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Nunu Build Guide by thesausebouss

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League of Legends Build Guide Author thesausebouss

Fear the Frozen ********* Nunu AP

thesausebouss Last updated on December 14, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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hello this is my first build Ever i have done this in 5v5 and 3v3. so far in my experience this build does quite well at top in 3v3 so try to get that if you can. I'm actually quite new to this game (3 weeks) but already people have asked me to show them my build. please try it before you go wtf noob.

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Skill Sequence

what better way to start than what you have to do first in the game anyway.
some people call me a ****** for getting ice blast high before consume. the main reason for this is for harassment. yes i said it you can super harass people with ice blast. it's a high damage slow that takes away health and combined with blood boil and nunu's passive makes him a damn impossible to lane with. when you pick lanes try to get the solo lane like mid for 5v5 or top for 3v3. this is because you don't want someone for your laners to be able to damage. because internally you will want them to try and waste all there mana on you unless they are a burst class in that case just trade harassing and consume when your passive is up. anyway i also take consume first because of those champions with really good early games. and blood boil does help but only for chasing and escaping in my opinion. but of course if you have a fed jax boil that guys blood. but i max it last.

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Unique Skills

a good reason to choose this build is because once they see your sub zero hit one of there tanks and take away almost all of his health the next time it happens they will **** themselves. there is also the fun of seeing that your ice blast takes down 1/5 of the enemy health. also this build works perfectly if you have a amumu on your team. his ult and your ult work perfect together(same could be said for ergot but he isn't very common).

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the items i chose are different from most choices. first i get a dorans ring to start the game this is for your harassing. harassing is your friend treat the ability well. i get a lot of AP and leave room for only 2 armour things and those are situational.

1 if you keep getting ranked by that stupid melee guy get Thorn mail to return and do more damage. and after that get a Zonyahs hourglass i can't tell you how many times that can save you. the best incident is when a unending rage trend is booking it at you then you pop this at 2 health and he gets his *** frozen.

2 If you seem to be owned by that fed Ryze because the keeps stuning you for his team to unleash there damaging load. then look no further than the Banshee's Vail he is going to try to stun you first but nope. this is also good for all magic teams. it definitely helps allot and after you get the vail pick up a abyssal sceptre for that resist and an additional boost to your damage.

3 If you get owned by both at the same time grab a Banshee's Vail and Thorn Mail preferably grab banshee's vail first because it stops any ability from it's effect which is very good with your ult to.

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OK so i have said everything i know about the character i know the best (which wasn't very much) and to conclude i would like to thank all my friends on lol for enduring me being an utter noob to try and find a combination that works.

p.s don't play this ranked i have never even thought of playing ranked.