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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shenni

Fear Factor

Shenni Last updated on March 17, 2011
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This is actually my first build, so I'm still unsure on how I'm going to do this. Pointers will be appreciated as well as constructive criticism. I had recently purchased Nocturne and tried the traditional AS/AD builds, as well as a few other traditional starts such as, LS/AS and even AD/Crit/AS Hybrid. I'm still testing that last build out as Nocturne gains AS fairly easy with hardly any need for AS items. Anyways, here I go in trying to explain this craziness.

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The runes I chose are a bit scattered, a main focus on armor pen. The mana regen I believe is great for early game, especially with Nocturne's abilities being so quick to refresh. Armor pen is of course for Nocturne's physical aspect as a majority of his attacks are physical, including his Ultimate. Regardless, I've still been messing with these runes, AP runes in this situation might benefit this build slightly more then I thought, but I have only tested this build with full AP runes and mana regen. So this is my speculation as to what I'D like to see when I get the runes for Nocturne.

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Masteries for this guy are a little harder to explain on my end. The extra critical damage is passed up for the extra bonus armor pen, but this could easily be swapped out for those who want to see a heavier critical hit. It's nothing major, but I'd prefer the armor pen in this situation. I chose the AP boost with Ignite and took a variation of AD and AP masters down the offence tree. I trail over to Utility for the remaining points to be spent, a quick boost obviously into ghost for covering area and high tailing it out of rough situations. And then of course more mana and natural regen.

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Ok....this is where it gets funky. I can't exactly BREAK down WHAT was going through my mind when I thought of this. I mean hell, I know some of it doesn't even look like it mixes well. But in a few of my games I saw the end game result and I was quite pleased. Right when the game starts I put heavy faith in my runes alone. I grab a Meki Pendant for the magic regen boost and a health pot for obvious reasons. You should be fine with this if you're team laning with anyone. Instantly after the Meki, you build into your Berserker's Greaves. These boots alone with NOcturne's passives and skills is PLENTY of AS for you to enjoy his swings. This is where it gets tricky, you can either choose to finish off the Tear you had going, or start building immediately for your main item. The Hextech Gunblade. The AD and AP boost are perfect for this build. 20% lifesteal is nice for when you start roaming the jungle or just farming in general, you'll always have life. The spell vamp is ok, I've never taken much notice to it, but the active ability is really good in a fight. It's almost like having an extra mini AP nuke with an exhaust attached to it. Depending on the game situation I usually rush build this, but if I'm relaxed enough, I'll finish off the Manamune. Either way, Manamune and Hextech will be your main items right in the beginning of this game. The mana regen is nice, and the mana gain plus conversion to AD is quite helpful for your physical attacks. If the game persists longer then this there's two roads you can take, you can either immediately start building a Lich Bane for the AP, Mana, and added ability. I generally see my AP at about 250+ 300ish around this time. It's nothing impressive, but hey, it's all preference. You can save it for last and go to the slow building Trinity Force, for obvious reasons, an all around good item for this type of build. You get the AS with it, the Movement Speed, some health and mana, which will benefit the Manamune, and the passive is quite nice, especially with the Hextech's active. Seriously, if you get the Trinity Force in game, it probably is going to be a long haul, or you're ridiculously steam rolling the other team. By this time you're probably confused as to what items would go next, this is when the Lichbane and Rabadon's come into play. You grab the Lichbane for ***** and giggles, your AP takes a nice boost. Now when you pop your ult, you activate it, zoom to a target for the damage, plus the Lichbane que'd damage, and you have enough AP in your fear ability to make it worth wild on squishy characters. Rabadon's just ensures that your Lichbane pop, and your fear drop some major impac, considering your Fear ability is based on AP itself and is probably one of your more devastating moves. Rinse and repeat, sorry if this whole guide is *** backwards and lame. But it's worked for me.

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Skill Sequence

I think I fudged up with this. I'm sorry, I'm not a pro when it comes to figuring this out. The main thing you need to know is max your Unspeakable Horror first. Then build up your Duskbringer to about 4 with already 1 in Shroud of Darkness. After Shroud has 2, max out Duskbringer, and then finish off Shroud. With of course your ultimate every time it's ready to be leveled.

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Summoner Spells

Eh what can I say. I've messed around with stuff. Flash is nice as well. Ignite is good for obvious reasons. Ghost I believe is a must, it's perfect for the Assassin that Nocturne is.

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I'm sorry if this seems awful for some of you hardened veterans. Or if this guide is hard to understand. It's my first one, I'll probably never do another one, I just felt like taking a crack at it. Try the build if you have time, and let me know how it works out for you. Remember, you will be squishy, but you're an Assassin. You're not supposed to be hit. :D