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League of Legends Build Guide Author LegitMuffinMan

Facerollin people with Trundle the trollin troll

LegitMuffinMan Last updated on December 10, 2010
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Hey Guys
Welcome To My Build About Trundle

My build is about the charater Trundle this build will show you how to play him as a AD/AS/Tankish Hero. I think this charater is really good because he does some decent damage and he has a good Ultimate and a wall spell and a huge aoe spell that helps with a lot of stuff. I play Trundle as a AD/AS/Tankish Hero because well he dosnt really use AP and his spells dont benifit from it. This guide will show you how to Get a TON OF KILLS little deaths and A TON OF ASSISTS because your always helping teamates getting kills =P.


- Good damage
- Good health
- Good on mana
- Only ever lose a game if your team is terrible
- Lots of kills no deaths
- Tons of assists
- If u dont gets of kills i promise that you will get tons of assists
- Gets levels easy even if you cant attack creep without jungling
- Can get away from ganks most of the time
- Great in team fights
- Great for stoping people from runing from ganks or just you killing them
- Very intimidating (prob because your so ugly and people just know if and when they do a mistake and come to close there gonna get F****ed
- Can get kills early game mid game and late game well


- Cant do mid
- Gets out ranged all the time
- Dosnt do 1 v 1 well (laning)
- Gets out ranged
- Gets tower pushed easily
- Cant do 1 v 2 for his life (laning only)
- Gets out ranged
- Harrassers are a huge piss off at lower levels
- Main target for ganks (luckly you can get away real easy and this only happens because you will prob go like 10 kills with out dying)

[Summoner Spells]

K so Ignite is a must because if they ever get away from u u will always get the kill and if you use your ultimate at the same time it will just burn them to hell and will deff get the kill (i also like it because of the extra damage when i feel like im losing in a 1 v 1 fight)

your probs wondering why teleport is in here its because you dont really need any other summoner spell because you self heal from minions dieing and you have decent mana and your pilar of filth slows them down and your contaminate just lets your get up to them so fast so mostly anything like exaust isnt really needed and flash and ghost isnt needed because u can get up to them fine. i also like it because... - you can shop fast - i hate walking to my lane - gets you to your lane fast after dying (in a rare point of time) - and because in late game when your in there base you can just tele right into the fight.

If you hate teleport here is some other choices.

Heal - Its good but you dont really need it because you self heal and you just got enough health that its unneeded

Clarity - Meh dont really need if you dont spam your Q on minions all the time plus later on at like level 6 you can easily get the blue buff from the golem if your low on mana

Cleanse - Meh dont really need because your boots and your contaminate make CCs a lot less

Exhaust - Meh if you use your E right you wont need because it will block there path and will slow them anyways

Ghost & Flash - Your W already makes you move fast enough that its not needed and your E will slow them down to if you just cant make it to them fast enough

All others have there reasons im just to tired to type them but its pretty easy to tell why i would not use them over teleport but if u like anyother spells other then tele i say go for it it wont hurt.


First off all his skills are needed and are really good not 1 of them are bad in anyway shape or form

Whenever an enemy unit near Trundle dies, he heals for a percentage of their maximum health.
Great passive its great when in the jungle or just laning because you get some of there health when they die.

Rabid Bite (Q)
Trundle bites his opponent, dealing damage and sapping some of their attack damage.
Trundles Main damage spell its great because it steals some of there attack damage does lots of damage to them when chasing it moves your forward some when you attack making it great for last hits (one game i was against Kat and she was runing after me with like a bar left for each of us i was like f*** f*** then was like oh wait turn around and just rabid bit her a** apart when i was so close to dying) and its REALLY great because it resets your auto attack cooldown (best to use this spell right after an auto attack because you auto attack right after)

Contaminate (W)
Trundle infects a target location with his curse, gaining attack speed, movement speed, and crowd control reduction while on it.
Great spell makes you so powerful on it and when at level 5 can be used pretty much all the time costs a lot of mana at lower levels so i dont suggest using it much but later on its great for killing minions because of that attack speed bonus this is also really great because its HUGE just HUMONGUS (bad spelling =P) this is also really great because it makes you move alot faster for ganking running to your lane (at higher levels because it costs alot of mana) or just getting a last hit on someone running away from you.

