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Evelynn Build Guide by Struyk

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Struyk

Evelynn - The Painbringer

Struyk Last updated on October 2, 2011
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Heey guys, thanks for clicking on my guide! My name is Hugo Vogels and I'm from the Netherlands. I've been playing LoL for ages now and I decided to share my experience. I played 300+ games as Evelynn, and am still actively playing with her ( don't take this the wrong way :D ).
My ingame name right now is Stryuk ( 3th level 30 ).

This guide is about the LANING Evelynn. I suggest you don't jungle since, it's to damn slow and hard. I play 3 different styles, AP/AD/Hybrid, all are great fun to play. Here you'll find more information on all of them.

Please contact me here or ingame for question and suggestions!

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Summoner Spells

AP/Hybrid: Flash, to escape, tower dive and chase.
AD: Exhaust, great for 1v1 fights and ganking, also reduces armor and magic resists because of mastery.
I always take Teleport: Stealth, teleport to other lane and have a nice suprise gank! Also nice early game if you need to get a blue pill ( back to base to shop = blue pill ).

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Skill Sequence

Why I take Hate Spike so "late":
You want level 3 Ravage at level 5 to harass. You stealth, go near oponent, use Ravage and auto attack a few times and go back. Do this a few times and enemy will be forced to go back to base, allowing you to freefarm.
Also the damage it deals without AP is just not worth it, and you won't be able to spam it without blue buff.

Take one point in Hate Spike earlier if you get Sheen before level 5.

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AP Build

Start with Doran's Ring this helps you with your mana regen, adds some health and ability power which is always nice.

Collect 350 for Boots of Speed + 1260 (1610) for Sheen ( helps lasthitting and gives much needed mana ) or 1235 (1585) for Mejai's Soulstealer depending if the game is going well or not ( if not, get Sheen ). If you are forced back to base before you get this amount of gold, get Boots of Speed, Amplifying Tome and some health potions ( and mayby a ward ).
If you got Boots of Speed and your Sheen or Mejai's Soulstealer collect 650 and upgrade your Boots of Speed into Boots of Mobility. Now your core is ready, you should be level 7+ and you can start ganking!

Now you should be about level 7 and once you got your Boots of Mobility you can start ganking!

Mid/Late game:
So your core is complete, you got some nice stacks on your soulstealer and a bunch of money, now you ask yourself, what's next?!;
First you get the item you didn't get in the core build ( Sheen or Mejai's Soulstealer ).
Next upgrade your Sheen into Lich Bane, with decent amount of stacks on your Mejai's Soulstealer it will buff your damage output by ALOT.
Next up is Rabadon's Deathcap, normally games don't last this long, because enemy will surrender after 20 minutes because they spent to much money on useless oracles and wards. Once Rabadon's Deathcap is done, you should have about 500-600ap.

So you got the Mid/Late game items, one enemy ragequit and rest won't come out of spawn because they are scared. What's next you ask? Well!:
Hextech Gunblade is a great item on Evelynn, it gives everything you need, even the damage and lifesteal help alot. And then the active! Enemy gets slowed for 3 seconds because of stealth, then you pop this and they get slowed for another 3 seconds, no escape! Get this one next.
Next sell your Doran's Ring and then get Void Staff, depending if there are 2-3 enemies with more then 100 magic resists or not. If not, get Guardian Angel, I really like this one on eve, nice resists and great passive. You die, get back to life, ulti + stealth and run away and leave a bunch of body parts behind, see you later enemies!

Frozen Mallet or Rylai's Crystal Scepter instead of Hextech Gunblade ( extra tanky )
Haunting Guise instead of Mejai's Soulstealer if game is going really bad!

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AD Build

Start with a Long Sword and Health Potion and build a Wriggle's Lantern after Boots of Speed. When the Lantern is ready, build your boots. I always take Boots of Mobility. Lantern is best choice, simply because you can't gank first 10 minutes without stun and it only costs 1600 and allows you to farm ALOT more then that 1600 compared to other items you get. It's olmost impossible to get last hits with Evelynn and the lifesteal/armor allows you to stay in lane longer. This also allows you to get blue/red buff easier. I tried this and I got 142 creeps after 25 minutes, instead of the normal 50-60 or even less! The extra damage, lifesteal and a free ward is always usefull!

Mid/Late game:
You want to gank: Bilgewater Cutlass, really great item for ganking, the 150 damage is nice early game ( how many times you had enemies escaping with less then 100 hp? ), and if you use the active after your slow, it's a total of 6 second 50% slow, I found 3 seconds to little, people always make it to tower :( 6 is great, gives you more then enough time to finish your enemy. Next build Sword of the Occult and get some nice stacks.

You want to lane a bit longer: Sheen and then The Brutalizer if you want to lane longer. Sheen helps alot with last hitting, same with Brutalizer and they both build into great items later on.

First we build a The Black Cleaver, this item is just great! It helps your team in teamfights, you apply all the stacks insanely fast and it allows you to gank pretty much anyone 1v1. Then build a Trinity Force the Laning build will already have Sheen. Trinity Force provides all the slow you'll need, so we can sell Bilgewater Cutlass.

