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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Swagathor

Evelynn, Ganking

Swagathor Last updated on April 14, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I made this build because from my experience with Eve, she needs to be a hard-hitting champion. She is, as most of you know, ability power based and also a patient/campy kind of champion. Learning to play Eve�s style of patients and knowing when you can take out another champion and when you cannot, may take awhile for some of you, but I think if you follow along with this guide it will help you immensely. This guide is an attempt to show how Eve can become a great ganker.

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I choose to use Clarity. Many people don�t like use Clarity, but as I play Eve more and more, I seem to love it more and more. I use it for 2 reasons: I can stay in the field for so much longer, because I�m usually spamming my �Q� to get the last hits. And it always helps my teammates so they don�t have to be going back as often because you can restore their mana, also. Having the low mana that Eve has in the beginning, it�s also hard to stay out there without it.

I also choose exhaust for the obvious reason that it slows the other champion so much. To get those extra few Hate Strikes in, can be a lot of damage. Also Eve is pretty squishy so that damage reduction will help you get that last damage in, to hopefully kill them to get the instant heal from R-passive.

Other recommended spells: Ignite, Heal, Teleport (easier lane transition) or Smite (if you take 1 point out of �Deadliness� and stick it in �Plentiful Bounty�).

Spells to never you: Ghost/Flash, you have invis to escape and your ultimate also increases your movement speed if you�re that desperate.

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Talent Tree

It�s pretty self-explanatory; it is the most damage putout spec. More damage=easier ganking. And you also want some defense from the Defense Tree, just to make you a little less squishy.

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Skill Sequence

You want to get Hate Strike (HS) from the get go because of last hits on minions. A lot of people like to get Shadow Walk (SW) right away but, all it really does is waste mana and you don�t have much burst damage in the beginning for the opener to even really do anything. Especially in the 3�s, people choose SW first because of bottom ganking, don�t do that, not worth it. Also, another different thing that I do with my skill sequence is get 2 points in SW before 2 in HS, that is because for awhile in the game (like 4-9) this allows you to build up damage. If you need longer than the time given at 2 points of SW to choose your target, you�re doing something wrong. Obviously you are going to want to level your ultimate as fast as possible.

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Ganking Move Sequence

You�re going to want to start in SW (obviously). Open up with Rupture (E), this deals the most damage, and exiting SW onto a champion also stuns them. The next move after E is to immediately use your ultimate (you usually don�t want to try to gank someone without this up). After that, you just spam your HS. Ability Power is so important because you are literally spamming that HS and the cooldown is barely anything, especially when you have your Deathcap.

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Rune Build

For Marks, magic pen. is pretty obvious because you�re doing a lot of spamming of HS. For Seals, I choose cooldown reduction for faster spamming. For Glyphs, I choose Ability Power for more damage put out. For Quintessence, I choose a split between cooldown reduction and ability power.

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Item Purchases

Choosing boots and 3 health potions to start off just to be a little faster and to heal while getting last hits. It�s really not that beneficial to get anything else because getting your speed 5 boots helps so much to switch lanes. Sure, magic penetration boots are helpful in ganking but, when you can change in-between lanes extremely quickly with speed 5 boots, it helps so much more in the end. Especially when chasing, when chasing you use your SW so you can eventually catch them because you are not in battle and no matter what boots they have (unless they have speed 5 boots also) you can catch and open on them again. Lich Bane is the next item to get because it gives you the mana that you will need. The movement speed also adds to your chasing abilities. Getting the Cap next is very important. Once you get Deathcap, ganking will become extremely easy, the insane amount of ability power and cooldown reduction is almost over-powered for Eve. Once you get the Cap there is no next �must buy� items. But, I prefer to get Rageblade for the stack of ability power. Your money will start to pour in with all the ganks you will be able to perform with the Deathcap, getting more items will be easy. Nashor�s tooth helps with MP5, and more cooldown reduction for more spamming. For the end it is beneficial to get another hat because the mass amount of ability power.

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Pros/Cons (some)

Easy escape
Easily hidden
Lots of Burst

When someone gets Oracles, it blows.

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Work with your other teammates to coordinate ganks. Using a second person in your ganks makes it sooo much easier because obviously, the other champion dies faster but, also you may be able to kill them before they can even get out of your SW stun. That means less damage done to you and your teammates. For team battles, never be the first to open have someone else because they won�t be focused on you once you open. Especially when it comes to team fights, and a couple have Oracles, never go first, trust me, once someone else goes in, they forget about you.

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Conclusion: I hope this guide helped as much as I would’ve liked it to. I hope that it wasn’t too generic compared to all the other guides, because I haven’t read that many other guides. Play Eve is a complete different experience than 95% of all the
Champions. Good luck playing Eve and thank you ☺!
P.S. Sorry for any major grammar errors and other things like that.