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Evelynn Build Guide by GoPink

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GoPink

Evelynn Ganker

GoPink Last updated on April 23, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This item build will end with Evelyn being a power house able to easily take out her foes toe to toe. However; low levels she will be tower-hugging most likely.

Whether you prefer pushing lanes or roaming the field lookin for easy targets, this build is great for you. I have not tried her jungling with this build, nor will I personally, but you're welcome to have a go at it.

Note: If you don't like something about my build, leave me some constructive comments with your ideas. I'd be happy to incorporate them and credit you.

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We start out grabbing speed boots, basic enough.

Next we move on to Sapphire Crystal, to be used in Sheen. This increases her mana pool so you can spam Hate Spike more often and thus gain more money from minion kills in the beginning.

Sheen is also useful in player kills. As you will be chasing players and spamming Hate Spike, gaining Sheen's buff.

Next we'll move on to Ruby Crystal for the health benefit but also, to be used in Phage. Phage helps aid us by slowing our targets, enabling us to use Malice and Spite effectively while chasing an enemy.

Next we go on to Zeal for more movement speed, attack speed and crit.

Go ahead and grab Trinity Force for inventory space and combined passives.

Next we go with some lifesteal for self-sustenance: Executioner's Calling.

Malady for the attack speed and the defense-debuffing effects.

Phantom Dancer for Attack Speed/Crit + Movement speed. She should be fairly speedy now. Speedy enough to effectively use Malice and Spite (meaning that you gain the cooldown cancelling effect each time you use it).

Guardian Angel if you have the time and money. At this point, she should be fairly well equipped to kill groups of 2 players solo fairly easily.

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Skill Breakdown

Shadow Walk before you even approach an enemy's line of sight.
Shadow Walk before and after every fight, or if you get dropped to 50% or less.

Start every fight with Ravage, for best results: when you are Shadow Walking.
Use Ravage on cooldown, it's helpful when chasing enemies down, though Hate Spike is slightly better.

Hate Spike on cooldown.
Hate Spike is GREAT for chasing speedy players down since it's range and cooldown are slightly better than Ravage.

Malice and Spite when your target is at 30%-60% health or less to get a quick kill and reset it's cooldown. Popping Malice and Spite when a player is too close to death (less than 20%) is generally a waste of the ability and you tend to get the kill before you can pop it. Keep in mind her attack speed is fairly high with this build and this will boost it significantly.

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Play Style

In the beginning (1-6):
Be prepared to Recall quite a bit. You will get to half health quickly. If you're not level 30 yet, or can't get flash, grab teleport, you can head back in the fray fairly quick with that. Be prepared to Shadow Walk away at a given chance. We'll be using this re-actively rather than preemptively up to about level 6.

Mid Game (7-12):
You can easily push back enemy players with a combination of Shadow Walk + Ravage. This is great for pushing lanes. If you prefer roaming, keep an eye on the map - if your teammates are pushing a lane hard use Shadow Walk and cut off your enemy's escape route. This is where your kills come in. If you see one Hero pushing hard in deep top, your team has it, flank him. This is your primary strategy mid-game.

Late Game (13+):
This is where you shine. Easily racking up the kills. Go toe to toe with your enemies. First start off from Shadow Walk, Ravage, Malice and Spite (and Hate Spike on cooldown), your enemy is good as dead. When you pop Malice and Spite at late game, you might as well chalk up a kill for yourself.

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Summoner Spells

I personally prefer to have Heal and Teleport. I do recognize that for the best damage output, Ignite is superior for fleeing enemies (like Teemo). Combine that with Flash and you're fairly great at chasing people down for the kill. Honestly, Summoner Spells are just a matter of preference and play style.