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League of Legends Build Guide Author BrutalBruno

Evelynn, the best ganker

BrutalBruno Last updated on December 13, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Since Evelynn has been reworked a little bit, she has gotten a lot stronger. However, Ap Eve is no longer the best way to play her. "What do you mean i can kill squishies so fast!?!?!" This holds true but the chances of you playing a game without some beefy champions on the other team is slim to none.

AD is a lot more beneficial that AP in a lot more ways than people think. AD has a good sustained damage and kills everyone in the game. With trinity force/ madreds/ and your ult you have about a 2.1 attack speed and some strong damage. Also while you hit your using hatespikes which procs your trinity force passive everytime its off CD.

*Awesome ganker with high burst
*Quite possibly the best burst ingame
*You heal when you get a kill or an assist
*Flash/stealth is great escape combo
*Your ult comes off CD when you get a kill or an assist
*Very fast with mobility boots and ult
*Masquerade skin makes Eve sexiest champion ingame

*Prone to CC
*Not a lot of health
*Enemies favorite target
*A well organized team can counter your easily

Summoner Spells
Ignite and Flash are 100% needed for Evelynn. Ignite helps you out a lot early game for extra damage and helps in mid game until your fed.
Flash is your escape. Its your "Oh **** they're after my cornbread" button. Flash away and wait for stealth to come up then go back in and finish the job.

Early Game
Start with stealth. you wont really do much at level 1. Just a kick and if your lane partners confident you can stun them with your stealth walk then ignite them. Just play it smart. Once you hit about level 3 or 4 is when you can compete a lot better. In most cases this is when you gank them. If you have luck in your lane and can get a kill in early game then you are doing good.

Note: If you are going against some beefy champions in your lane and cant kill them, just farm minions as much as possible. When you can upgrade to sheen they will go down easier.

Mid Game
This is where you really start to shine. By now you have sheen and atleast boots of speed if not mobility. (Yes you need boots of mobility in order to gank and be in position) Its time to leave your lane and go around and kill them squishies. Coordinate yourself with your teammates and focus one person down. If things take a turn for the worse, flash out and run til stealth is back up. Then go back in and finish whoevers low. If they run to tower, nbd just keep chasing them and kill them. When you get a kill or assist you heal up. Just flash away when your done.

Keep running around and ganking them. Dont fear oracles. Just set up ganks with your team and focus the person with oracles. It will cost them more money and give your team an edge. When you have the money grab your trinity force then start building madreds.

Madreds on Eve, WTF???: Yes this item destroys tanks. A tank cannot survive you with a madreds and your ult. Its too much damage and your ravage also reduces their MR and armor. You will "Rip the bacon off their back."

Note: Dont go 1v2 or more unless your sure you can kill one of them atleast and get away. Also after team fights if they are weak and standing at their turret recalling, run in their and kill them. chances are you will catch them off guard. Your passive will heal you up and just flash out.

Late Game
About 75% of the games i play with Eve dont really go much into late game but AD Eve has the ability to still be good late game whereas AP eve is incompetant. Keep ganking when possible and push towers. Your ult should be up most of the time and you can hit turrets fast. If they have some minions around, hate spike and proc your trinity force for some stronger hits. Your also a pretty good back door although its nice to stick with your team and push.

If you can grasp the play style of Evelynn, your score might look like this.
These next two are some ranked games. The 20/6/20 game was a 4v5. Our rammus never connected and we still destroyed them.