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Evelynn - The Funeral Fatale

Center Last updated on October 26, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Two Infinity Edges!? Read on, It makes sense.

For some reason, apostrophes didnt go over well, so I took them out.

Despite what the site says, you start with a 0% chance to crit.

As soon as I saw Evelynn, I saw Yi with stun. She isnt, I was quite sad when I found that out, but Eve is still enormously fun to play as dps character. Thats the magic of +100% attack speed that easily refreshes.

Most guides on here are AP. Ravage is a 1:1 ratio, makes it hit hard, and hate spite has a .8 second cooldown, making it great for Lichbane. Unfortunately, after the initial attack (which hits hard, 700 damage ravage followed by 400 bonus damage from Lichbane) you dont do much damage, maybe 2 hate spikes (200 each) and a couple hits for 100 damage till you get another Lichbane off and they are off and escaping. After watching Sona limp away a few too many times, I decided to change it around. AP didnt take advantage of Malice and Spites massive bonus to attack speed, and while it was great at instantly killing low-health heroes, it was worthless until stealth and ravage refreshed.

So, I tried AD, and it can be quite effective.

Im going to try to make this a bit more concise than my last guide, in hopes of making it easier for people to read.

Summoner Spells

Flash - Getting you out of trouble, fast. Essential for hopping over trees, out of turrets ranges, or quickly closing the distance.

Ignite - One of your best sources of damage early game, as depressing as it is to say. Also nice for getting someone at very low health with whom you cant quite catch up.

Others Possibilities

Ghost - You have Malice and Spite for running quickly, and you only need a little separation to turn invisible. Flash is better for getting that.

Exhaust - Not as useful early game since you dont have the damage to auto attack someone to death, but potentially better than Ignite once you are capable of dealing damage. 5 seconds of a very stunned and slow enemy, but I prefer the bonus damage a bit more, as I like quicker kills than Exhaust gives.


Offensive Tree - Armor Penetration is quite useful, Alacrity and Deadliness and Lethality somewhat, nothing else at all. Havoc is worth getting if it available, but not reaching for. It gives roughly the equivalent of 5 AD and 16 AP to Eve.

Defensive Tree - Nimbleness and Evasion with your dodge, Ardor makes you attack faster, same bonus as Alacrity

Utility Tree - Improvements to mana dont help much outside of the early game. Cooldown reduction isnt that big a deal with Malice and Spite automatically refreshing. Quickness, Blink of an Eye, and Presence of a Master are all useful for helping you move around a bit better.

My favorites are Sunder, Evasion/Nimbliness, and Blink/Quickness. Unfortunatly, you can only pick two. I go with a little defense and the utility tree.


Armor Penetration is a natural choice for marks and quintessences. Its not available for glyphs and seals, so I just went with dodge and cooldown reduction. It doesnt make much of a difference, but the offensive runes in those categories give insignificant boosts.


Hate Spite - Does next to nothing for a melee Eve. You might as well tap q for the 85 damage a second, and occasionally you might kill a minion with it, but thats about it. It can stun two enemies if you use it out of stealth.

Shadow Walk - Awesome, essential for almost everything you do as Eve. Stunning someone who didnt know you were there when they chased someone into a turret, or were tossed it, is glorious fun, ever so satisfying.

Ravage - Does damage, which is nice. I often end up using to last hit minions early game (just typing that is making me depressed). The 26 reduction of enemy armor (and magic resist) is the really nice aspect; open with this out of stealth and you have a crippled enemy just waiting for you.

Malice and Spite - Every time someone on your team makes a kill, or every 90 seconds, this refreshes. And when you use it, you get a 30% bonus to movement speed and 100% to attack speed for 15 seconds. Its like Yis, but more so (though you can be slowed).

And it gets you a nice chunk of health when you hit someone within 10 seconds of them dying.


Ive looked at Evelynn and picked out what I think could be the best items. Then I charted the rates at which various orders improve her DPS to find the most effective order. This isnt perfect; dodge, movement speed and armor penetration are hard to compare to straight damage. So I decided dodge and movement speed are useful, but secondary to DPS, and that with the armor penetration from runes and ravage, armor penetration isnt as useful until late game. (Aside: Dodge can be nice when trying to cloak, as people hitting you disrupts the cloaking process).

This is the most cost efficient way to increase her damage with quality items, I didnt worry with what order you buy the pieces because how much gold you have is too major, and random, an impact on it.

Not Included in Calculations:
Trinity Force. - Its got a lot of small boosts, a slow, and bonus damage every 2 seconds (thanks to constant hate spikes).

