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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FatedTwist

Fated Twist!

FatedTwist Last updated on June 19, 2010
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Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Attack Damage and Speed Twisted Fate


I really don’t care what type of runes. Because some people can afford them and some can’t. It would be nice to have penetration/attack speed/ dodge runes etc.


I like this mastery the most and you can put the last 9 in whatever.

Summoner Spells

Honestly, these are the two best spells by far. Ghost is perfect for running away, or getting a quick gank. Exhaust is great for slowing an enemy as they run, or for making an enemy miss as you run away with low health.

Overview and overall Gameplay.

Twisted Fate is what LoL players call “squishy as hell.” But late game he is almost impossible to kill. Play him well and you can get scores that range from 20 7 9 all the way to 40 5 9 or as low a 0 10 0. If someone ever tells you, Twisted Fate is not a carrier. Tell him that he clearly does not know the right way to play Twisted Fate because trust me he DEFINETELY CAN BE.

Choosing bottom or top Lane

First off, if you have never played TF, before you read this guide, go play a practice game against some computer and practicing picking a gold card. Its quite easy, just use the keyboard hotkey “w” and press it after you see the RED come up because there is a slight delay from the picking. (well for me at least)
My build is based on the fact that TF is not soloing the mid. This is not saying he cannot, but I like having a melee partner that I can work with. (Jax, Panth, Blitz) because they tank the damage while I’m in the back stunning. Starting from the beginning of the game grab the PaC (Pick a Card) skill and grab a dagger and a health potion. Pick your partner (preferably a melee like the ones listed above) and go top or bottom. When you go into the bushes allow your partner to go first because you are extremely squishy. Before you enter the bushes make sure you have a gold card selected. Fight with your partner against the enemy champions, and whenever your partner recalls, make sure to head back around your turret because ganking a lone TF is so easy its funny. When you reach level 6, a whole new horizon of options are opened. You can tele anywhere on the page, and because of this, when you are twisted fate it is CRITICAL to be paying attention to each and every champion on the map and their health. If you notice on the bottom both of the champions are mid health, recall, ping them, use pick a card on the pad, get the gold card, gate behind them and get your allies to help gank them from both sides. This will guarantee at least one kill because the champ you stun will die basically for sure. Finding these low health champions are Essential for you item build. When you look at my item build, you think WTF that’s impossible to get. It is not impossible to get, but it is extremely difficult. In all my twisted fate games, Ive only gotten it 3 times each one was a stellar game. But getting as close to that item build as possible is already a fricken SICK twisted fate. So, following that method, you can get quite a lot of kills and gold while also going back to your lane when the enemy champs are near turrets, or high on health. By level 10, you should have the berserker greave’s and the sword of the divine, and perhaps and B.F. word for the Black Cleaver if you have gotten enough kills. At this point, get some of the lizard buffs to slow the enemy when they try to run. You must be aware that even at level 10, you are still easily killable, if you are soloing a lane at this point in time, always assume that the enemy knows where u are and is preparing to gank you. By level 14-15 you should be coordinating and using the ping to help your team push, withdraw, etc. You should have berserker greaves, sword of divine, infinity or cleaver, and be working on a last whisper. By level 18, you should be owning with probably berserker greaves, sword of divine, infinity, cleaver, last whisper, and working on your final B.F. sword (the amount of items depends on how many kills you have). At this point, You should be owning easily. With twisted fate, my favorite way to win is to have the 4 ally champs rush the mid lane, while you harass the enemy and protect the base. Have your 4 allies tank the 2 nexus turrets and try to kill them both even if they die. This opens up the Twisted Fate to teleport into their base at any time and knock out their nexus in within 10 seconds. I’ve had already 5+ games where I did this and at the end of game chat the whole enemy team is like WTF HAPPENED.

Choosing to solo the mid.

If you are soloing mid, do not kill minions away from your turret. Be around to get exp when your minions kill other minions, but don’t participate in any of the killings. This is because in the beginning, as I said earlier, you are very squishy, with a fast slow and then exhaust, your dead. With the turret next to you, you have free rein, and if the player tries to turret dive you, use Pick a Card and stun them within turret range, which is basically and instant kill. The rest of my game guide above applies after lvl 6. The thing I don’t like about soloing the middle lane is that when I teleport to kill other champs, the mid lane is completely empty because I have no partner, and we lose turrets. However, if I don’t leave the mid lane then I won’t be able to grab my items. This is just something I found out.


Yes there is a header just for running. Being a good runner can be the key to success in every game. With Twisted Fate, I find running away by teleporting EXTREMELY ineffective. First of all, your gate is automatically stopped if you are stunned or snared. On top of that, it takes time to teleport away. About 75 percent of the time you die before you can get away, which results in a wasted destiny. The key to running is first, being aware of where champs are and when they go missing. If you are soloing the top lane and suddenly the middle 2 champs vanish, I will immediately go into the bushes and recall. More often than not, I recall back to base and then see two red dots appear on the top lane. Another time is when you are soloing a lane and suddenly 2 champions appear in front of you. This is when you RUN. Some people might think, OH I can take them! Trust me. It is so hard to kill 2 champs by yourself, the best way to kill them is to run away and then ping them. When your allies are about to gank them. Turn around, use PaC and gold card them right when your allies jump in. Twisted Fate can also help other champs run away. Because you are often carrier by the end of the game, it is important to try to keep all your allies alive as long as possible. If you are running away from a 4 vs 2 with your ally who has really low health, do not just run pell-mell away and ditch your ally. Use PaC get the gold card as your running, turn around, and stun the champ who is closest to your ally, and then start running again. I have saved the lives of SO many allies its FUNNY.

If You have any tips for my guide, please PLEASE tell me so I can consider it and add it if I like it (giving you credit of course). Also, if you are going to rate this –1, you are quite justified in your opinion, but before please tell me your reasoning and I will try to explain myself. If you find my answer sub-par, then you can rate it –1 with no hard feelings at all.

BTW if you like this guide and you want to play some games. Add me: FatedTwist