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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rocket Executive

Fear/Drain Fiddlesticks

Rocket Executive Last updated on November 8, 2010
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So this Fiddle build is obviously centered around building the fear drain combo first. I'd just like to start with a disclaimer, saying that I understand this may not be the BEST build for EVERYBODY but I've tried jungle, dark wind, and even tank fiddle (sunfire capes ftw) and this is just the one that works the best for me, so allow me to walk you through why I prefer fear/drain fiddle, and how to make this work during a game.

At base, start with an amplifying tome and a health pot.

Early level (as in level 1) you want to get golem, first thing. I usually start at the enemy's golem becase if they have a jungler, with flash, ghost, and drain, you can usually sneak up on them and beat the **** out of them with drain (this build starts you off with 43.4 AP), so Drain will start off doing around 85 damage A SECOND. Darkwind may get you 104 damage right out of the gate, but you'll get at least three seconds off on the drain. If you fail at the gak, flash, ghost, health pot...point is, you won't die, and you'll make them b, leaving golem to your hands.

To get golem first level, just drain it, and use a health pot if you feel you may die before the cooldown comes up. Since the patches, Fiddlestick's drain makes jungling easy mode.

At this point, either continue jungling (and build dark wind and not fear) or go back to the lane. Once you get Crowstorm, its time to start ganking. Don't feel like you shouldn't spend your entire arsenal on just one enemy champion, because the faster you get stacks, the more multikills you can get later when the team fights start happening.

Even if you decide to continue jungling at this point, don't worry about how you didn't pick smite. Fiddlesticks can easily jungle without smite, especially after obtaining the Golem Buff.

The first item you want to build is Mejai's, so you can get stacks on it as early as possible. This build only really works with fear/drain. You may harass with dark wind, but you KILL with the fear/drain combo, especially if you let them auto attack you in tower range, fear, and then drain.

The next item you want to get is either Sorcerer's Boots or Zhonya's. Once you get even just 10 stacks on Mejai's and you complete Zhonya's, you'll have around 350 AP by level 10. Zhonya's also combos well with Crowstorm if you're getting focused right out of Crowstorm during team fights.

After that, feel free to build Void Staff if the enemies are building magic resist, and eventually, get Lichbane. When you have around 700 AP, Lichbane procs for A LOT.
There are many items that can combo well with Fiddle. I would even suggest Rylai's because the Crowstorm damage will slow the enemy keeping them in your aura of hell, and the extra health is nice.

Fear and Drain is essential to this build. Not only does fear guarantee an extra 3 seconds on the drain, it allows your team to catch up during the chase and can take a troublesome enemy out of the team fight. Fear can keep an enemy being pelted by your towers in tower range, and following up with a drain is deadly, and keeps you alive during team fights.

The ideal complete nuke against a team is Crowstorm, Dark Wind, Fear, and then Drain. You start the Crowstorm, correct your positioning with Flash, and then Ghost to keep them in the Crowstorm, and once you've determined the most efficient path, dark wind to silence and cause massive damage to the enemy team, and then fear and drain any stragglers. You'll get a triple kill at least, unless Teemo or Singed ks's everything : D.

If you begin getting focused out of your crowstorm in team fights, Zhonya's immediately after the "flash". It takes the enemies a second to realize you're not dead, and when they start running away, throw in a dark wind and some fear and some drain.

Never let your enemy see you channeling Crowstorm, because all they have to do is taunt, stun, fear, snare, or kill you to stop it, and 2 seconds is a long channel. Channel in a bush or on the other side of a wall so that the enemy can't see you or can't get to you, and so you can maximize the surprise factor.

Use bushes to your advantage. Duck in a bush if you're being chased, and darkwind, fear, and drain when they join you in the bush. If you don't get a kill, they'll run away, because your cooldowns are small enough to wash, rinse, repeat this little combo.

In general, don't get close enough to dark wind any enemy with a ranged anything. Dark wind a nearby minion that keeps you out of range, and it will bounce to the enemy, more than likely.

Here is a list of combos from playing with friends that I find to be fun for Fiddle players.

Shen: Taunt back to tower range, Fiddle fear/drain. Fiddlesticks has scored an ace.
Shen can ulti on top of Fiddlesticks whil Fiddle initiates a gank with crowstorm then follows with a fear. Shen can taunt to keep them in the drain, and the enemy WILL die.

Morgana: Stun, fear drain. 'Nuff said.

Amumu: A well timed ulti from Amumu on top of Fiddlesticks' Crowstorm is deadly.

Singed: Fling the enemy into tower range, and then have Fiddle fear and then drain.

Tryndamere: Start with fear and drain, while Tryndamere is smacking the enemy, and when the fear is over, Tryndamere can use his mocking shout to keep the enemy in drain range.