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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Evelynn Build Guide by Capsuel

Evelynn, The Underestimated Nuke

Evelynn, The Underestimated Nuke

Updated on November 22, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Capsuel Build Guide By Capsuel 6,713 Views 4 Comments
6,713 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Capsuel Evelynn Build Guide By Capsuel Updated on November 22, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



Why Eve? Eve is the only champion in the league that has the feel of a true melee-range stealth class. Add in a stun with heavy AP-burst and you have a squishy yet deadly assassin. When I was learning to play Eve I never found a comprehensive Eve guide to my liking so that is why I am creating this! I tried to order the guide in the order that is most logical when you are starting a champ and building it for the first time, but also adding insights for the more advanced player. I consistently get pretty absurd Kill/Death/Assist ratios with Eve whether the game is in a win or a loss. Realistically you can expect to go about 15/3/5(this is what I have averaged over many games). Every once in a while you can have a ridiculous 40/0/10 game if the teams don't cap a lot and ruin the fun.
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Your Role

Eve is often ragged on by players as being useless in competitive play due to more advanced players use of Oracle's Elixir (whatever it's called in dominion, to detect her while stealthed) and her lack of survivability in 5v5 group fights/defending points. Noobs often complain that she is overpowered and a fed Eve tends to dominate such low-level pub games. In reality she is somewhere in the middle of these two perceptions and her role in both levels of play is often misunderstood.

In both levels of play Eve should try to get fed early and dominate games as they go on. In low level play if you start out the game playing defensively and going staying invisible(with a mix of your invis spell and just hiding in bushes during cooldowns/to conserve mana) you will get plenty of early kills by timing your attacks with your teammates in the jungle/around points. In more competitive play these kills will be harder to come by due to players playing more defensively with an Eve around or by buying the Oracle's Elixir. Eve should still try for early kills(especially when her flash is up), but she should also recognize that one of her main roles is as a scout class. Much like Twisted Fate and Teemo are recognized as support classes for their mobility and scouting abilities(Destiny/ and Noxious Trap), Eve can play much of the same role. With her Shadow Walk, Malice and Spite speed buff, and Boots of Mobility she can zoom around the map handily to find where groups of enemies are moving to and to pick off people moving alone (an Eve should be able to wait, jump at an opportune time, and take down just about any lone champ of similar skill/items). Scouting is also used to find out which enemies have Oracle's Elixir so you can avoid them or know to target them first in a group fight. Furthermore she can provide map control. The first time you kill a few stragglers in the jungle you force them to waste their gold on Oracle's Elixir and/or stick together as a group. This then gimps their options, as well as their ability to attack or defend 2 towers at the same time. The psychological effect that this can have is often underrated and you need to make your teammates aware of it so that you can exploit it.

In group fights Eve must know that she can neither lead the way like a tank or sit in the back and 'pew-pew' like squishy range. Depending on the makeup and relative power of the team you can hop in fairly quickly and rack up kills using the heal from your Malice and Spite to stay in there. Often her role is to come in late in the battle and take down wounded targets or wait behind the enemy lines to take down retreating champions(yes, it's cheap, but they will heal up out of range and re-enter the fight or B back to base if you don't kill them). If you know when to enter fights and who to target your massive burst(Ravage-Lich Bane-Hate Spike) and sustained (continued Lich Bane and Hate Spike spam) dps and key stuns can easily turn the tide of a team fight. Don't forget to use Malice and Spite and/or flash to get out of the fight safely as soon as you are targeted or have made all the kills that you can.
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Determined Killer

Your passive, 50% damage from minions is surprisingly useful for escaping from First Bloods and early double kills with your life.

Hate Spike

The damage may not look impressive, but it adds up fast(can be spammed every second) and is responsible for most of Eve's killing blows. It is also Eve's only source of income/farming other than ganking and activates Lich Bane.

Shadow Walk

Your stealth and slow. What makes Eve, Eve.


Usually the opening attack out of stealth and your big damage dealer. Late game, the back-positional armor/magic debuff is key to landing kills.

Malice and Spite

Eve's most underrated ability. Lots of people complain about this ability because it's not a big flashy ultimate like other champs. The reality is that the passive heal on this spell goes a long ways in keeping Eve alive and by mid-game the active ability is up just about every time you need it. Last I checked 50-100% attack speed and 20-30% movement speed were pretty good for catching up to and finishing off targets and getting out of the fray after a kill.
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Summoner Spells

1st choice:


In its current state is pretty much a MUST for Eve. It can allow you to flash to enemies just out of reach to make kills, it can allow you to tower dive and flash out, and it can allow you to flash out when you are taking too much heat. This can usually give you just enough distance to Malice and Spite(for movement speed) and invis out of the situation.

2nd Choice:

Eve's second ability is debatable and I will list them in my current order of preference:


Eve is an offensive character and as such that is generally how she will use Exhaust. It is most beneficial to slow/debuff running champs as well as disabling durable physical carries(after your stun wears off) who would otherwise be able to outlast you. You can also exhaust off-targets to disable them for just long enough to kill your main targets before you move to attack your off-target or run from them(great for 1v2's).


Allows you to pull off early lane ganks much easier. This allows the gold and items to start rolling in early. For a character with poor farming abilities this is very important.


Ghost can be a viable choice for Evelynn. It allows you to catch up to low health opponents that might not be able to get to or go cover points being backdoored for your team.
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Pros / Cons

+true high speed stealther/scout
+insane burst dps
+invis-slow can catch people who over-extend off-guard because they don't see it coming
+capable of insane K/D/A ratios

-one of the squishiest champs in the game
-as soon as you're out of stealth or seen you WILL be targetted
-smart players and anti-stealth items can limit your effectiveness
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In summary, Eve is a character capable of extremely good games and very poor games. She is not overpowered by any stretch and her need to attack enemies at melee range make her very vulnerable and she must choose her battles wisely. I hope you enjoy the guide and I will continue to update it as suggestions are made and as the game changes! I look forward to your comments and please rate the guide as you see fit :).
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-Guide published
-Updated Summoner Spells section
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Capsuel
Capsuel Evelynn Guide
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Evelynn, The Underestimated Nuke

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