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League of Legends Build Guide Author S1rRagealot

Evelynn.....Hit and Run

S1rRagealot Last updated on January 15, 2011
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Right there, this is my first guide, i have been playing eve a while and have tried out many different approaches, lots of ppl prefer maxing out ravage quickly, i disagree. having tried them both and looking at the results id say that this build works best for eve. you will see you buy 5 dorans rings, trust me with hate spike maxed and these babies it pwns people early game giving you/your team a great advantage(as you know a fed eve wins a game quickly, as they surrender when you rape them too easily) what you gotta do is sell them as and when your buying new things, it may seem as tho you lose money but trust me its worth it.

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Summoner Spells

i go for ignite and smite, these 2 skills are used at the beginning to gain that 1 level advantage in the golems, details of what to do are in the early game section :)
:smite with eve is like gold later in the game, if you get a jungler like ww, sometimes go stand near the blue golem, wait for him to get the hp down and bam smite, steal and write /all thanks buddy :) iv also stolen the baron kill too, to the "WTF" they say "did eve just steal baron?? oO" i couldnt stop laughin it was sooo funny
: generally for ksing and finishing off enemies, dont be afraid to use it before you attack from stealth, its quite devastating when used before ravage and a combo from eve :P

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start off with a

1st return: total cost = 870

2nd return: required gold = 1220

3rd return: required gold = 1000

4th return: required gold = 1800 (you can split this up it doesnt matter)

5th return: required gold = 650

6th return: required gold = 1400

7th return: required gold = 650

8th return: required gold = 1600

9th return: required gold = 3300 (can split up too)

10th return: required gold = 3105(getfirst)

dont worry if your first return is messed up, if you die/have to recall make sure you at least have enough to buy 1 dorans ring, and then recall the moment u have enough to get another. basically each time you recall you want to redo the dont waste smite on creeps, unless its the big cannons.

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Skill Sequence

well as youve already read i like using hate spike and maxing that out first because with all the dorans rings you get you will easily rape ppl with it, i try to get shadow walk to level 3 asap then you can max out ravage and do whatever u like from then really, it doesnt matter much

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early game

your gonna start out with a hp pot and dorans ring, then pop a point in hate spike (this is used from a different guide) U MUST get the lane with golems down it, run there straight away. when the golems spawn, smite one and ignite the other and then kill them both with hate spike (once you have killed the smited one, pop your hp pot then, as by the time you have killed the second one you will be healing and moving up to the lane). then run join your lane partner up top or bottom. this tactic gives you a level bonus head start as none of the minions will have been killed when you get there. you then have another point to which you put in shadow walk so you can do some scouting. make sure you stay out of harms way, just farm the minions with hate spike or stand at the back, whatever you do dont get killed as you lose your exp bonus. after a while you should have about 8-900 when you do teleport back and get yourself another dorans ring and boots (i usually get a couple hp pots too). on the way back use the same tactic on the golems, smite one and and ignite and kill them. soon as your level 4-6 you can start being alot more agressive and you should find you will get a few kills quite easily. your next teleport back should be to get 2-3 more dorans rings and then you start your pwning!!!

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mid game

by now you should have a full inventory of dorans and one boot, try to move around the map to find ganks, but if you cant find them just minion farm with hate spike. blue golem buff is useful to have aswell so any chance you get try get that. soon you should have 1000 gold so you can sell 1 dorans and buy mejai's soulstealer or if possible get sorcerers boots too if you have enough, dont worry if you dont as stealth means that extra movement isnt neccesary yet. keep moving around the lanes looking for squishy low hp champs to finish off to get your mejai stacks up. keep up using your smite skill on the jungle mobs as its a good exp boost and try get golem/lizard buffs wen possible. start building towards your lich bane by getting sheen and selling another dorans ring. then sell another ring to get blasting wand (then buy the lich bane from there)

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late game (if they havent surrendered or your team sux)

by now just follow the item build, get yourself abyssal sceptre first so you get some magic resist on yourself, then you can work on rabadons and rylais for the slowing effect with hate spike when chasing someone. make sure you dont go off on your own too often as you may lose your stacks if they gank you :/ happened to me a few times so it happens.

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Team Work

Right eve isnt meant to go into a big party and be able to come out easily, wait until your team engages and go in and pick off easy targets and dive out. this is hit and run tactic which is great fun and makes people rage alot. a MASSIVE importance is if their team has teemo/eve/twitch or anything invisible make sure you get oracle, this is soooooooooooo useful to have as you can avoid shroooms and if you have followed my steps you should be able to solo rape eve/twitch easy.

what to do: right make sure your shadow walked, run in and use ravage, then spam hate spike and right click on the hero, if they start running away smack your ult and if you got it hit ignite on them, dont worry if they dont die, your team should be there to help or move onto another target. you will most likely be targetted alot, so keep well hidden and only go in after your team engages so their attention isnt on you.

if the enemy team gets oracle it isnt quite the end of the world, you just need to ask your team to target that particular person, and get oracle off. that way they waste 400gold each time. but yeah be careful when they do get oracle cos your quite easily owned if they see you (obviously) . currently with this build iv been raping and carrying my team, unless you get some utter nooby on your team feeding them.

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well thanks for reading (if you actually read this) and be sure to try it out and give me some feedback :) <3 S1rRagealot on EU if any1 wants to add me