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League of Legends Build Guide Author SmartGamer

Evelynn- New and Improved (A Detailed Guide)

SmartGamer Last updated on March 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Utility: 21

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This is my first build, YAY. This is a detailed guide on how to play Evelynn correctly. I want to thank Calfurion for his guide because I have been using that for my games until now. But I have made my own Evelyn Build. New and Improved!!! I would appreciate questions and comments on how to improve my guide. Now lets get to the real guide (Although most people just skip this part...)

Evelynn is a very unique hero with none others like it. To me, she is the only champion capable of full out assassination. Twitch's skills don't cc well enough,and the others have really temporary and limited stealth. So maybe this is why Evelynn is always underrated... people keep on playing her like Master Yi or Tryndamere. Evelynn truly shines in her assassination skills, when not used to charge in and start exchanging blows with the enemy.

Quick apology, Sorry I Don't have all the pretty pictures, because I am new to guide making and don't really know how to insert them.

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Greater Mark Of Insight-This is a primary rune, and it is very useful because the amount of magic penetration which leaves early-mid game champs with very little magic resistance.

Greater Seal of Replenishment- So people will believe the mana regen per level seals are better, because they are 5 times the mana regen. But the problem is that Evelynn is only mana hungry early game. At late game, Blue+Seal of Replenishment is more than enough.

Greater Glyph of Force- No brainer, More AP=Better damage. Not to mention it is a primary rune. But why not get Pure AP? Because this gives ALOT more, and by lvl 6, you would have the same as a Pure AP Glyph. And starting from Lvl 6 is when you need it the most.

Greater Quintessence of Potency- So at end game, the AP per level has 3 more AP. Now is that worth anything late game? Not really, you would be packing 500 AP. So get the pure AP for early game usage.

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I go with the 9-0-21 mastery. I have seen 21 in offense and 21 in defense, but they are not needed. Evelynn is an assassin, she goes in, kills and gets out. She does not need defense, because if she stays in a fight long enough to get punched around, your doing it wrong. She goes in, assassinates, and gtfo. She should barely get hit. 21 in offense works great for AD Evelynn, but AD Evelynn doesn't have the damage output to be an assassin. So to me, the best choice is putting 21 in utility.

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Summoner Spells

Teleports- I had my doubts on this skill. But I tried a couple of games and it worked out very nicely. First of all, it increase your map mobility, which is very important for evelynn. Second, Evelynn is almost useless in a stalemate at mid, she has no ranged pokes what so ever. So if there is ever a stalemate, and there is a lane pushed, go there and take out that turret. For how to take out turrets refer to the backdooring guide down below. Your opponent would be used to not seeing you around and won't think their turret's in danged until it is too late. But be cautious, if your opponent is good, you leaving would mean a 5v4, and that would be bad if your playing against ranked level players. Third of all, early game, this allows you to harass and go for kills a bit more, being a bit more confident. Because you can always flash out of a bad situation, recall and teleport back. All around, this is very useful.

Smite- This is the most underestimated skill for non-junglers. But this skill is perfect for Evelynn!!! Evelynn isn't very good at killing blue,but she needs it CONSTANTLY. So Smite helps Evelynn get that blue she needs, ASAP!!! Other than that, she uses Smite to kill the big tanky minions in every 3rd minion wave. It will give you good amount of gold. Sadly I have learned that in good games, all you need is one helper to take down blue, which you will always have, and they won't be douches and steal it. Also, getting a early level 2 won't really help you too much. I have grown out of this stage, but it is still very good and useful.

Flash- Now this spell is great for several reasons. The most obvious being it can chase a running opponent really fast. Just flash, stun and start killing. But the real gold, is it's ability to tower dive. Look at the bottom two situations

With Flash: Some innocent low HP champion on the other team is tower hugging. They can't see the Evelynn, and Evelynn flashes in. To him, she suddenly pops in front of him, he gets stunned and dies to you. YAY FOR FLASH!!!

Without Flash: Some innocent low HP champion on the other team is tower hugging. They can't see Evelynn, and Evelynn runs in. They see Evelynn coming to him, he stuns/slow you and you get killed by turret. "NOOOO!!! WHY DIDN'T I GET FLASH!!!" Quote the bad Evelynn.

As you can see, Flash is really good for Evelynn, to give you that sign of surprise even if your tower diving.

Ignite: This is also a good spell, but it's problem is that it is almost useless late game. It does minimal damage, and Flash and Smite are much better.