Pillar of Filth (E)
Trundle creates a plagued beacon at a target location, which becomes impassable terrain and slows all nearby enemy units.
Prob one of the most interesting spells ingame and is my favorite spell of trundles just because its so unique and originol (bad spelling again =P) So yeah its great because it just cuts people right off from running away or retreating (or just getting away from someone yourself) and when they try to run around it slows them down A LOT.

Agony (R) Ultimate
Trundle immediately steals his target's health and a percentage of their armor and magic resistance. Over the next six seconds the amount of health, armor, and magic resistance stolen is doubled.
Another great spell (the cooldown is 65 secs but it feels like its up when ya need it) Very good to use on a tank because you gain all of his losses (BTW this spell takes health so its very good to use with ignite) and softens the tank up alot but yeah the discription explains everything it is used for pretty much

Well i choose Offense mostly because well i just like the huge dps output (I played Veigar a lot before i got Trundle so im just used to the huge nukes =P) and i went into Utility because well the more mana ya got the more spells you can use =D (really needed earlier on)

Greater Seal of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Evasion

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Glyph of Attack Damage

Greater Glyph of Critical Damage

Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Mark of Critical Chance

Greater Mark of Critical Damage

Greater Mark of Attack Damage
I chose a mix of runes because well i felt that i needed to stack alot of diffrent things =D all based on damage mostly
Yes its time for the items =P im gonna go with you know what my items are so im not gonna post them again since there at the top of my build(Sorry guys im just really lazy =P)

[Start Of The Game]
So when ya first start off you will want to buy CLOTH ARMOR and 3 HEALTH POTIONS (you can go more or less but i find 3 is a fair number because 5 is just to much and by the time you have used 3 your at a high enough level that it feels like its ticking sh** all to your health)

[First Trip Back]
K so when ya got enough money so around 1k you can go back to shop and buy the BOOTS OF SPEED as your first item then buy the MADRED'S RAZORS (you can also buy the lantern if u dont wanna dump 3k and just pick up somthing for 750) or if you have enough start buying the CC boots it helps alot with movement remeber you need 2k to get the 2 speed boots and the hand (you will prob be one of the first people with boots on when you get yours so abuse it!) then tele back to your lane and continue on(If you die early make sure you buy the boots first then the razor)

[Second Trip]
You will want to finish off your boots then start making some health so buy your PHAGE at this point it should start or allready be about mid game.

[When things start heating up]
You will need to save a decent amount for this because this is the expensive part so around 4k (im just sorta rounding lol) you will want to finish off your PHAGE and make it into a FROZEN MALLET and then buy your MADRED'S BLOOD RAZOR (you can make 2 trips for this if you want i would suggest it)

[Final Items]
At this point you will want to work on getting a INFINITY EDGE just because your crits will hit alot harder and you will get alot more damage After you get this you will prob wanna buy a GUARDIAN ANGEL just because people will not want to mess with ya and it gives you a huge confidence boost that you will not die at all and if ya do you will just come back to life =D after these 2 items you will want to buy your last item ATMA'S IMPALER at 2500 g its pretty cheap for your last item and this will just give ya some armour and some crit (crits are nice with your infinity edge =D) after this you will just distroy everything because you will just be hitting everything down for nuts damage and hittng decently fast and you will just troll people over =D

Things to consider

Even with the guardian angel you shouldnt be like YEAH IM THE BEST and then try to attack every thing... nah you still wanna play it safe its just great having it IMO and yes with this build range are a pain because well you just dont have any range what so ever

Thanks everyone for taking the chance to read my build i hope you all enjoyed it and think it is well done i will be updating it constantly trying to make it better but i promise you all that you will just make people really pissed with this build and will faceroll everything you see =D

Special Thanks to Romantheus who convinced me to get Trundle and is awesome, And DarthManis, Ksom, Super Squaids, JumpiestXX, XTheLegend also other people i know that will see this =P