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Evelynn Build Guide by Voal

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Voal

Evelynn, the Widowtanker (Wait, WHAT?!?)

Voal Last updated on June 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Update Log

Here's where I'll put updates/testing notes.

Eve nerfed. Now only slows. I need to completely reevaluate my build. Just kidding. She's still OK at my elo. I will need to test a lot more to make sure I don't need to add Ryali's to the main build.

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Hello and welcome to my first guide to League of Legends. I am a pretty new player, with about 500 wins or so with many, many different characters. I have about 20 more losses than wins, mostly due to the fact that I try out many ideas like this one, and they fail horribly (Jungle Mordekaiser, anyone?). I also have a bad habit of entering randoms with a character I've never played before. This is an experiment, just like the Jungle Karthus guide that used to be number 1 on this site. It is a work in progress. It is not perfect, nor do I claim that it can even be perfected. It's just a fun way to play a character that would normally be played a different way.

That said, I haven't felt compelled to write a guide about any character, including my favorites, and Eve certainly isn't one of my favorites. But in a way, this build is my own and has had fairly good success in the games I've played so far. It is the unconventional nature of the build that draws me to it, and of course other players' responses to it.

This guide will contain a fairly simple style of offtanking, and Eve will be effectively a support and focus to draw the enemy fire. The success of this build, I must emphasize, does NOT rely on your awesome nuking power and assassination presence, but rather the competency of your team, impeccable map awareness, and your proficiency in guerrilla tanking, which will be explained in the strategy section.

- Beating the Dark Horse
I want to highlight this because it's important in more than the usual way a dark horse build is useful. Of course there will be people complaining about the build as you play it; it happens with all dark horse builds. Of course your opponents will consider you inferior, and of course when you beat them they will be in awe. But the latter benefit is, unlike other dark horse builds, actually a benefit in-game. The other team will think you are a noob and they will focus you, just like any other dark horse build. The cool thing is that in this particular case, that's exactly what you want them to do. Once they start focusing you after they've fed simply because you have a high K/D/A ratio, they're still focusing you, and that's still what you want.

-Unexpecting of the Unexpected
This is another benefit of dark horse builds that makes them so appealing. The normal role the character plays is missing or changed. It puts people on guard for the wrong things, and they make mistakes because they expect something that's not coming. But, yet again, this build in particular fortifies what would normally by a purely psychological issue into something more. Because at some point, your opponents will buy vision wards or oracles. The impressive thing about this build is that you don't really care if they have them. You can go somewhere else. Because you are dictating where the teamfights happen, you can move away from the vision wards they've set down, and have enough survivability to take a few hits if they find you unexpectedly. The big thing to get here is that your w essentially has a special money-draining feature, and I have seen team after team waste well over a thousand gold trying to catch me.

-Extremely Frustrated Opponents
First, they're getting beaten by a noob. Second, why won't she die to my attacks?!? Just like when you take the summoner spell heal and use it right when your opponent thinks you're out of the fight, Eve doesn't practice standard regen over time. In this build, she regens in nuke form. Just when you're supposed to die, if you play your cards right, you can regain a decent chunk of life and kill another overextended player who thought he had you for sure.

-Team-based Play
Eve is notoriously single-minded as a character, just like any assassin or nuker. But with this build, she is an absolute nightmare to fight against in a teamfight. The build effectively slows as if she was constantly twirling Garen's sword around her, except she can do it while invisible. And enemies lose a lot of time when they realize that the enemy can find them anywhere that's not next to a tower or vision ward, and have to walk all the way back from their pushes.

-Protracted Fighting
Because of the staying power Eve has in this build, she can leave, reenter combat at well over 50% health, and speed to most locations to create ganking opportunities. Her ability to hunt down and kill fleeing enemies is also excellent, because most opponents who think the pursuit is over will not see her coming until it's too late.

-Odd Playstyle
You are not a normal tank when you are tanking with Eve. You enter fights, take aggro, and then leave. This is an extremely useful way of tanking and leads to great things like your opponents overextending, but it also means your own team will have a learning curve to cope with if they are not familiar with the build. If they expect you to be a true tank, they won't follow the fight as it moves, or worse yet, they may retreat because they think you are. On the other hand, they might not support you when you attract aggro, because they think you can't take the damage and are just heading out to feed.

-Lower Damage Output
If you play Eve as an assassin, or have never played a tank before, you will have to get used to the fact that you won't be 2-hitting your opponents anymore. This build focuses more on Eve becoming a Singed-like tank, dealing damage over time and setting up kite kills. It can take some getting used to.

