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Build Guide by salvationmayne

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League of Legends Build Guide Author salvationmayne

Evelynn : The Nuke Carry

salvationmayne Last updated on December 22, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Play Style:
I prefer to play Eve passive until level 6. I will harrass now and then but mainly keep my distance while farming and leveling up. This is why i choose to get hate spike before shadow walk. Hate spike is your best farming tool. Early game, use ravage only in extreme situations (for example to get a kill or to avoid getting killed). It takes up alot of your mana and is only good to use to harass every once in awhile, but never to kill minions. Waiting til level 6 to go off and gank is smart because of Evelynn's beast ultimate. Her ultimate will allow you to tower dive (giving the right circumstance) an unsuspecting victim. Just be sure to get the kill so you heal up. Always Ravage out of Shadow Walking because it does the most damage. I know some of this is common sense, but im making this for people that are just learning Eve. Mid-game is Eve's prime time, especially after she has Deathfire's Grasp. Never Deathfire out of a Shadow Walk because it will not stun your victim. Always Ravage, quickly followed by a Deathfire to see thier health melt away. After Deathfiring i like to spam Hate Spike on them and chase them using your incredible speed due to your ultimate. Speaking of ultimate. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ultimate before trying to gank. You should Ult, Ravage, Deathfire, Exhaust, Hate Spike, Hate Spike, Hate Spike, and then use Ignite if needed to finish them off. Late game, if you have your Hextech Gunblade, you can throw that in there after Deathfire to add some serious nuking power. Deathfire is always good to do before Hextech because it sheds off 30% of their current health and you want that to be as much as possible.
Scouting is an important and valuable asset that Eve brings to her team. Stealth out and feel free to sprint around the map and scope out enemy champion positions. Ping your team over before engaging and Eve can be a very good initiator. Be sure to scope out the stragglers. Eve is not a very good teamfighter. She is squishy. Stealth up and wait for your team to injure one of the other champions. If you are sure you can get the kill, feel free to gank the wounded and run away, quickly going back into stealth when it comes up. Chase down enemies and feel free to turret dive when the situation seems survivable. Stop scouting however when you see that the other team have bought Oracle's.
Now everyone says that the Oracle Potion is Eve's downfall. This is a misassumption. It does not stop Eve, only slows. Keep an eye out for Oracle's (or the little purple glowing eye over a champions head, for the beginners). Once spotted, dont run around by yourself anymore. Stick with the team, and continue to nuke the straglers or free farmers. Alert your team that one of the enemies has an oracle and tell them to concentrate them in next teamfight (the other team cant be buying oracles all game, and if they do, then they are seriously behind on their builds). Use the bushes to your advantage. Oracles can not see you in the bushes. Keep in stealth however because you want your next attack to stun. Keep an eye out and tell your team to keep an eye out to where enemies are placing Vision Ward's. If they become a big problem, feel free to buy an Oracle yourself and destroy them.

Item Build:
Getting a Doran's Ring as your first item will help you stay in your lane. It will regen your mana enough to keep your farming abilities alive and well. Eve is squishy, so avoid pushing up too far and getting yourself into a bad sitation. A Sheen is a great item to get first because of the bonus damage it does. If you want to harass or gank in your lane A Sheen is what is going to do it. After that I prefer to get my Boots of Speed, then Lich Bane. The Lich Bane is a bigger Sheen. It adds to your nuke power. After the Lich Bane i go ahead and check to see what the other teams are building. If I see alot of magic resist, I will go ahead and get Sorcerer's Shoes to counter it. If not, I will will grab Boots of Mobility, to add to my scouting effectiveness and so I can switch lanes fast or chase down wounded enemies in need of a gank. After my boots, I will build my Deathfire's Grasp. This provides good help in teamfights and tank ganking. It will also add to your nuke power. I like to put it into the 3rd position so i can quickly press E to Ravage and then 3 to Deathfire. After Deathfire is where my build can change. I check again to see what the other enemy team is building. If more than one player is building magic resist, then I will get a Void Staff to penetrate their magic resist. If not, I will get a Nashor's Tooth. It further reduces the cooldowns of your abilities as well as gives you attack speed and ability power. This attack spped coupled with your Ultimate makes you extremely fast at base attacking after your nuke/stun. After the Tooth/Void Staff, I will get a Zhonya's Ring. Just for the fact that it increases my ability power by 25%, and has 120 AP. Lastly I will buy a Hextech Gunblade. It further adds to your nuking capability by giving you another active attack to melt your enemies HP off. Further, it gives you AP and AD. The AD with your Nashor's Tooth attack speed and Ultimate attack speed devastate your enemy.

Let me know what you think. This is how I build and play and almost always go somewhere in the range of 25/3/10. Feedback is appreciated... This is my first Item build. THANKS!