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League of Legends Build Guide Author KornitMurot

Evelynn - The Ultimate Predator

KornitMurot Last updated on November 2, 2010
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Hello chaps. This is my second guide in total and this one is about one little bugger you all know and hate... Evelynn. Oh yes. Now dated 23.10.2010 Evelynn got a few major buffs to her abilities. One of them being your ultimate getting a cooldown timer. 90sec till awesomeness. Second. You don't have to aim Ravage from behind to get the magic resistance minus to enemy. Makes killing more easy and fun to do. :D

Evelynn's abilities:

Hate spike
Hate spike is your filler damage dealing ability. When Deathfire grasp and ravage don't get the job done. You will need a little extra. That's when Hate spike spamming comes to picture. ALSO. Take note that when enemy is equipped with banshees veil then you should use hate spike to remove the buff and then use ravage. Also this can be used to hit stealthed units. Let's say another Evelynn or akali in her stealth zone. Don't sure but also you can see this skill activate near enemy ward. But you can't destroy it. It just says invulnerable. Plus This ability is awesome with following items: lich-bane, archangels-staff, rylais crystal scepter, guinsoos rageblade. I bet you understand the reasons why when you can spam the ability.

Shadow walk
What makes Evelynn so powerul. Element of surprise. With this build I get squishies within the stun time and others normally run away in 1 on 1 situations. The stun is pretty awesome. There is many good ways to use it. One of them being by the turret when they don't know your whereabouts and they attack your ally near turret. Just pop in your normal attack and watch the health go down. Guaranteed kill 1-10 levels. Using stealth tho. It's not as simple as putting it on next to enemies. If they know you are there somewhere they most probably play like it. So please be creative. Use bushes. Stealth in the lane when they see and move to other lane to beat down enemies. Also when running away if enemies are getting hits in on the move you can't stealth. You need 1,5 sec to vanish. So the brush is what saves you mostly when they lose line of sight to you. Also. Know your enemy and their abilities. It helps when you are not running into every aoe attack available in stealth. Nothing is more embarrasing than dying while stealthed. Oh! You can also recall stealthed. Just pop in stealth first and immediately push recall after that.

Mah favourite. Oh yeah. This little ability not only does damage but reduces magic resistance of the enemy so hate spike and all other allies get their spells in with some extra damage. When you pop this bugger in and watch how the enemies health bar just vanishes is what makes you want to play with this char more and more. Nothing much to say about this. Just use it as much as possible and be sure to have golem buff for reduced cooldown.

Malice and Spite
In the end. Prolly one of the best ultis in whole game. Many uses and heal which have saved me from MANY countless horrid deaths. You can use it to bring down enemies, turrets and minions with the attack speed boost (which is all the att. speed eve actually needs). And try popping ultimate combined with ghost while having boots of mobility (don't use them but those are pretty useful boots for eve). This ability allows you to turret dive low hp enemies with EASE (except tanks with taunt). You can rely on the heal to get your *** outta there in one piece while turret is firing on you. This works pretty neatly when a team fight is about to break loose and it does eventually. Go for the weakest. Pop all damage into it and then with ulti run into bushes and hopefully you get away. Also you can almost kill 3 enemies in one time if they don't have that much control spells buuuut I wouldn't recommend. Go for the sure kills. I use malice and spite to trek the map in a few seconds to find that one injured enemy and to put him out of it's misery. So it's a multipurpose ultimate. That's why I love it.

And finally... Determined killer.. Oh christ. Evelynn's passive. Nothing to say about it. You take less damage from enemy minions. Oh wow. It's awesome... not. Does not work on neutral minions.

