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Build Guide by Sookoll

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sookoll

Evelynn - The Assassin

Sookoll Last updated on December 28, 2010
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Hi , I am Sookoll {USA] .

Eve has been my main for a long time. Before that huge buff she got. I like her, because she is awesome.

Evelynn is useful because:
* Enemy team is afraid, they will not push hard. / They're just getting punished for that :D
* Can catch up fleeing enemies.
* Can scout.
* Can towerdive well.
* Can ace easily, letting you and your teammates to push down some towers meanwhile enemies are dead.
* Can steal buffs from others :)
* Making enemies going mad.
* Good turret/hibitor killer.
* Good backdoorer.
* Great ganker.
* She is fast.
* Can kill carries in teamfight easily.
* Unstoppable when fed.
* Easy to get fed =).

Eve's Cons :
* Not that much a fighter in teamfight.
* Squishy
* Weak in beginning

You wanna be a good Eve? lets start then, shall we?

1.Summoner Skills

Ignite- Really needed for guarantee the kill at low levels , when ganking. And it is useful in the endgame too. no need to explain much about that skill.

Flash- A very good spell for Eve, as Eve has really good burst damage with Lich bane. In teamfight, you can go and kill/damage their carry. after getting focused(If you do get focused) you can Flash + W away, and then finish their carry off. It is also good at running away, if being in bad situations, like that: Ganking enemy udyr at their side in Summoner's Rift. Doing alright, when suddenly 2 guys come out from nowhere. You'll just flash through the wall, go stealth, and finish that udyr and gtfo. Flash is overall a great spell, i hope it will not get removed.

Also viable:

Ghost - If Flash get's removed. Otherways her Ulti will be enough.

Smite - I usually don't take Smite, but it is good for :
* Stealing the Baron
* Getting the buffs yourself
* Stealing the buffs
* Stealing the buffs, and making enemy jungler go mad :)
* Stealing the buffs, and making enemy jungler Ragequit =) mhahaha

Stil tho, you can steal without smite , E is enough.

2. Runes

Marks: Magic pen. No need to explain
Seals: Mana regen. AP Eve without mana is bad.
Glyphs: Cooldown reduction. Very good for Eve. More spamming on Q , also on E, and low Cooldown on Stealth is better than you could ever imagine, Those runes have saved me many many , many times.
Quintessences: Health: Eve is squishy. Magic pen: Eve needs more Magic pen :). Cooldown Reduction: Eve loves it.
3. Skills

Getting W first for scouting enemy brush.
Getting E maxed first for good burst damage, nice for ganking.
Getting Q for extra damage , and sheen/lichbane passive

4. Early game
Go top top lane, or bottom lane, Try to be with someone who could 1v2 easily, like :
* Amumu
* Alistar Eve likes to rape
* Taric
Someone tanky.

Try to lasthit minions, and if possible. Play defensivly. When you get 825 gold, recall for Sheen. You should be lvl 4-6 then.

5. Mid game

After recalling and buying Sheen, go gank Mid, Top or Bot. Continue ganking till you get 1000 gold for Boots, after the boots ganking should be a lot easier and quicker.
Do not lane, only a little, if someone has to recall. Gank hardly till you get money for mejai's. recall, and then gank and help in teamfights. Down some turrets, Scout, Search enemy jungle if people are MIA. Recall if you have enough money for Lich bane.

6. Late game

Continue ganking and being in Teamfights. Keep bouncing in and out. dont be afraid of having low heatlh, because you're getting hp back with your ulti.
If anyone has oracle, tell it to your team and try to focus him. Always check for oracle before running in.

7. Items
Start with an Amplifing Tome and a health potion
After that buy Sheen
Then go for Boots of Mobility
After that go for Mejai's Soulstealer
Then Finish Lich Bane, get Blasting wand before.

By that time you should be very strong.

Now you have a dilemma between
* Archangel's Staff
* Abyssal Scepter

I used to go for Abyssal Scepter, but recently i tried Archangel's , they both work well.

I think that's all. I am open to Comments etc. Please rate it.

I'd upload a picture of how awesome I am , but i can't find the right folder where my screenshots are =/, I would be thankful if someone would tell me where i can find it.

Sorry for my bad English, and Happy raping (y) :)

This guide has the best items to build in my opinion. Just try it, you will not regret it.

Merry Xmas and happy new year too, by the way.

If anyone has any problems with Evelyn, Add me ingame , I'm Sookoll, I will teach you.