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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by h3rrKarlsson

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author h3rrKarlsson


h3rrKarlsson Last updated on November 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This guide will guide you to the most deadly Fiddlesticks you´ve ever seen.

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Skill Sequence

First of all I want to explain myself about my skill sequence. I´ve seen alot of guides putting alot of focus on dark wind instead of terrify which is their last skill to upgrade.

And I´ve got a question for you guys. WHY?! SHAME ON YOU!

Terrify is the most epic spell on Fiddlesticks!
Perfect to disable a single enemy from attacking you as well as it is the best flee-spell too, and to catchup with your enemy.
And the longer Terrify, the better it is.

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Summoner Spells

Fiddlesticks is a teamplayer and these spells will complete Fiddle to become a dangerous and fast ganker/teamfighter. Since you´ve purchased Boots of mobility and got your ghostspell ready you will catch up with any fleeing enemy in no time, or flee if the situation requiers that. Thats why ghostspell is so important.

Flash is talking for it self. Its the most inportant spell you´ve got.
For example in teamfights I sometimes find it hard to use the ultimate in the very middle if the enemies. And to use Crow Storm as most as possible, why not flash forward to them? As well as always a perfect way to flee too. Thats about it.

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The items i´ve chosen to purchase is basicly AP-items, and health/mana-items and movementspeed-items.

The item that departs my guide from others is the Boots of Mobility, and I really dont see why any other don´t choose it. You get to your position really fast and is perfect when u flee or wanna catch up with an enemy though the forrest.

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Team Work

I just wanna put in some good tips for everyone who really is trying to teamfight with fiddle. DO NOT FOCUS ON TANKS. Though its quite good to Terrify the tank in a teamfight and then focus the DPS-chars. And when then tank goes in for it, DONT HESITATE, just use your Crown Storm. If the chars are fleeing, then use ghost to make some amazing damange with the Crown Storm. If some characters is focusing you, then flash out in the end of the Crown Storm, let them focus on your teammates for a sec and then Terrify on by one and drain them and watch them die, and send in some Dark Winds here and there on fleeing enemies.

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Gank and Defend yourself

During a gank or one or more enemies you always wanna use the Crow Storm, without it - the enemies will maybe survive and thats not an option. When you´re in the very middle of your enemies, try to Terrify one of them and make everyone focus him, and Drain him, and since the others dont wanna leave their friend in trouble they will come back for him, then its a perfect time to use your darkwind and then repeat this secuence till they´re dead. Got it?

The target is often hanging out by the towers and if you´re not alone during gank, then use the crownstorm to teleport to the enemy then terrify, drain and then flash out to spare your own life.

Defending yourself is quite hard with Fiddlesticks. If the attacker is alone then always fight back using terrify and drain, and when you are on cooldown then flee and whenever you can use the terrify again, then use it and drain again. If hes fleeing then just keep on doing the same thing. Do what ever it takes to damange him. Use flash, use ghost, maybe even your ulti. (Its not recommended by me to use the ulti on only 1 char, waste of damange sort of)
Also use the towers as much as you can.

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Creeping / Jungling

When creeping then always try to get lasthits which will gove you plenty more gold. You can earn a fortune doing it.

Jungling with Fiddlesticks is a piece of cake. Drain at stage 2 will do any mob in the jungle. And if you´re about to jungle the game through then always begin with bluemob (because of the incredible manaregenand cooldown reduction you get), then head to wolves, then straight over to wraights, then redmob to gain healthregen and at last to golems. At this point you´ll be lvl 4. Now you have the perfect oppertunity to steal some of the opponents junglemobs. Remember though to have a eye on the minimap, you dont wanna die and lose all buffs and feed the enemy at this point.

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Final tip

Use wards alot when you´re at lane you never wanna die because of a simple gank on you. Ward bushes along the river and some in the forrest. And of course, ward Baron and dragon.

Always try to grab the Blue Mob-buff. Its help you out alot and lowers the amazingly long cooldown on your ulti.

Always keep your own forrest cleaned up on mobs, so that the enemies dont get them.

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I hope you all have learned something from me. And remember, dont forget to Terrify your enemy! See you in game,.