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Pantheon General Guide by Deckstar

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Deckstar


Deckstar Last updated on October 31, 2012
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My builds

I wont explain anything of the champions, i´m sorry, if you want to use my build, youll have to know about phanteon´s abilities, skills and strenghs by yourself... good luck.
I make builds that i THINK that are more confortable 4 ME. If its gonna work with you or not is a different thing, lots of wins 4 u...

Oh and one more warning: This Pantheon Build is EXTREMELLY AGRESSIVE! Dont you dare to play defensivly unless you screw up REALLY GOOD on your lane.
But if your team is way too... fragile, you might as well, use the alternative build, but you must keep playing aggressively.

obs: some friends told me that the alterative build is better than the main one.

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Ranked Play

NEVER jump in a tower that you can´t save, think before wasting your UT.

Harass, harass, a lil more of harass, then stun, spear, crit and kill.... if didn´t worked.... ignite on him.

Never flash forget to use your flash, sometimes a ward is useful as fuq

DONT U DARE TO BUY MANA, U DIK. (That´s 4 me, i am sometimes reckless)

Be modest, but be aggressive, don´t think you are better than your enemy, but you must try harder, than anyone else.

If you win, glory to the lord(i´m christian), if u lose, glory to the lord, your faith can´t be shatterd by a simple defeat.

Above anything else, have fun, League of legends is a game, getting mad over defeat is way too childish 4 your age.

Have respect for those who are better than you, but be merciless to your enemies, its more than just skills, its also a psycology battle, those weak in mind shall be called "noobs". Be STRONG, dont think you´re strong, BE STRONG.

Have confidence AND respect 4 your oponents, harass until you´re safe about an easy kill but when u do it, be aware if any enemy champion is comin to gank, if so, hold your stun friend, u don´t want to jump in the middle of the enemy team.

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Pros / Cons

Pros and cons: ALL depends on you, try your best.

- Strong early game
- Great Stun
- OP Spear shot, great as finisher and harass
- Good 4 Turret Dive
- easy farm
- Tanky
- Ut carries a great impact at team fight.

- Arrogant players will fail
- Ut is tempting for disasters
- Pratice required
- Pantheon wants to be a baker... -_____-...... good luck 4 him....

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Skill Sequence

First of all, his passive: basicly a shield that completly blocks the next damage to him, after 4 attacks or spells, which means that even minions can help you with that shield, its also one of the reasons why pantheon is such a badass turret diver.

Then his Q, OP is what i use to think of it, deals unbealivable ammount of damage and with frozen mallet, it slow down enemies, which is just awesome.

His W, personnaly my favorite and most hated skill ever, a double-edge sword if i can say, even though you can ensure kills, chases, and even team fights, it also can ruin your game and your team´s if you use recklessy, just watch out with it.

Heart seeker´s strike, at firts it just seems a pratical way to farm, but its passive buffs the spear shot, and will make critcals way more dangerous 4 the enemies

THE GRAND SKYFALL, when a circle appears on the ground, everyone knows, Pantheon is comin...... Here is a trick, if you´re able to Ut right on the bushes no one will se it, not even enemies on this bush, so when u come down, someone WILL **** on their pants, i was able to get a bull´s eye falling EXACTLY ON A TEEMO, i´ll never forget that... I though it would deal some damage... but it completly killed him, i just needed the last hit, so easy.

Also, as i said before, if you´re gonna ut to save a turret, don´t take too long, cuz if u ut too late, they will take the turret AND your life.

Also, the HIDDEN UT TATIC WAS NOT TESTED PROPRELY, so don´t bet your team´s fate on it, i shall test that later

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.......Don´t use your skills to farm, auto-attack the minions and use the skills to harass or kill the enemies, Pantheon can be mana hunger if you don´t control your abilities the right way.

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Summoner Spells

I dont have much to say.... so ill just say that u can change ghost or ignite for an exhaust, but i believe that this combo is more useful for me.

Ghost and Flash can be changed with your compability with either, i prefer ghost, because it seem´s more effective since the masteries are pointing to it as well

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Thankx for reading my Pantheon guide and GL + Lots of kills 4 U, I hope that it was useful, and if you could, i´d like you to vote, and comment, i need a feedback for my experience to grow as well, so i can make better guides.



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