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League of Legends Build Guide Author Enzmeister


Enzmeister Last updated on August 10, 2010
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Alright so here's the deal. You need to learn how to play Mord mid lane.

First item is health regen pendant. Dance around a lot, don't overextend yourself much. Try to last hit mobs at level one with your Siphon of Destruction. Also, try to aim it so it hits your enemy as well, slowly bringing their health down. Once I hit 5, sometimes 6 depending on the skill of my opponent, I'll start jungling both groups of wraiths on my side and his side. Usually, if I'm on a roll and I haven't lost too much hp, I can successfully maintain mid, both wraiths and sometimes even the other small creep spot on my side. Once you hit 6, just use your Ult to lifeleech, and try to maintain mid as long as you can before you port back. Once you port back, you MUST get another health regen pendant, and boots. Health regen is priority. If you can get one other item, I usually go for the magic resist shell thingy for Force of Nature. Force of Nature is what you will build off of entirely. The extra magic resist that early is hilarious, and also the health regen will allow you to farm almost indefinitely.

Next item I like to go for is the magic pen boots. If you must, you can change to Treads or Tabi, but I usually only go Sorceror boots or Treads. Next item I get is Wardens. It adds armor, more regen, and is working towards the godly Randuin's Omen.

Now, at this point, people will start telling you that you need hps if you're going to be their tank. If you start stacking hps, their team will go straight for Madred's Bloodrazor. If you keep your health low, but your Armor and MR high, you're basically invincible. Your health is in your shield. I cannot tell you how many people at mid switch on me once I get Force of Nature. It turns me into a maniac, and you can just spam all of his attacks over and over, and they can never bring your shield down.

The key to mord is fighting in the minions, always use your siphon of destruction to keep your shield up. Many people will tell you to get Spirit Visage first. I don't agree. Force of Nature is so much better for mord, because it keeps him healed. Because of my rune setup, you will be near 40% max cooldowns at level 18. Once you hit 18, people will ragequit on you.

If you can learn how to keep your shield up, and convince your noob partners pushing behind you to let you kill the minions, you will be a tanking machine.

I can tell you more, but the item build is self explanatory. Remember this... on Morde, hps are useless. Armor and MR is your hero. You are your teams backbone, and you will get kills. Never be afraid to use your Ult on a hero at full health, it will fill your hps and allow you to push even longer. If you're pushing end game with a good Taric, or Soraka, you can spam all day and NOBODY will kill you.

Morde is so OP it's sick. If your teammates don't feed early game, once you get this down, you will win every time. Once you learn your limits, your opponents will be crying that you're OP. Don't be afraid to be aggressive. A good team will push with your lead. That is what wins games. A good lead blocker.

For skills, just max Siphon of destruction every chance you get. Mace of Spades is great for ganking and has a quick cooldown.

You can also fine tune this build for more MR or Armor depending on the situation. Many of you will also try to work a Warmogs in with it. Don't.