Cleanse: If you feel like you keep on dying while killing others and right when you kill, you die to stuns. Get this skill, but I don't recommend it. A good evelynn player would not put themselves into situations that risky.

Ghost: Ghost combined with your ulti would give you insane movement speed. But sadly, non of your skills stack with movement speed. You will rarely need to be that fast unless you just died and need to go back to a team fight. Unless your in your base and need to go back to a fight, you will never need to travel too far. I believe teleport is much better than ghost because it is technically faster than it. Ghost is used to catch up to people, and you already have your ulti to do that, adding ghost is an overkill.

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Skill Sequence

So in most Evelynn builds, you either max ravage or hate spike. But there is a problem with both. Hate spike doesn't have enough damage to gank early game and ravage has too long of a cooldown. So you see someone over there with almost no HP, you think to yourself "OOO, I got myself a delicious kill". So you go for it and stun him and spam your max hate spike. They quickly ghost and you don't deal enough damage and they get to their turret and run away. NUUUUUU!!!! DAMN YOU ALL!!!

Or you max your Ravage, and go up to your delicious kill. Use ravage and you see he is almost dead. You spam Q and chase him. Your Q does almost nothing... and he runs away... NUUUUUU!!!! DAMN YOU EVEN MORE!!!

So what you do is you get 2 on hate spike, then 4 on ravage. Put 1 more on hate spike, and max ravage. That way, you would have a better hate spike, while still having a very powerful ravage. Put one point in stealth when you get to level 7, to let your stealth last long enough for you to get from lane to lane.

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Meki's Pendant/Chalice of Harmony- I HATE YOU NERF!!!! I HATE YOU!!! So after the nerf... your mana goes out in mere seconds. So the most important thing now... is mana regen. So at the start, you need to get a meki pendant, and 2 hp pots. If you start with smite, use both pots and your at full hp to lane. If you don't start with smite, use them to stay alive in lane. AWESOME.

Mejai's Soulstealer- This item should be gotten for most AP characters, for only 1200, you can get an item that will stack up to 180 AP. That is awesome!!! Also, if you play Evelynn smartly, you won't die a lot, keeping your stacks. Buy this second.

Boots of Mobility- So, before I believed we don't need this. Sadly, Eve's ulti is nerfed and now it doesn't work as nicely. So now what? We go back to the original plan and use boots of mobility.

Sheen-So why get this and not lich bane? Because before you get your Rabadons, your AP will be very low. Getting Lichbane would actually make your damage worse than Sheen. So get your s
Sheen first, for a bit of burst, and wait until you get Rabadons for that awesome Lichbane-Ravage combo. But in those roflstomping situations where you got 300 ap before rabadons, stop anything your building and get a lich bane. It will double your damage.

Rabadon's Deathcap- EXTREME AP FTW!!! Yes this item is unarguably the best pure AP item in the game. By its self it gives close to 200 AP!!! With this item, it will push your AP to over 400-500! Try it, you will be amazed.

LichBane- After Rabadons, it is time for your insane damage addition. Since you have a spam-able Q, this item gives you an Attack Damage addition per 3 seconds. By end game, you would have over 400-500 AP, which would conclude to 400-500 AD. HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!

Nashars/ Guinsoo's Rageblade- So you're getting to late game, which item now? Well, if you are doing pretty well, and don't really care about taking care of turrets; get the Nashars. But if you want to finish it fast, or want to backdoor them to hell. Get a Guinsoos and follow the backdoor guide below.

Deathfire's Grasp- So if you ever want to, and your facing like 3 tanks, and 2 toughs; get yourself a Deathfire, because you will be rolled so hard if you don't. You cannot burst a tank as fast, but that 30 percent damage REALLY helps. It is also your only ranged skill.

Banshee's Viel/Quicksilver Slash- If you ever face a cc spamming team, you can get one of these 2 items. Banshee's Viel will block that one stun that will destroy you while you assassinate. But quicksilver slash will give you a free cleanse. Choose which ever suits you. BTW, if your ever against a Twisted Fate, and his ulti keeps on revealing you, get a Banshee's Viel, it blocks his ulti. LOL

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Common Mistakes

Evelynn cannot solo/mid:
This is one of the biggest mistakes out there. According to some people, Evelynn soloing a lane or going mid is suicide. OMGROFLCOPTER!!! But that is wrong, soloing a lane can bring many advantages for Evelynn. But remember, if you don't need to solo... don't. This is only for those times where no one else will solo, or take mid. So what do you do? Play really defensively and don't go for first blood. Wait until the minions are pushed to your lane and try to gain levels this way. If the champions come to your turret, stealth. If they run, alright, if they don't... wait until only 1-2 minions are left, stun him, and use hate spike. Your hate spikes will take out the minions, leaving the turret there to kill your opponent. This will usually land you a kill. If anything, solo Evelynn gives you extra exp, which you REALLY need. More levels = more powerful hate spike and ravage, which is G-G-GODLY!!!

