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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cyclonety

Excuse but I seem to have lodged my spear in your face again

Cyclonety Last updated on April 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I've recently tried out Panth after the huge nerfs he got and I realized that he really isnt THAT bad of a champ as people think he is. This build focus on harassing in the lane as much as possible so you can eventually take them down with the ole' W>E>Q combo.

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Runes are standard fare for an AD champ besides the MP/5 runes. These allow you to keep up the early game harass which is what makes you a monster in the lane and someone to be feared. The Health Quintessences and Armor Pen runes give you some extra early game advtange. The CDR runes can be swapped for MR or more MP/5 if you want to, I just prefer having the extra 5% CD.

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Now instead of opting for the normal 21/0/9 masteries, I prefer the utlity tree for a few simple reasons. The first is CDR as this helps a ton with Q spam, ult, stun, etc. Not to mention the extra CDR on summoner skills. Flash and Exhaust are key in helping you gank and avoid getting ganked. The little bit of extra movespeed and mana regen just help you early game and are a nice bonus.

Now you might be thinking, what's with the 15% spell penetration. Well first of all, it gives a bit of CD reduction which is always nice but it also makes your ult hit harder. Early game you can get an easy double or triple kill with just your ult if the enemy team is stupid enough to get clustered all because of that extra mpen. If the ult doesn't kill them, your spears sure will.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is great for many reasons. Juking, escaping ganks, ganking, etc. Most of the time the enemy will run away from your ult. Flash lets you blink in and stun to ensure the kill instead of running around like a headless chicken with ghost when they probably just ghosted too.

Exhaust is a no brainer as it helps you 1v1, ensure kills, and prevent you from getting dived. Not much explanation needed.

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Skill Sequence

Most Pantheon's max Heartseeker Strike(E), but after the nerfs, it's really not worth it anymore. The only reason I get a point into this at lv4 is for the passive and for that extra bit of damage for my combo. Skilling Q first gives you maximum harass and damage early to mid game. I get an extra point in my stun around lv5 usually so I can gank easier.

This is the skill sequence I usually end up using, but it can vary depending on who you lane against or with. You can't always get a solo lane so sometimes leveling your stun first would help you and your lane partner to snag that extra kill.

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Starting with boots and 3 pots gives you nice survivability in your lane while letting you get in quick and easy spear shots for harass or to chase down that failed gank.

Now I know some people will get pissy at me building a HoG early. Two reasons I do this, survivability and $CASH MONIES$. And who doesn't like $CASH MONIES$? Many Pantheons think they can just build glass cannon like Ashe and carry the game. WRONG, you are not a carry. You are an assassin(cool right?). Since you're going to be ulting ontop of people like crazy, you're gonna actually need to survive to kill them right? Just like kass needs to build a Banshee's Veil to be useful in team fights, you need a HoG to be useful in ganks. So many times I have seen Pantheon's ult ontop of my team then get crushed in a second because they think that the BF Sword they bought 15 min in protects their face from Xin's suicidal rampage. You sell the thing later on for a GA anyway. It's just there for early/midgame help and, once again, $CASH MONIES$.

Same reasoning behind getting Merc Treads besides Berserker Greaves. You are mainly an assassin and rely on your skills for maximum damage. You shouldn't be autoattacking unless your skills are off cooldown, and even if you have to, you have Ghostblade and Black Cleaver for AS. The CC reduction and MR really help in ganking as you can get out of that pesky Veigar stun earlier so you can melt his face quicker.

Honestly, you only need 3 damage items to be useful through out the game. Late game when it's very important not to die, Banshee's Veil and Guardian Angel really help. Sometimes it's better to get Banshee's Veil earlier if you are having a bad game and are dieing a lot.

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Lane Dominance and How To Achieve It

Spear Shot is your bread and butter when it comes to harass. Low cooldown, high damage and AD scaling, along with a low mana cost to boot. If possible try to get mid or top lane as this gives you faster levels and more farm, both of which are important to Panth. The faster you get your ult, the more ganks you can do early and mid game and the more you snowball into late. And nobody feels safe knowing a 7-0 panth has ult up and is looking to gank your ***.

Early in the game, just try to focus on last hit till your Spear Shot and stun are both lvl2. This is when you can start unloading your harras. Top is preferable as you can just hide in a bush, then W>E>Q them till until they die or have to back. NEVER TRY TO PUSH YOUR LANE UNLESS YOU ARE CERTAIN YOU THEY CAN'T GANK YOU OR YOU CAN GET THE TOWER EASILY
I cannot stress this enough. I see this stupidity so much in games, even more than I did before I hit 30. That is just a general rule you should follow when laning.

Lets face it, you're kinda meh late game which is why you should constantly be looking for ganks on the map to help your other teammates(who probably have a better late game than you) get cash monies.

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Pros / Cons

Great damage
Awesome ganks
Good early and mid game
Insane lane dominance

Tunnel Vision( you think you're unstoppable after a good early game, etc.)
Can go OOM faster than you'd like early game

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Unique Skills

Just two main skills that I want to talk about in this section that I feel are just awesome.

Aegis Protection:
One of the main reasons Pantheon is so strong. This lets him tower dive and survive harass EASILY. I can't count the number of times I was saved because I managed to block 2 tower hits in a row and still manage to get a kill. Your stun refreshes your passive instantly so when you're diving try not to stun until you get hit so you can get away with more HP.

Grand Skyfall:
People will hate you so ******** much at the end of each game because of this. Imagine this, you're farming top while your team is about to get ganked 4v5. Your team manages to bait them into tower range and you instantly ult ontop of them and melt the nearest squishy's face, leading your team to victory and a potential ace. I guarantee you that your ult will change around a teamfight at least once each game. If not, then your team is probably ******ed or you're doing something wrong.

Your ganking ability is INSANE with your given skill set. You just have to ult in the correct position. If you think they can get away from your ult easily, then try to ult in a hidden area so they can't see you coming. Another great way to use it is to block off an escape route so they have no way of surviving.

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Panteheon is a GREAT champ and is one of the best assassins in this game next to Kassadin. His damage midgame is insane and his global presence is something to be feared. Using this guide will help you achieve lane dominance and eventually help your team achieve game dominance.