry everytime the carry. Second priority is the support like sona,soraka..

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Evelynn´s friends

Here we go with friends.

Sion - Well... DERP! This boy will give you stun that was taken away from you. A good lane partner for double burst.
Blitzcrank - slow the target -> grab -> knock-up -> face full of fists!
Morgana - This is nice, deadly combo
slow -> root -> pain river -> hate spike up the ars.
You know what morgana can do? keep hurted opponents near you... and that's great :)
Nocturne - Oh boy this will go hard on enemies ***.
Coordinate with Nocturne to pull out incredible ganks.
Enough said. Use this to your advantage as much as possible.

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Early , Mid , Lategame..

Earlygame (LvL 1-6 ):

Ok grab your Dorans Ring and go to your lane choose a good lanepartner .. (Note : NO SUPPORT ! choose a carry or a good damage dealer) Ok after walk to your lane just chill and play def. you are useless until lvl 3 .. with ravage on lvl 3 you will pull some dmg , but you can start to harass. You can last hit minions with autoattacks. DONT WASTE YOUR MANA ON MINIONS ! .
With lvl 6 you should have your boots and dagger. Ok lvl 6 is your time.

Midgame (LvL 6-16) :

Ok now is ganking time. You can pull some damage and you will kill the carrys with help from your team. Ganking is your main weapon and they are afraid of your ganks . Buy your itmes and steal the enemy jungle :) They will buy oracles but I will explain you how to counter the oracles / wards in the next chapter . Ok your ganks have to be succesfully or you will be really useless.

Lategame (LvL 16-18) :

Lategame is pushing time .. you should ward the baron ;-) if your opponent team do the baron and they have no ORACLES than steal it ;) go in stealth and wait ;) look at the baron´s HP if the hp under 500 use ur ravage and ignite on baron ;) with many luck you steal it easy.^^ Lategame can be hard for you teamfights will be hard .. but if your feeded it´s easy for you^^. You can go backdoor cause u have enough AS for backdoor and you can easy survive with your shadow walk.^^

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How to counter Wards / Oracles ?

Unfortunately since the patch where eve was punched in the face, level one ganking a jungler is practically impossible because the stealth duration will get you killed...I'm replacing this section with some screen shots that i promised before showing Ward/Oracle/Tower sight range.
Nocturn is where the oracles/ward is and the yellow represents the sight range.
Here I will also mention some pros and cons to wards.
1.Enemies can see you.
1.Gold loss for the enemy team.
2.The enemy feels safe if they have sight, but its actually very easy to maneuver around.
3.Can be killed, have bounty.(The pictures are from a leaguecraft guide by crease124)

Tower diving-it's easy EVERY Eve HAS to do it!
Basically if you're eve you have to tower dive.! Flash into the tower and kill the opponent than use ur ulti to escape :)

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Last Words


if you have some problems with my guides write it in your comments and I will improve my guide :)