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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Evelynn Build Guide by SpinRush

Evelynn Unstealthed

Evelynn Unstealthed

Updated on July 19, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SpinRush Build Guide By SpinRush 4,365 Views 1 Comments
4,365 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SpinRush Evelynn Build Guide By SpinRush Updated on July 19, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



Evelynn Unstealthed.

That's right folks. Everybody can see you now. No more pink wards for you. If you even so much as cross paths with an enemy champion all that stealth is out the window. There is a difference between "Stealth" and "Invisibility". Stealth requires the mechanics of camouflage and positioning. These adjustments make Evelynn more rewarding for the skilled player and painfully brutal for the unskilled.

Decisions are everything
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Kill everything, protect yourself, and if you are going to walk in the Shadows, STAY COOL.

Greater Marks of Destruction: Hybrid runes although expensive are the perfect addition to any build. Just think of them like sprinkling a little salt and pepper on eggs - it's over-easy!!!.

Greater Glyphs of Focus: With your Shadow Walk more vulnerable than ever before you've got to be ready all the time for confrontation. Cooldown Runes with Nashor's Tooth will help you a lot.

Greater Seals of Defense: I don't have to explain this, do I?

Greater Quints of of Destruction: These are expensive. Evelynn has claws and spikes. Adding these Quints is like sharpening Japanese Cutting Knives.
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2 - 16 - 12

If there's any debate here just tell them, "I'm doing my job".
Cast as a Jungler you've got to kill faster than the other jungler. Do more damage to minions, move on and get it done.

2 points in Butcher is a win for you.
*Summoner Spell - I did not choose Teleport cause you should be ALWAYS be clearing the map no matter which path you take. Nothing is wasted in nature. You kill everything and you move on.

16 points in Defense. You've got to survive as much as possible. Trading kills is never a Mexican standoff or an equal situation. Lets say you trade kills with Ashe. Ashe won. Why cause she desperately needs money to complete her build. That gold will make life difficult for you or someone else on your team when they confront Ashe later. All she needs is a Phantom Dancer. Don't trade, SURVIVE!!

*Make sure you put 3 points in Enlightenment cause you've got to stay cool if you walk in the Shadows.

12 points in Utility. This is your bread and butter here. Movement Speed, Spell Vamp plus Buffs. Don't deviate here. Follow the build.
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Skill Sequence

Early game, mid game, and late game. This is what you need. You'll take 1 point in everything to start. You'll put 2 points in Hate Spike and from then on it's all about Ravage.

Increased attack speed means a greater chance to Phage slow which doubles the likelyhood that your target is about to die. You max this as fast as you can. With an AD based build your Hate Spike is not going to finish for you and it's CD is still too high. You don't have Nashor's yet.

Dark Frenzy being maxed at late game will make a big difference for you and your team. Getting over to large creep waves and staying alive to defend your base or backdoor. It's a great utility and I max it last. Ravage is BOSS and Hate Spike is your last hit and CS farm tool.

Your ULT is self-explanatory and it's casts very quickly. Use it at max range then enter the fray. Be creative though. Don't run straight in. Skill shot toons used by unskilled players are easy to predict. They'll fire right into the kill zone in an effort to nuke. You are still Evelynn.....go around. Be generous with your ULT, use it for the team and clean up on the other end.
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Evelynn is a natural born killer. You love killing everything that moves. Minions, neutral minions, Heroes, Dragons and Barons. You are a sexy widowmaker. You wouldn't be doing your job if you weren't stripping them down and then owning them.

The Black Cleaver - nuff said (Remember those Hybrid Runes?). Anybody slowed is a dead duck.

Walk in "E" Ravage. Phage might kick in (Thank You) but most importantly you are a sexy vamp widowmaker. Take that off, take this off, you don't need armor, take it all off.

That's 3 secs isn't it?

Evelynn is never satisfied. She Hate(Spikes) not being satisfied. You are Q'ing now and it's all over. You Q then they Q(lol)

Every other item I've listed serves Evelynn very well. Avoid the temptation to go Trinity Force cause you need your CD at ALL Times. Nashor's Tooth is going to keep you going. When the team fight is over go clear the jungle and leech your way back to life.

