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League of Legends Build Guide Author Meiyjhe

Everything about the Tribunal - The REAL reporting :D

Meiyjhe Last updated on December 15, 2012
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Greetings ladies and gentlemen,

In this guide I will discuss the tribunal with you, about what it is and how to use it.

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So Tribunal? What is that?

You probably barely noticed its existence, I myself found out about this system after 1 year of playing LoL :D

So, back to the question.
Ever wondered where all reports go to? Because not all people that get reported get banned. People who get reported, must go through the tribunal first.

The "judge" (which is you in this case :D) will look at a certain number of matches where the same person has participated. You get an overview about the whole chat, the score board, the types of reports and some extra data about the match itself (the time, win/loss etc.).

Your job is to decide whether someone is really guilty or not, you can punish or pardon someone. Depending on the amounts of votes on the case, the results will be made.

Person A has 2 games with 2 reports and has 60 punishes and 40 pardons.
Person B has 3 games with 9 reports and has 30 punishes and 70 pardons.
Person A is getting punished because most people agree that he is guilty, while person B, someone with more reports than person A, gets excused. This means that the amount of reports doesn't always matter, however, the amount may make a judge more critical.

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Where can I find the Tribunal?

Alright, please open your LoL launcher, and you will see on one of the pictures a scale with a picture of Kayle.
Click on it and you will enter the tribunal.

You will find 2 options, "Review Cases" and "Justice Review".

Click on "Review Cases" and you will see a whole list of stuff you need to agree on.
This is really boring to read, so I will summarise it in two sentences:
Look if someone acts unjustified and judge based on behaviour, not on skill!!!
If you do not know what to judge, skip the case!!!

Click on agree with terms, because if you disagree, you cannot continue.

Bam! First case! Just like mentioned in the previous chapter, you will see the whole chat of the game, the score board, the reports and some extra match information.

What to do now? How can I handle all this information?

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Working with Tribunal

You are now on the screen with the chat and scoreboard. You see a clock on the top right corner, this is not the timer when you need to finish, do not worry! :D
The timer is there only to prevent troll punishing. The timer is running, when it is at 0, you can vote.

Since you are not going to wait, look at the chat.
There is a legend which describes who is who.
Green are the allies of the reported suspect
Red are the enemies of the reported suspect
And blue is the reported person itself

Now, look at the reports, what do they say?
Depending on the report itself, we must look differently towards each game/case.
The different kind of reports and the things you need to know about them are as following:

Offensive Language, Verbal Abuse or Negative attitude
These are one of the most common reports. This is always about the chat and you barely will need to look the scoreboard. You mostly do not need to read other texts then the reported person itself. If someone says very clear things like: "I go top or I afk" or "I hope you die of cancer". These are basically insta-punishers thus does not require any more research.
Keep in mind: Those who are just being lame or being sarcastic do not deserve the punish. So if someone isn't really being a jerk, pardon him.
Also, if someone gets reported only for saying: "easy" at the end of the game, it is not a valid reason to punish.

Intentionally feeding and assisting the enemy team
These are also very common. If someone has a bad score, but doesn't do it on purpose, there is no reason to punish him/her. If someone is being a jerk at the same time as feeding, the guy DOES deserve a punish. Jerks basically always deserve a report. In the next chapter I shall discuss more about this.

Inappropriate name
This one is easy, look at the name, does it say anything racist or offending? Yes? Then punish him/her.

Also easy to check. Did someone say a lot of messages? Then punish!

Basically just look at what report the victims bring you and decide what to do.

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So when to punish someone?

Here is the check list of getting punished:
1. Did the accused say anything like: "I am going afk" or "I am going to feed"?
2. Did the accused say anything hurtful including someones mother or a heavy disease?
3. Did the accused say anything racist meaning to hurt someone?
4. Did the accused say more than 5 messages in a row?
5. Did the accused try to make it difficult for his teammates like instalocking or stealing farm?

If one of the first 2 questions are answered yes, they are meant to be insta-punished. The last 3 might need some more research by looking if the accused game-mates are being a jerk aswell. If it is an equal reaction, then it should be forgiven.

Now for the good news.
Here is the check list of getting pardoned:
1. Did the report have nothing to do with the accused?
2. Was the team of the accused just as bad as the accused himself?
3. Is the accused just joking and trying to be fun?

If none of the reports have anything to do with the accused, the accused should get pardoned instantly. The last 2 deserve a recheck with the punish checklist.

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Justice Review

Now you try yourself a few cases, look at how you do.

If you did it, you could click on justice review.

Justice review allowes you to see your accuracy with your judging skills.
You also get a rating, although I doubt that you win anything by getting a high rating, you do get more difficult cases.

Try to reach as high as possible and make sure that the amount of toxic days are minimal within the league of legends ;D

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I hope you learned a lot from the report system in LoL.

If you have any questions, please, leave it in the discussion, and I will answer them in a new chapter.

Please vote and comment, thank you all for reading and may you stop many evil :D



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