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League of Legends Build Guide Author Smurfy

Exchanging and Zoning

Smurfy Last updated on June 4, 2012
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In this guide, I will be showing you how to Zone and when or how to exchange with your enemies, there is many tips and tricks I have picked up over my time of playing and I can finally share them with the Community.

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Zoning - Farming

Zoning is many different things when put into different scenarios, a typical situation of zoning is to deny the enemy CS(Minion Kills), doing this gives your team and yourself the advantage of gold and putting them behind in items, zoning can be very beneficial but also puts yourself at risk, for example at top lane exchanging and zoning is your prime mission, shutting down the enemy bruisers farm will keep your Ashe alive just long enough for that critical team fight.
Some champions counter others, we all should know that, as a prime example lets take Teemo at top lane, Teemo is an excellent pick to zone melee champions because of his general utility, the blind stops any counter harass the speed stops them getting close and not to mention the mushrooms stopping a majority of gank attempts, with this skill set Teemo is in my own opinion, in the Highest tier of zoning.

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Zoning - Experience

There is also the more effective zoning method, which is to push the enemy as far away from the minions as possible, not only does this stop there Minion kills, it also will stop them from gaining any experience, Although doing this puts you at a very high risk as you have to walk far past your own minions to push them back (Typically stand behind there back minions).
An example of zoning experience would be a Ranged champion e.g Teemo against a melee champion e.g Singed.

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Champions - Zoning

Champions who zone well:

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Items - Zoning

Items to help with zoning:

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