Quick note: Boots are your choice. You choose what you like.

Having great friends helps with these guides. We debated about the Phil Stone versus Pots. My position is this. If you play Solo cue always make sure you are making money. Out of lane, in lane, in death. You just never know.

If you are in a premade and you know you can trust the guys you are playing with then go with the pots. Personally, I like the Phil Stone cause it covers every unpredicted situation. You lose your Blue, they take your Blue or even a silly teammate takes your Blue.

LoL has all sorts these days.
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Summoner Spells

Flash - Get away. Give your opponents nothing. Avoid trading.
Ignite - Evelynn has a sense of humor if you haven't noticed. A bit sadistic, isn't it.

Joker = It's not about money... it's about sending a message. Everything burns!

You're right there clawing them to death, why not set them on fire for your entertainment?

You've got to get out of there alive. You can't afford to trade. Ignite them. Give yourself a chance to get the kill while you're running away.

Flash is important!
You should always be under 5 deaths. Any more than that means you are making poor decisions.
Not knowing when to pull out is the death of most men.

Your teammates may blame you for running to safety but the Tribunal will not. You are Evelynn, you don't do dishes and you definitely don't cook dinner so don't feed them.
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I've played Evelynn for the longest time now. Even when she was hated on. How many times have I been accused of trolling when they see her. I've purchased a lot of RP trying to get all the builds I want completed.

So what is the new Evelynn like? Well, in my humble opinion, she plays like Blitzcrank now. Of course she has the killing advantage though. Lets consider the mechanics of how they enter the fray.

A smart Blitz is always flexible but for the most part the killer Blitz runs "W, E, (R) and Q and repeated if necessary.
Translation: Run in, movement speed, attack speed up, CC your target. His Rocket Grab is skill dependent.

Evelynn is more of a homing missile that is NOT skill dependent. You'd be hard pressed to miss her ULT.

In both cases, the mechanics are the same. You've got to get in there and control the fight as much as you can.

If you compare Evelynns stealth detection ring to Blitz's rocket grab range, you'll see they are about the same.

Blitz and Eve together is a near INSTA-KILL. Evelynn likes the Big Mech cause he's one of the few heroes in the game that's isn't organic.
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Pros / Cons

Positive Points:
    Burst Down AD
    Improved Ult
    Speedy Jungler
Negative Points:
    Easily detectable
    Expensive Build
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Shadow Walk Reworked

This new version of Stealth is actually bad for you. It's like a cool trick that serves no purpose other than to make you look cool. I'll explain.

It used to be (Broken Eve) that if your team had a Pro-Eve the other team HAD to buy Pink Vision Wards. Not so anymore. Just a few movements around your lane and the other champion might detect her. If you hide off to the side you are vulnerable without a ward. The other team no longer needs Pink Wards and your passive that is 9 secs is too long for you to avoid a sight ward.

Now it's Evelynn that needs to buy wards until Wriggle's Lantern. You can't afford to accidently run into another hero. Your stealth works for nothing coming around a bush you have no ward at. You are instantly detected. *Flash on CD early game? That means you'll get owned by the other jungler if he already has a Red Buff.

There is a silver lining:
You may not like this but it will get you more kills if you ward. If they invade and you have a team that responds to their presence you win. Plus you stay alive. Intel is everything.

It works like this!
You can't cruise anymore. You are not INVISIBLE, you are stealthed. You had better keep an eye on your Mini-map before you invade the other teams Jungle. Wriggles is a great item for when you want to gank Top lane and you need to know what's coming.

Before you attack out of your Stealth (With no wards) you have to have ask yourself:
"Do you feel lucky, punk? Well, do you?"
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Much Appreciated

Thanks for reading this guide. Like any other player these are just thoughts about the character. You won't see me on IGN's spotlight video. I simply love playing Evelynn. I liked her even more when she was super nerfed cause I would embarrass people with huge kill streaks.

I hope you enjoy playing Eve and if you have any thoughts please Comment.

FPS Russia: As always, have a nice day!
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