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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jahotic


Jahotic Last updated on September 19, 2012
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Warwick Build

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Welcome to my big guide for jungling where I shall teach you how I jungle some of my favourite champs that I think shouldn't even be allowed to lane but walk around eating players from the shadows of the jungle. I have played every possible jungler in the game and I hope I can share that knowledge with people who have never jungled with these champs yet. I thought i would suck in every possible way but I had lots of fun and loved the way it was done. I made this guide so people who want to jungle for the first time or people who just haven't jungled these champs don't have to freak out and think that everything will go wrong for them. Please enjoy this guide to it fullest extent. I will be making a chapter on counter jungling if that's the choice you would like to make but be careful since it can cost you more than just staying in your own jungle.

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Warwick was my favorite champion the 1st time I saw him for the 1st time in the shop when i was level 2 and he was 3150 IP i wonder where that price went? I laned him 1st and wasn't satisfied with the abilities he had in lane so I decided to try and jungle with him around level 20 when I had bought some runes. He isn't the hardest jungler to play since he has passive lifesteal but you do have to watch what you do when ganking lanes before 6. If you have the red buff DO NOT pass the chance to gank since you will definitely need that before 6 since you have no way to slow or stop them. Counter jungling as warwick can be quite easy especially if you catch them off guard fighting blue buff or red buff when their hp is low. Being countered jungled WILL happen especially as warwick since everyone LOVES attacking you at blue buff most of the time but know that even if you don't get a buff or if your killed once or twice that the game is still happening make the best out of what you can. When you are level 6 and ready to gank please look at my level 6 ganking time chapter for when and who to gank.

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Skarner just the same as Warwick ganks much better at level 6 rather than earlier on but there is the same concept behind it. With your Q and red buff you can easily slow them down for your allies in the lane to help take them down for the kill not too mention with that W you can catch up and make sure they don't get away. Be careful when counter jungling since depending on your enemy you could die since you might not out last them more will be explained in a counter jungling chapter. Skarner can be quite fun but with your E you have to be a good shot and try and hit as many as possible so your Q heals off them all, having blue buff can be amazing help since you spam your Q so much. At the beginning of the game you should be fine but have someone guard your red or blue just in case cause it can cost you. Again even if you die or something happens the game is still going don't just leave. Again I will be making a level 6 ganking time chapter just in case your not sure how to use your ultimate at the right moment.

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OK HAHA guys with runes I have heard lots of opinions by lots of my friends on what runes should be the best since we jungle so much but we couldn't decide on absolute ones to use when I found the perfect solution. I leave the runes that you want to use all up to you since many people have lots of preferences i think its only right you decide what will work for you like full ad runes, full armor pen, or just other random sets. I wish you luck on what you'll pick for them.

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Level 6 ganking

Now these champs at level 6 make a huge difference when it comes to ganking the lanes since its always something unexpected. I will explain each ultimate and explain what your going to do with and who it should or shouldn't be used on.
Warwick's ultimate is a very good suppress but you have to be careful since there are abilities and spells that can counter that with one click of a button. If Morgana has her spell shield on remember not to use it on her since she is spell immune. Gangplank can easily orange out of it so either wait for him to use it and gank right there or just try and pop out and force him to use it by damaging him enough that your ult will just kill him anyway. Olaf is a great challenge since he can easily ult out of it and kill you right there with his w life steal. I suggest focusing on other champs like the ad carry or someone else that can't break out of it but be careful since sometimes ad carries can have cleanse as a spell in that case ask bottom lane if he has used it or if he hasn't maybe go for the support.Now skarner is actually pretty much the same thing but your range isn't even close to what warwicks is so be very careful on how close you are getting to their allies or turret when you click R on them. Using your R as skarner you have to remember that you are dragging them along with you and they are not suppressed like malz and warwicks ultimate does so please drag them back into your team or just to make sure they don't live with 40 HP. Same as warwick try and ult the main damage user like the ad or ap carry and if that doesn't seem like an option look at the other champions on their team like their jungler or top, if it comes down to it just get their support out of the way.

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counter jungling

Being countered in the jungle can be a very scary thing especially if you are very strict on what level you are with each camp you get but it can also be somewhat of an advantage. If your red is being stolen and you come up when they are fighting it attack them right away since they are fighting you and the red buff you are at the advantage. If your red buff was taken just before you go there go to their red buff and either take it or wait for them to get there since sometimes they can forget its there since they already have one on them. Even if you lose a monster camp or two no matter what the game is still going just be careful with your levels and try to make the best of what you got no matter what since it just isn't worth it to leave the game or rage at people. If you want to counter their jungle mainly look at which champion they're playing since most junglers go wolves to blue or wraiths to red you just have to attack the opposite of the one they are starting at. You have to be very careful though since most times a champion might be guarding or watching out for their other buff waiting for you to go and try that. That is very important to do if your starting at blue ask the lane closest to your red just to stand in the tri bush or near red to look out for it being stolen so they might get a kill or just scare them off from stealing it.

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Gangplank, Shaco and Rengar

I also mainly jungle these other 3 and i shall add them to this roster but for now please enjoy my warwick and skarner guide.


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