Sell the Bilgewater Cutlass and buy Infinity Edge. We will have 45% crit chance, 250% crit damage, 45 armor pen, 25 tenacity, alot of damage and some lifesteal when the build is done. Perfect for ganking and killing enemies 1v1.
Build Youmuu's Ghostblade this is one of my favorite item's on Evelynn, all the stats are usefull. Activate it togather with your ulti and watch your enemy melt while it's impossible for them to escape.

Always have Red Buff active, take the one in your jungle or enemy jungle. I normally ward enemy jungle with Wriggle's Lantern ( ALWAYS HAVE A WARD UP! ). I suggest warding dragon/baron as well.

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Start with a Long Sword and Health Potion and build a Wriggle's Lantern after Boots of Speed. When the Lantern is ready, build your boots. I always take Boots of Mobility.

Mid/Late game:
Build a Sheen this will boost your damage output and last hitting even more.
Next get Mejai's Soulstealer here we go from AD to Hybrid. Once you got some decent stacks, build Rabadon's Deathcap Once its complete, you should have about 400ap.

Build a Lich Bane from your Sheen once this is done your damage will be insane! Auto attacks will deal 500 extra damage every 2 seconds, your Ravage hits for 700 and Hate Spike just rips enemies apart.
Next get a Guinsoo's Rageblade and your build is complete. This Rageblade is probably one of the best items to get on hybrid characters!

Same as AD:
Always have Red Buff active, take the one in your jungle or enemy jungle. I normally ward enemy jungle with Wriggle's Lantern ( ALWAYS HAVE A WARD UP! ). I suggest warding dragon/baron as well.

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As Evelynn you have 3 jobs:

Gank: Go to another lane, stealth, and kill the weakest enemy 3v2 or 2v1. Make sure you ping first so your teammates know you are coming. Great way to get stacks!

Take out enemy Support/Carry in team battles: In a teambattle, you should always be aware of wards and oracles. If enemy can see you, stick with your team, if not, stick with enemy team. If someone seperates, chase him and make quick work of him. If team battle starts, kill enemy carry(ies)/support(s) as soon as you can, then get out or kill the rest depending on the situation.

Scout: You need wards for this, so you don't get suddenly owned by 5 enemies who are coming to help their teammate.
Go into enemy jungle, check all the spawns to see if they are empty/being used. I mostly steal enemy blue/red buff while I'm doing this. If you spot an enemy, and you know where rest of his team is ( warded/on lane ) then kill him as fast as you can, and stealth again before enemy comes to take revenge. IF enemy comes, your team got a nice oppertunity to push a lane and score a tower kill. If only 1 enemy comes, turn around and make quick work of him as well, fun fun!

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Best lane with Evelynn would be 2v1 at top if enemy has a jungler. Otherwise you want to be near enemy blue buff. Do NOT jungle with Evelynn! This doesn't work since last patch. Well it works, but even a Soraka does it faster :S

Early game Evelynn sucks at farming, really low damage and she's melee on top of that.
Focus on lasthitting, it will be really tough but practise helps alot.
Later in the game it will be really easy, you can last hit creeps with Hate Spike.

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Counter Jungling Mini-Guide

Only play this if you see an enemy jungler with Smite.

Step 1: Start with Long Sword and 1x Health Potion.
Step 2: Scout around blue buff to see how many enemies are guarding it.
Step 3: Hide in the bush and wait till golem spawns. Wait 10 seconds and stealth
Step 4: Kill enemy jungler after he smited golem = free blue buff + wasted smite. If enemy jungler doesn't start on bluebuff, go to your lane.
Step 4.5: If you succesfully took enemy buff, ask your team to ward your teams Golem, incase enemy jungler will try and get that one instead.
Step 5: Farm 375 gold, go back to base get a Cloth Armor and an Sight Ward.
Step 6: Teleport back to your lane, check if golem/lizard is alive and place ward at enemy buff otherwise wait 2-3 min with placing the ward and go back to your lane to farm some more. ( Respawn time of buffs is 5 minutes )
Step 7: If enemy jungler appears at the buff, go to him ASAP ( will take about 10 seconds to get there, so have level 2 stealth ) and execute Step 4.
Step 8: When teleport is ready: Get Wriggle's Lantern and upgrade your boots.
Step 9: If enemy appears at buff again, just kill him again! Be carefull because he probably bought a ward.
Step 10: Follow the rest of this guide and Repeat Step 9.

I always play this on ranked when I see a jungler:
Last time enemy had a Warwick, mid pulled golem, Warwick started killing the Golem. I waited till golem was at 10% hp, stealthed and exhausted + killed Warwick when he had 200 hp left. I finished the Golem and went back to my lane. Now Warwick was screwed, he had no Blue Buff so it was really hard to jungle for him. I followed the steps and warded the Golem again. Golem respawned, and guesse what. Warwick went to kill him again. I rushed towards him, he had the bush warded so he ran away ( he wouldve died otherwise ), Golem had 20% hp so I finished the Golem really fast. I had blue buff the whole game, Warwick did not have it once. He tried taking our buff instead but team warded it like I asked and killed him and took buff. If you succesfully executed the steps like this, you have crippled the enemy jungler so bad that he will be totally useless! Warwick had 0-5 after 20 minutes and he was 3 levels lower then the rest of his team.

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Evelynn is totally build for dominion right now, total utter facerape!
Just skip the soulstealer, build lichbane and ap. Don't go AD, doesn't work well.