Unfortunately, the bonus damage cant crit, which means that attack speed, crit chance and crit amount dont affect it, and, well, it just doesnt help as much as other items that work together. And its base attack damage. The slow doesnt matter that much when the goal is to kill enemies quickly as they are stunned, and the bonuses cant compete with other items.

Unfortunately, the bonus damage cant crit, which means that attack speed, crit chance and crit amount dont affect it, and, well, it just doesnt help as much as other items that work together. And its base attack damage. The slow doesnt matter that much when the goal is to kill enemies quickly as they are stunned, and the bonuses cant compete with other items.

Sword of the Occult. - Its cheap and has potentially the best AD bonus in the game, but requires kills and assists and not dying. Too inconsistent for my taste, but if you are confident in your ability to sate its appetite, go for it.


Math is done for a level 18 character with no runes or masteries under the influence of Malice and Spite. Damage is the damage done in a second (DPS!) before armor.

First Weapon


Base damage: 179.8 (Level 18, Malice and Spited)

Infinity Edge: 415_______________________Cost: 4080________Gold/DPS: 17

Phantom Dancer: 273___________________Cost: 3395________Gold/DPS: 36.5

Ghostblade: 246 (active up)_______________Cost: 2687________Gold/DPS: 40

Blooodthirster: 354 (fully fed)_______________Cost: 3200_______Gold/DPS: 18

Black Cleaver: 305______________________Cost: 3065_______Gold/DPS: 24.5

Infinity edge is a slightly better deal than the Bloodthirster - and doesnt require the kills to feed. Its bonus to crits will help every crit item you buy too, so its a great first choice.

Second Weapon


Damage: 415

Phantom Dancer: 654___________________Cost: 3395______Gold/DPS: 14

Ghostblade: 674 (active up)_______________Cost: 2687______Gold/DPS: 10

Bloodthirster: 642 (fully fed)_______________Cost: 3200______Gold/DPS: 14

Black Cleaver: 578______________________Cost: 3065______Gold/DPS: 19

A second Infinity Edge: 734________________Cost: 4080______Gold/DPS: 13

Ghostblade with the active up is the best, but without the active it drops to 17.6 Gold/DPS. Therefore, the two best choices seem to be Infinity Edge, which is a slightly better straight up Gold/DPS ratio, and Phantom Dancer, almost as good with better side effects. So, I compared how these two would do with a second weapon. 2item combined is the Gold/DPS for the Infinity + Item or Phantom Dancer + Item

Third Weapon Choice 1

Damage: 735

Phantom Dancer: 1101__________________Cost: 3395_______Gold/DPS: 9.3______2Item Combined: 10.9

Ghostblade: 1109 (active up)______________Cost: 2687_______Gold/DPS: 7.2______2Item Combined: 9.75

Bloodthirster: 1014 (fully fed)______________Cost: 3200_______Gold/DPS: 9.6______2Item Combined: 12.1

Black Cleaver: 935______________________Cost: 3065_______Gold/DPS: 15______2Item Combined: 13.74

A third Infinity Edge: 1138_________________Cost: 4080_______Gold/DPS: 10______2Item Combined: 11.2

Third Weapon Choice 2

Damage: 654

Phantom Dancer: 941___________________Cost: 3395_______Gold/DPS: 11.82_____2Item Combined: 12.8

Ghostblade: 997 (active up)_______________Cost: 2687_______Gold/DPS: 7.8_______2Item Combined:10.4

Bloodthirster: 1011 (fully fed)_______________Cost: 3200_______Gold/DPS: 9.0_______2Item Combined:11.1

Black Cleaver: 911______________________Cost: 3065_______Gold/DPS: 11.9______2Item Combined: 13

A second Infinity Edge: 1101_______________Cost: 4080_______Gold/DPS: 9.1_______2Item Combined: 10.9

Typically, at this point, Ive found the game is approaching its end, so this is where I suggest you aim to end up.

Two Infinity Edges and either a Phantom Dancer (faster move speed and some dodge) or a Ghostblade (Active and armor penetration) seem like the best choices. My preference is the Ghostblade; every 60 seconds you have 8 seconds of 1109 dps with 71 armor penetration (Ravage + Ghostblade + Armor Pen Marks and Quintessences) outside of that brief window it drops to 933 dps (13.1 Gold/DPS). The armor penetration can reduce many of my targets (softer units) to 0, or close to it, armor, letting me rip through them while they are stunned. A champion with 30 armor takes 84% of the damage of a champion with 10, so that extra 20 from the Ghostblade is nice.

