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League of Legends Build Guide Author Potter789

Evelynn, The Deadly Assassin

Potter789 Last updated on April 30, 2011
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Evelynn Build

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Hey guys this is my first guide on who I think can be one of the most devastating champions in LoL, Eve.

This guide is just to give you a general Idea of what you should do playing as Eve so remember to experiment with items and skills to your liking.

This guide will show you how I choose to play Eve. By getting AP and mobility you can go across the map killing enemies before they realize they have been hit late game.

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Pros / Cons


    Can kill in seconds
    Can go invisible
    Her Ult give passively gives you hp each time you get a kill or assist
    Weak early game
    Must play well early game to have a massive effect late game
    Has very low HP, Defense and Magic Resist

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Summoner Spells

You can choose any summoner spells you wish to but I recommend using Ghost and Exhaust because it allows you to pursue fleeing enemies or run away from certain death.

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These are the items I recommend while using Eve so please experiment with items and find a combination that you like

First Item
I recommend mobility boots for movement speed as you will be moving around a lot. An alternative to this is Sorc Shoes to max out your damage input or boots of swiftness

Second Item
Getting Majaj's Soulsteal early game means that getting to stack 20 mid-game is easy giving you a nice 180AP and 20 or 25% cool-down reduction

Third Item
A must for Eve is Lich Bane. It allows her Melee attacks to do massive damage when combined properly with Ravage and Hate Spike

Fourth Item
By this stage you should be doing some impressive damage. Getting Rabadon's Deathcap gives you 155AP and the passive which allows you to have your AP increased by 30%.

Fifth Item
Another Rabadon's Deathcap is recommended to start increase your damage output to 1k for Ravage and 400-500 for Hate Spike

Sixth Item
Getting Hextech Gunblade gives you a nice amount of AP but also gives you a good amount of Life-Steal and Spell-Vamp not to forget its Active

Final Item
If you have reached this stage you should be dominating. By selling your Soulsteal and swapping it for another Rabadon's Deathcap you should get more AP and not have to worry about loosing your stack.

Other Items
If you do not wish to use the above items some recommended items are Archangel Staff, Void Staff and Rylia's Crystal Scepter.

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Hate Spike
Your main spam move which progressively does large amounts of damage on the target.

Shadow Walk
Allows you to go invisible for a certain amount of time. Use this to creep up on enemies or flee without fear of being attacked. Your first attack also stuns.

This is your starting move as it does a large amount of damage and can lower defense and magic resist if from behind.

Malice and Spite
This is one of the best ult's in the game passively giving you HP after each kill or assist and on use increases attack and movement speed. This has no Mana cost and the cool-down goes away after each kill/assist meaning you can use it for an attack and then use it to flee.

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Early Game
Early game will determine whether or not you will destroy late game and you must be with someone who can hit large numbers to begin with. First get Stealth so you can look into the brush and stun. Once you have leveled up get ravage and then Hate Spike. Before then it is not recommended that you attack as you don't have any damage behind your attacks. When you are ready tell you partner the target, go invisible, hit the target with ravage in the back if their is one target and hate spike if their are two then kill one at a time with your partner while spamming hate spike. If they try to run away use Ghost and Exhaust to go in for the kill.

Mid Game
By now you should have your Ult and be doing a decent amount of damage. Use the same combo as before on targets by themselves or in a group of two but this time use your Ult when the target runs away or if their death is certain for a little extra attack speed. If you want a little extra damage I recommend getting the Golem buff.

Late Game
You should be doing 1k damage with Ravage and 400-500 with Hate Spike. All you have to do is check for champs with Oracles and make them the target and try to avoid killing tanks or enemies with high Magic Resist by yourself. If you want to finish the game I recommended getting the Lizard, Golem and then the Barron buff.

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This guide shows you how I choose to play Eve. This is a guide to give you some general Ideas of how you should play her so experiment a little. I've tried to upload some images but it seems I'm having problems but two of the scores were 35/14/29 and 35/9/9