-Intense Map Awareness
This build is more demanding on me for map awareness than any other I have played. You have to know where as many of your opponents are as you can, and you have to know, at least in general, where they will go in order to recall, where they will go to gank, and how they will pursue you in a teamfight. If you go invisible just to run in the same direction you'd normally run, you aren't doing it right. If you play the build right, especially after the early game, it becomes incredibly difficult to finish you off because of the speed from both Ghost and your ultimate, as well as your Mercury Treads.

-Late-game Initiation
In the late game, you should initiate most teamfights, and/or call targets for the team to focus. This is different from how Eve normally plays in the late game, as she tends to join partway through a fight to finish off a single opponent, or eats some poor straggler after a fight.

-Closed Minds
Yeah, another symptom of the dark horse. People on your own team will call you noob and rage. It's part of the deal.

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Evelynn has always been a hit-and-run character. This build uses that feature as its foundation.

Early Game (Laning Phase):
Let me start out by saying that because of your role, you will dictate the phasing of the entire game. It will be you that leads the transition to each phase, and if it isn't you, then you should be able to adapt to whoever made the change first.

In the early game, you want to focus on sneaking up, stunning, and nuking, just like a normal Evelynn would. You should lane with a DPS character or other consistent damage output because even though your runes are set to assist your nuke, because of the build it will still be much weaker than a straight AP build. Your potions should keep you in the lane well through you first set of kills and sendings (sendings meaning when your opponent is forced to recall due to low health). There are two signs to ways to determine when it's time to gank. The first way is when the enemy in your lane buys vision wards. As soon as they do, switch with someone in the opposite lane. They will have wasted their wards and you will probably get a kill because double-lane ganks are rarer and with your speed they may not see it coming. The other sign is when you reach level 6. You suddenly gain a great deal of survivability as well as speed, which is great for double-lane ganks.

Mid-Game (Ganking Phase):
Here's where you play Eve the normal way. Run from lane to lane causing chaos and confusion. Kill a low health enemy here, hit an empty lane's tower there. Never stay in one place too long. The first teamfight should let you know you're in the late-game, but you should initiate it. I suggest doing so with at least the Trinity Force and a Heart of Gold or better as you build up to Randuin's. Make sure to buy Spirit Visage before Warden's Mail if their team is heavier AP than AD.

Late Game (Team-Fight Stage):

Guerrilla Tanking
This is the term I use for the style of tanking I use with Evelynn. I am going to test it out with several other, normally "squishy" characters, in order to see of there are other characters that can tank in this way, but as of right now, she's the only one I know who can do it well. This style of tanking is very similar to that of singed or other kiting characters, and uses the basic idea of hit-and-run tactics. All characters in LoL use this to some extent, but what makes Eve so good at it is that she is already built for it, and has a passive that greatly reduces her chances of dying while tanking in this way. In addition, players will want to pursue and squish her, because it is normally a simple thing to do.

Eve, when it comes to team fights, should pick where they are, engage the target of her choice, drop her nuke and slow, and run away. Because she is invisible, she can often hit a softer target like a carry or a support, leading to a coordinated teamfight. Once she does so, she can reenter the fight within just a few seconds to slow and nuke again. The impressive thing about her in a tank role is her ability to take minion hits as well as champion attacks and still reenter combat as many as 5-6 times in a single teamfight, whereas normally she might only get one shot at doing her thing. Her passive, combined with health potions and the Spirit Visage, should keep her in the fight for much longer than the opponents would suspect.

Also, when it comes to teamfights, your role is the primary antagonist. Continue pressuring them, baiting them, and splitting them apart so you can coordinate ganks and pushes. Don't be afraid to use both ghost and your ult to get out of sticky situations. Thankfully, even the worst problems can be solved by simply going invisible and walking to where your enemies just were as they wander around trying to find you. Running somewhere that you wouldn't normally think to go is usually a place your opponents don't think you'll go either.

In a teamfight, don't be afraid to be in the thick of the fighting for at least a bit. Your nuke should still do some decent damage, so make sure to hunt down anyone you think is within lethal range after a fight ends. Finish out your Randuins and build a Banshee's Veil if they're balanced. Otherwise, if they are poorly slanted to one type of damage, buy a Ryali's scepter and kick some tush (you might also want to do this if you see you're the only one getting kills).