You must always save your teammates:
NO, I cannot stress this enough. If your teammate will die, and it is a 4v1, why would you jump in there. If you jump in to help and die, they would get 2 kills instead of one. However, if you wait until they feel happy about that kill and scatter, and then follow their squishy and kill him; both teams get a kill and it is even. But if there are 2 or 3 enemies with one you can kill, or if you're sure or at least 80% sure they cant' kill you. Try to use your hate spike to stun both of them, or kill one of them. That way, you can either stun them and get away, or let your teammate get away, and make the 2 focus on you (Then you run....). So what's important? ANALYZE. Think English class, but less boring and it makes sense, and the teacher doesn't hate you...

Another thing, when there is a team battle, you do not need to go in and fight with everyone else. Stay out until you see someone running, dying or an idle squishy doing ranged damage; go in, get that kill and get out. Everyone may want to get into the heat of battle, but keep your head cool and analyze who to kill, or you would just be feeding. And trust me, you don't taste very good.

Bushes are not for Evelynn:
Bad idea... You can never know for sure if their team has an oracle or not. Unless everyone is together and you have vision on everyone on their team, you're never perfectly safe. So use bushes to get around, it protects you from people with oracles.

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Early Game

Okay, you started your game, your at the summoner platform and you disconnect. You finally fix your internet, get back into the game, and everyone is level 12. What do you do, you rage quit or troll. JK, don't do that,and don't buy that ****py cheap internet.

Now, for a normal scenario. You started the game,grab a Meki's Pendant, 2 HP Pot and put your first point into your Q(Hate Spike). If you got smite, go to the lane with the two golems, and wait until they spawn. Remember to tell your teammates to not help you with the 2 golems, because that way you won't get all the exp. When the two golems pop up, smite one, and start killing them while spamming Q. Remember to take the HP Pot when you start getting hurt. Use both, 1 after another.

You should be level 2 after those two golems, so put that point in stealth, use it, and make your way to the lane. Check the bushes, and see if there is anyone in there. If there is just one, tell your partner and gank him. It will probably get you first blood. If there isn't anyone in the bushes, start last hitting minions while saving your mana. If you didn't get smite, just go to lane and last hit minions when they spawn. Tell you partner to constantly harass the other team, because Evelynn doesn't have any good harassing skills. But if your in a 2v1 scenario, or if you got a teleport. Don't be afraid to go invisible, ravage and hate spike, then run away, it's good harassing. When you see someone with less than 30% HP, pretend to go gank mid, stealth and stun him, then gank him with your partner. He will drop to the floor and cry like a little baby, or he dies, which is better for making money. When you reach level 6, recall and buy Chalice of Harmony and Mejais/mobility boots(your choice) if you can (Depends on First blood and how you're doing).

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Mid Game

Now is your time to shine. After recalling, go to a lane with a possible gank. If there isn't any, go get blue and then go to a lane(Mid is always a good option because there is usually a squishy and your team carry in mid). Even if there isn't any good ganks in that lane, with your stun and your team, you should be able to get a kill. From this point on, remember to always have map awareness and gank whenever possible. If your not ganking, your taking down a tower or jungling. Never do nothing because you're VERY under-leveled, since you change from lane to lane a lot. When you can, go back to buy Mejai/Mobility Boots and after that, work on your sheen(it isn't hard, so cheap).After that rush Rabadons and watch your AP skyrocket. Soon, all 3 front towers on their side should be down, if they're not, help that lane to push it down. From this point on, there will be a lot of gang fights and your job is to pop out randomly to finish off a kill or stun someone so your team can gank them. Remember, whenever someone over extend even a TINY bit. You can stun him, and most of the time kill him. Remember, one step for them, is one kill for you. If you ever see someone run back through their turret with almost no HP, go stealth and go through the jungle. Most likely, he will be somewhere behind their standing turret trying to recall. Flash in and kill him, you can get a lot of kills this way. But don't take my word for it, judge the situation and be sure you can kill him, if not, don't be greedy and forget about it. Greed is never, especially the mastery, 1 gold per 10 seconds... really?

