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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Evelynn Build Guide by ThatSamKid

Evelynn - Just Hear Me Out, Into the Darkness

Evelynn - Just Hear Me Out, Into the Darkness

Updated on May 23, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ThatSamKid Build Guide By ThatSamKid 6 2 7,617 Views 5 Comments
6 2 7,617 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ThatSamKid Evelynn Build Guide By ThatSamKid Updated on May 23, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



I'd just like to start out by saying that Evelynn cannot be your main, not matter how good you are it isn't practical to use her as your go to champion if you can't make up your mind during the champion select. She is one of the more hard champions to play however she is, at least in my own opinion, the most enjoyable hands down. Okay so, the most important thing to note is that you are going to be hated. No matter how many kills or assists you get everyone on your team, the other team and in Africa is going to hate you and your entire family regardless of your score.
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Understanding Your Role

Okay so this is literally THE most important part of the entire guide. You can completely disagree with my build choices, masteries and runes and I will understand as people love to hate. But what actually matters is this section here.

I like to think of Evelynn as an alternative kind of support champion. While you're stealthed you're as good as a vision ward and you don't cost your team any gold, providing you don't feed of coarse. You are built with a slow and an ability that reduces both armour and magic resistance. YOU WILL NOT 1v1 CHAMPIONS. What you will do is set up kills and provide constant irritating ganks for your team. Ideally you will end the game with no kills and 9million assists. The reason for this is simple, you are Evelynn. Your damage output is entirely situational, sure you can nuke a Teemo [teemo] down from just under 1/2 Hp and you will. But, you aren't your teams primary source of damage. Trust me when i say it is more beneficial for your Ad carry to get a kill as opposed to you.
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Pros / Cons

    The most underrated champion in the game
    You're a walking vision ward when stealthed
    If you play your role correctly your team will benefit from you greatly
    People play differently when their is an Eve on the opposing team. They either start turret diving you at level 1 or become extremely cautious in lane and subsequently miss out on farm
    Hated more than Aids and Hitler combined
    Begins with very low damage output
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Masteries and Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I like to take 2 points early in my stealth for two reasons. First for the level 1 gank at mid that will happen in every game and secondly because when stalking your pray in lane and waiting for the best time to initiate I feel that only having 10 seconds can feel very rushed and can subsequently lead too unsuccessful ganks.
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Early Game

Your First Gank.

Probably what will set you apart from dodgey Eve players. If you execute your early game well your team may actually stop harassing you about your choice of champion as well (not guaranteed as people suck). The absolute first thing you do after you've made your purchases is to wait at mid for a level 1 gank. Tell your team that your plan is to try and force a flash. After the champion has returned from leashing wait until some of the minions in the first wave become low HP, stealth in and wait for the champion to extend in order to score a creep kill. Just before they do make sure to Ping the champion so that the laning champion understands that something is going down. Lay your ignite down and land as many auto attacks as possible, if you're lucky you may get blood. If not, you will more than likely force a flash and possibly even a recall which will put your mid lane ahead greatly.

After this you should return to the bottom lane.

NOTE: Don't steal farm. The only time you should be farming in lane is if your AD carry has recalled.

Constantly leech experience, walk into the minion wave whilst stealhed to ensure you aren't being zoned out. Take the creeps that you can while you can. If you're AD carry is waiting for a health pot to finish, get a couple of creeps. That could be the difference between getting your sheen.

Quick Notes:
- You should probably visit your mid lane at least twice no more than four times before reaching level 6 too keep them edgey
- Only go up to top lane if its a squishy solo such as Kennen [kennen] that you can definitely nuke down with your team mate
- Open ganks with ravage as it lowers the targets defensive stats and still provides the all important slow
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Mid Game

This part of your game is fairly straight forward. Roam and Gank. The best thing you could do is walk into mid lane, nuke down the enemy champion and then help your Ap carry knock down the mid turret. Also, this is where you should catch up in farm as you'll need the gold. Take wraiths and wolves constantly and don't be afraid to slaughter a wave of minions if no one is watching. IF someone else then comes to farm the minions you are then their safety ward. Scout around them, make sure they will not die and continue to leech the experience.
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Team Fights and Late Game

In team fights you are both blessed and burdened. Almost/ probably everyone on the opposing team will target you as soon as you are visible to them.

Why is this amazing?

Because opponents will literally stop pursuing a half health Ap carry champion to try and kill you. All you have to do is un-stealth close enough to enemy champions that they think they can get you, then pop your ultimate and run after leading them on for a second or two. Even if they hesitate for a second to turn around to nuke you down but then decide against it, that may be just enough time for your team mate to flash over a wall.

With the same principle in mind, many opponents will attempt to run through your team to try and get to you which will obviously not work out in their favour. For some reason Evelynn brings out irrational tunnel vision in even the best players.

Another Role to Take On
I like to call it the Cleaner. After a team fight if there are a few exceptionally low HP champs attempting to scurry back to base it is your job to walk right up next to them and eat their entire face off. These are really the only situations where you should be getting kills as no one else could have gotten the kill and you are therefore providing assist gold to your team mates which is better than none at all.

Aside from these things general common sense applies, walk past the tank and aim for the squishy ad carry after they have died re-evaluate the situation and choose another victim.
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Extra Notes

Keep track of the map. What shrubs are warded and what time the wards end.

Also, don't be discouraged if a champion buys an oracles elixir. This is a good thing. It gives people a false sense of security. I'm not sure how it happens but people instantly just assume that once they have oracles that an evelynn can no longer hurt them at all or their family and they start to play a little recklessly traditionally. Just stealth your way into a bush and pounce on them when they aren't focused.

Please be kind, this is my first guide and I would love constructive feed back and/or pointers.
Much love
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ThatSamKid
ThatSamKid Evelynn Guide
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Evelynn - Just Hear Me Out, Into the Darkness

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