Assuming you got Infinity+Infinity+Ghostblade, Phantom Dancer is your next best choice for damage, bring it to 1580 DPS and giving you some dodge and movement speed.

A Black Cleaver will bring you to 1968 DPS and insure the enemy has zero armor.

For a final item, sell your boots and buy either
a. Trinity Force: brings your attack speed to a smidge of 2.5 (.03 over) your crits to 97%, and helps make up for the lost speed from the boots.
b. Bloodthirster: roughly the same damage increase as trinity force, with life steal, but without the other bonuses.

(even without the Ghostblade on, Trinity Force gives a larger damage increase than Phantom Force at this point)

Go with whichever you prefer.

If youve followed these suggestions till now, you are dealing around 2500 DPS with 71 - 140 armor penetration/reduction depending how many hits youve landed. Movement speed around 410 normally, it shoots to 514 when using the Ghostblade and Malice and Spite.

Parenthetically: this caught me by surprise, Ive never tried two Infinity Edges, I did the math on a whim, but 80 damage and 20% crits is nice, I guess. Even if the unique cant stack.


At the start of the game, no character can take damage as badly as Evelynn, deal damage worse, or farm worse. She is truly unique; every minion killed is a battle won. Champion kills are quite difficult at this point, basically requiring the enemy helping you, but there are two ways you can get them. The first is stunning someone while your turret attacks them, and having the turret finish them. The second is igniting someone as they run away after your partner beats on them and having ignite finish them. I suppose you could get lucky and land the last hit on them, but its more fun to pretend there are two ways. So, with this in mind, focus on killing minions. Strike enemy heroes when they are too aggressive, but dont obsess over it. Spending a minute cloaked can make them worry a bit, but its also a minute you arent killing minions.

If you plan on getting a Ghostblade, the sooner you buy the Avarice Blade the sooner its generating gold, and since itll be a couple items before you are really a threat, think about getting it sooner rather than later.

I dont upgrade my boots; Malice and Spite and Flash provide enough movement that its rarely needed (the attack speed boots also dont provide that much of a benefit with everything else you have going for you).

Once youve got some ability to hurt, focus on enemies. Your prey is that lonely champion wandering a little too far from the group at 25% health. Cloak, Malice and Spite yourself, Ravage and beat them to death. Then run away. I mean that; dont stick around. Your stun is your best offensive and defense weapon;, it keeps people from fighting back and keeps them from running, and for 10 seconds after you attack you dont have it and you are incredibly vulnerable.

If there are multiple enemies, be very careful, you should only wander into the team fight itself if everyone else is engaged and someone is hanging around the back in an injured state. Otherwise, try to maintain enough separation from the scary enemies that you can get in and out before they can come to you.

Once youve gotten your damaging items, youve got scarier. Any non- tank enemy alone on the screen is begging to be killed; if you cant finish them off while stunned, itll happen shortly thereafter.

When you see an enemy you cant kill, look around and see if someone else is close. A two second stun out of nowhere can often set a teammate up quite nicely, or, it can turn the tide of a chase when someone is stunned while perusing through a turret. Everyone hates having it happen to them. Or it just gives your teammate a better chance at running away, still a friendly thing to do.


The Oracle Potion: If you are doing well, and occasionally if you arent, an opponent will buy an oracle potion. Kill them, and it goes away. But until they are dead, they have become your mortal enemy. So shun them, dont approach them, dont talk to them. If they are a tank, thats no real problem. You have to be a bit more careful when in the forest, but its not like you wanted to hit them in the first place. If they are a backline champion it can get a bit more complicated, but asking your team to make them a priority can go a long ways, and you still have other characters to slay. Once they die, they are out 400 gold, and once they die 5 times, 2000. Oracles add up, and no one likes to continually buy them.

Solution: Get someone else to kill them

Twitch: You think someone is alone, and they arent. Thats all, but god its annoying.

Solution: Buy an Oracle! The enemy of my enemy is my friend, right? Now you can kill him while he is stealthed!

Twitch with an Oracle: Wandering around, looking for an enemy, and poof, out of nowhere, Twitch guns you down.

Solution: Get someone else to kill him.

Vision Wards: Annoying, but tolerable. Walk around cloaked, and if someone attacks you (preferable a minion, its not fun to find out by having a champion come at you) youve found a ward.

Solution: Avoid the spot for 3.5 minutes or, if they are obsessed with their wards, buy an Oracle and kill them.

Oracles and Wards can limit your effectiveness, but dont be discouraged. As long as the other team is purchasing them, you are draining their coffers.