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Late Game

Your about level 15-16 and the game is heating up.Quickly build yourself a Lichbane, and you will see some amazing damage. You will be so good, you will kill champions in other games. HEXAKILL!!! With it, you can kill squishies before the stun wears off. Ravage,plus Lichbane damage(500-700), plus a couple of hate spike, equals dead Ashe. After that you get a choice now for an item, depending on the other team. Either go guinsoo's for backdooring/tower killing opportunities, or a nashars for extra CDR and damage.During this period, your opponents are probably always in groups, desperately trying to push/protect. Your job is to go and kill their carry/squishy/running away Champion/Ashe (It's always Ashe). So, make your way behind their team, yes this is the problem with so many Evelynns. They behave like a Tryndamere and run in at the team from the front. CHARGE!!! LEROY JENKINS!!!! But if the other team starts running away, you have to chase them and you will usually not catch them. So when you see your team and theirs in a stalemate in mid (it usually is mid...) go across the jungle, or if they don't have an oracle, go across their team to the back. If you ever see their team get even a tiny bit away from their carry/squishy, Pop out and kill him with Ravage and Q Spamming skills. Then quickly run away to the opposite direction of their team and go stealth. After that get back into the fight for more assassination. If you ever see your team get into a big all out fight with the other team. Don't rambo in like everyone else. People like Amumu and Master Yi are supposed to be caught up in the fight, but you're not. Remember, your not a migit and you don't have night vision goggles, your not suppose to be in a fight. So keep a cool mind, and whenever you see someone almost dead or running, go up to them, unleash your combo and kill. FINISH THEM!!! Then, quickly get out again. This is the way of Evelynn, kill and disappear. When you see their team's mage/carry is just slightly behind the other members, be my guest and go in and punish him for being so slow. You can kill him and run before his team can do anything. But if you ever believe you can kill them all, without worry of hp, be my guest and start killing and killing and killing... But remember, this will only work if your pwning with almost, or already max stack Mejai. If that happens, you can probably kill one, gain hp, and keep on killing. I played a 4v2, and came out with full HP and I got a Quadra kill. ZOMG!!! But don't do that unless you're very sure you can kill them all. If they have a Ryze or Nunu, or any mass nukers... don't even try this, you can probably take out 2 before dying.

Quick Note: If you just got extremely hurt in a fight and probably should run, don't recall yet, analyze the battle. If someone is almost dead, go back in with stealth and finish him with ravage, that way you don't have to go back, and you can keep on killing and helping out your team.

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Special Situations

The best situation for a smart Evelynn, is going against other stealths. When this happens, try to get an oracle early in the game, and go gank that stealther. They won't know you have an oracle, and they wont' be able to see you. Usually stealth champions believe they are invincible, and stay very close to your team. So stun him and have fun killing. Think about it, one way stealth champions escape oracle champions is because they know they're coming. But if they can't see a champion with an oracle, but that champion can see them... well... let the fun begin.

3 out of 5 times, all jungling Warwicks/Fiddlesticks start out at the blue buff, and guess what, it is on your side of the lane with the two golems. So you have 2 choices, one is to go to the blue buff directly with 1st point in stealth, and when Warwick's almost kill the golem, smite it for a free blue. After that, try to kill the Warwick too, because he should be close to death without any mana. But this way is very tricky because if the Warwick doesn't jungle blue first, you can't even kill the 2 small golems. Or you can do the less risky way, and kill the 2 small golems, get stealth like you always do, and go get Warwick. But this way, there is a very high chance that golem is dead. So you will usually find Warwick just ready to move on, or killing the 3 wolves. So go try to kill Warwick and get first blood. The 1st way takes a lot of luck, while the second one has less gain/you really might not kill him. So this is like lottery, put your bet on one and don't feel bad if you don't get the prize. Or just forget about Warwick and go on with your strategy. Who cares about Warwick, he's not that scary, I bet he has flees. I bet they have a shampoo for that...

ColbyCheeze/SorakaBot's Evelynn:
So a lot of us have seen ColbyCheeze/SorakaBot's (They are the same...) way of jungling Evelynn, but that is precisely why it is so easy to counter. When you see a Evelynn with smite and revive, right after she dies about 2 min into the game, she will use revive. Either make your way to the big golem(blue), or tell your teammates to do that. You will probably see Evelynn at blue trying to kill it. Kill her or smite blue, which ever is good. This will mess up her gaming and you gain an advantage.