Item's I've recommended:

Those are prolly the best items for eve. In my opinion at least. In the past I normally rushed for meijaih BUT. I noticed you need to get kills with such a little damage boost to get evelynn working. Sometimes I got awesome rounds with it but motly it never worked as it supposed. SO Deathfire grasp. The one and only item what makes evelynn one badass son of a... Now let's think about it. Either you get meijaih's with 20 ability power boost and rely on killing your enemies OR. Get Kage's lucky pick in the beginning to boost your gold income which helps you get this pretty cheap item ASAP. The thing that makes this item os powerful is that when u engage enemy. U get him in total surprise. Auto attack from stealth. -> Stun. Now use Deathfire grasp. WHAM. 30% hp away from the enemy. 4000 hp. Don't want to count BUT it makes over 1k damage easily. Now you whack him silly while he is stunned with ravage. Another 1.3k damage (with full items). Then you get Lichbane proc. Now theres another 1k damage and all this time you've been spamming you're hate spike like silly. You get the picture. You could go Lichbane after DFG but I want that meijaih's for increasing AP. For succesfull Evelynn. You need to keep rising your ability power ALL THE TIME. So while that is happening DFG is allowing you to get easy money. I mean REALLY. I can tell which enemy I can drop and if I can do it. So yes. Get Meijaih's next but if you are unsure that you can keep the stacks up. Change it for something different. Like that lichbane for example. Now those mentioned before are your core items. The game normally end before you get Zhonya's but go for it. Buy Needlessly large rod first. But in the end do not forget to use DFG. It is what makes it all work.
Oh and. Why sorcerer boots instead of mobility for me? Well. It's all about magic penetration bebeh. Oh and for the last item. Ryjail's is ok. You spamming slow with hate spike but the thing is that if they run away. You run faster so... Go for void staff if enemy has too much magic resistance.

Summoner spells. Can't live without them:

Ghost and ignite is what I use and recommend. You are all about damage so extra dot wont hurt but better than that the heal reduction. So with ignite on you have better chances to kill the enemy. Ghost is just overall good spell. Like I said before. Combine it with your ulti, to get somewhere fast or to chase. Or even to run away.
There are other options like Exhaust or flash. great spells. Teleport is also good but not that great. Heal might save you one day. Clartity. But those what I mentioned is best with Evelynn. Just my opinion.

Playing with Evelynn... heh.

This is hard to explain. In the ability section there are a few neat tricks but it all comes down to being creative. Enemies tend to get wards and oracles to surprise you but there are still few basic rules you need to abide. I'll make a list. Much easier.
1. Numero UNO. NEVER ever start a team fight. You'll be dead as a fly in a box full of frogs. Wait for your chance. But look rule number two first which is:
2. Check your enemies belongings first. Walking right in to a group of 5 enemies while they have oracle makes u look stupid. Check for their buffs first.
3. Make sure ppl don't know you are around.
4. You do ****loads of damage. Just don't get TOO cocky. Gotten me killed several times.
5. Don't go against a tank with a lot of magic resistance.
6. Get Buffs. Either one from enemy or go fetch on from the jungle. You have longer duration on them so you'll be kicking *** and making names much longer.
7. Be creative. Cuz when you are up against oracles you need to.
8. Also. Get Oracle wheter or not enemy has stealthy champs. You see all wards and be able to clear them.

Play safe in the beginning. You got stealth and stun in the beginning. It's like having a gun with no bullets. So no. Don't do jack unless you are REALLY sure about you killing them. BE SURE to get exp. It's easy to run from lane to lane killing unexpected enemies but you are not getting your share of exp then. plus the more level you have the harder your ravage hits. And once again. The skill order for getting your enemy down.
Start with Shadow walk > Normal attack > Deathfire grasp > Malice and Spite > Ravage > Ignite > Hate spike x 100 and ravage all the time you can.

Final words.

I just love playing Eve. It's totally different from others and every kill is fun to do. Even if it get's you killed. She is what you call a main character for me. Sometimes I play other chars as well but returning back to eve and owning everyone is just so refreshing. Altho Eve isn't actually a good hero for the team. More like the worst decision you could make when choosing her. She does not give anything for the team. No ability helps teammates. There is the stun BUT when it means you initianting a fight... forget it. And it's in melee range. So basically you are screwed. Only way to play eve good is to start ganking other lanes early (lvl 6). And try to take out weakest from the back when it's about team fights.
This is how I roll this char. Those are runes I use but if you come up with better ones. Let me know. Those have worked pretty well for me. Tho more magic penetration would do good. Please comment and let me know if you have good ideas or tricks you use with her.
Thanks for reading. :)