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Evelynn Build Guide by DearlyWhite

Evelynn, The Instant Killer

Evelynn, The Instant Killer

Updated on January 4, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DearlyWhite Build Guide By DearlyWhite 2,842 Views 0 Comments
2,842 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DearlyWhite Evelynn Build Guide By DearlyWhite Updated on January 4, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



Welcome to my build for Evelynn. This build, if played correctly, can kill enemy champion in about 1 second. Evelynn at early game is not very good. You have to lane at bot with a good harasser, and have to be very map aware for ganks. You also have to be very careful, because harass you have to be full health to perform ganks well, and to survive.
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I get Greater Quintessence of Insight, Greater Mark of Insight, for magic penetration for people that stack magic resistance for survival. I also use Greater Glyph of Shielding, for the extra HP that you may need to live in tight situations, and I use Greater Seal of Resilience, to counter the harass, or to survive early game from AD carries.
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For my masteries, I use 9/0/21 for Damage, and for mobility. For offense, I get 4 in Mental force for the extra Ability power, and I use Sorcery for The cooldown reduction, which is self explanatory, and I use Arcane Knowledge for the extra magic penetration. For utility, I get 3 on Expanded Mind for the mana, to spam Hate Spike. I also get Improved recall, which is self explanatory. I get 4 on Swiftness for good mobility, and for fast ganks. I get 4 on Greed for the money you need, because since your roaming, you won't be getting a lot of minion kills, which means less money. I get 2 on wealth for the extra gold you need at early game, an extra health potion or mana potion. I get 1 on Scout for the longer warding, since you are going to be roaming, you can help by warding. I get 1 on Runic Affinity for the buffs that you are going to " steal " with smite, and for the longer buff duration. I get 1 on Sage, because you are most likely going to get a lot of kills, and assists for ganks, and the extra money you can get with Sage is very useful. I get 3 on Intelegence, which is self explanatory, and so is the 1 on Mastermind.
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1. Boots of Speed -> good mobility = can get there fast when they need a gank.
2. 3 Health Potions -> heal up for longer sustain, and to survive.
3. Mejais Soul Stealer -> VERY important, very easy stacks from ganks ( assists, and kills )
4. Boots of speed -> Boots of Mobility for ALOT of speed, and for fast ganks.
5. Lich Bane -> ALOT of damage with Ravage, and with Hate Spike.
6. Deathfire Grasp -> more damage, cooldown reduction, ability power, and to shred 30% of Health = free kill.
7. Death cap -> 40% ability power, and 140 AP, self explanatory.
8. Zhonyas Hourglass -> extra sustain, and invincibility for 2 second, 50 armor, and 100 AP, very handy.

1. Guardian Angel -> if your dying a lot, and can't seem to survive very well.
2. Rylai'ss Crystal Scepter -> Slow + HP + AP = 100% kill, and for survivablity.
3. Hextech Gunblade, for extra sustain with the spell vamp, and 300 extra damage -> very useful.
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Summoner Spells

I use smite, not for jungling, but for stealing buffs from the enemy jungler, or when they are at baron, or dragon, or when the enemy is doing red, or blue, very useful.
I use ignite, for assured kills, negates 50% of heal, and for the extra damage.
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Team Work

If everyone in your team knows your potential with evelynn, they will try to support you with kills, and assists, which can really help you get fed, and in team fights, you might get focused, so you should stay back and wait until someone initiates, or you can go roam, and kill the carry, contributing A LOT to team fights.
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Unique Skills

Evelynn has a lot of unique skills. Her passive, Determined Killer, should not be underestimated, because as we all know, the minions are Over Powered. Her W, the Shadow walk is also VERY useful, for it is your main skill that you will be using. Her Q, Hate spike is also very useful if you can perform it correctly, it can help you proc lich bane, and it can get you that last hit you need for minion kills. Her Ravage is her bread and butter, it is a 1.0 AP ratio, and is your main damage. Lastly is her ultimate, Malice and Spite, which is just an amazing skill that can help you escape, kill, survive, and chase.
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Evelynn is a champion to be feared when she is fed, she can come from behind, and instantly kill you. she may not contribute to team fights well, but if you can contribute best when you can kill the AD, or AP carry. Evelynn is basicaly a stealth mage, that can burst instantly with her lich bane, Ravage, and her hate spike. Also in early game, you have to gank alot of alot of assists for mejais. If you can get full Mejais stacks with lich bane, you can pretty much kill anyone in the game. All in all I think she is a very fun champion to play, and a very strong champion to play. although people gave her up when the nerf came, but this build is made to use her to the maximum potential, and can rise once more.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DearlyWhite
DearlyWhite Evelynn Guide
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Evelynn, The Instant Killer

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