So if you just happen to find their team killing dragon or baron, get to the edge of the cliff behind baron or dragon and wait. When your sure you can smite it and kill it, use smite and quickly flash out through the cliff. This will piss the other team off and score your team either Baron buff or gold. This also works if you see someone getting blue or red, just wait until it's almost dead, and smite it and get out using stealth. I tried it and it is hilarious. "Where did my Blue go?" TROLOLOLOLOL If you don't have smite, you can use ravage it does the same thing.

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Yes, aren't they just the most annoying thing in the world? Luckily, that annoying item costs a lot. If they keep on dying after getting one, they will stop. So what do you do?

If a squishy has an oracle, just wait until he's isolated, flash in and stun and kill. They will never expect you because no one with oracle ever expects you to walk right up to them. They feel like oracle can single handedly make a stealth champion useless... Yea... good luck with that.

If a tank has a oracle, you probably can't kill him. Do not show yourself on the map, or go through the jungle(Because there is a high chance you will meet him). Only when you see him on the map, can you start pushing or assassinating. If the guy is on top lane, go from mid to bot, killing or pushing. Repeat this, until your team gets the chance to kill that annoying guy.

If it is ganking time, and someone in their team has an oracle. Only step into the battle(preferably flash in) if you see that the oracle person is almost dead, or can be killed by you. Or if the battle is heating up, just go in, their too concentrated on the mess.

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I believe evelynn to be one of the best backdoor champions out there. I may sound stupid or crazy but hear me out. There are many, many reasons that make her awesome.

1. Your opponent would be used to not seeing you, meaning they won't be on high alert.
2. Turrets take your attack damage or 40% of your ap. If your AP is 500, then it takes 200 damage. Which isn't bad.
3. Every 3 seconds you will do around 700 damage because of your lich bane (don't backdoor without it)
4. Your ulti is better than highlanders in the fact that it gives 100% extra attack speed, while highlanders only give 80%. I do know that master yi has higher base attack speed and build attack speed items, but that 100% attack speed is godly. You can take out a turret before it ends.

From the above facts we can see, evelynn is probably the only ap character that possess any type of backdooring ability what so ever. (don't debate against me with that, just an expression) But there are some things you must be cautious of.

1. Don't backdoor without there being enemy minions. Enemy minions being near their turret make it weaker(less armor). Also you need those minions to get your lichbane proc. Hate spike minions to proc your lichbane every 3 seconds.
2. Don't backdoor without over 400 ap and a lichbane
3. If you want to kill turrets before full build, you will need to push the minion waves (which some times still gives you that turret kill).

To conclude, evelynn is extremely powerful at pushing turrets. If you ever see a turret that you can take down, be my guest and do it. Your as fast as yi, in many ways. Even during early game, if you have your ulti, and minions to take for you, your damage to turrets is crazy. So just be smart, and you can turn the game around.

Don't do this in high leveled ranked games, it will never work.

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The Nerf

Yes the nerf was crazy annoying, but it can be mended.

1. Mana Starved
With chalice of Harmony, you will rarely run out of mana, and when you do, you can usually be at the level to quickly kill blue and get it. There is no problem with mana what so ever.

2. Shorter Ultimate
So this is why we get boots of mobility, because our ultimate can no longer make for an extremely quick movement bonus from lane to lane. But no problem, the attack speed it gives you is only needed for 1 second to kill and get out.

3.Shorter Stealth,
This is why you need 2 points in stealth before going max damage. 2 points in stealth should give you no problem. But if you need to, you can always put 3. In the end, 50 seconds or 60 seconds doesn't make much of a difference end game.

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Cool Technique- Stealth Recall

So this is something I figured out while playing evelynn and twitch. If you knew this already, then maybe I am just slow on learning, and please tell me, and I will take this section down.

So you know when you're very far in, and you know you will get ganked, and you don't know if you should run or not. Well, when that happens, do something only Evelynn can do, and recall while stealthed. As long as they don't have an oracle, you're safe.

So how you do it? When you click stealth, before you become actually become stealthed, click b. When you actually become stealthed, you will be recalling while stealthed. This might be a minor trick, but I am just so easily impressed with it.

P.S. It also works with teleport.

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Well, here is my guide on how to play Evelynn. I hope you enjoyed it and it helps you in your gaming with one of my favorite champions. Good luck and have fun playing LOL.

Quick Note: This is my second time writing this guide... somehow my first one got deleted after I published it... I don't know.... But remember, if you're writing a guide, be very sure to copy and paste the information on to a word document before you save and publish.

BTW- If anyone knows where to get the URL for pictures, PLEASE TELL. TYVM!!!!!

Thanks to Dittin and GigaRage for editing this guide.