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Fiora Build Guide by Limonadakiller

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Limonadakiller

FFF - Fiora Fencing FATALLITY

Limonadakiller Last updated on June 17, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 0

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Chapter 1

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Hello everyone, this is Limonadakiller in my first guide over here. And I think there's no better champion to pick for my first one than the girl that made me play melee carryes again. She's not to be played like Shyvanna or Jarvan that are offtanks, building a bit of offence and much defense as well. Its getting common to see many Fioras building like offtanks and they often fail. That's why I decided to burn out my fingers writing this veeeeery detailed (and boring) guide, I know that Fiora has power to be a top Tier champion and this guide is the way to make her worth 6300 IP (or 975 RP, whatever). So let's getting started.

NOTE: Im not a natural english speaker, my mother language is portuguese (no it's not spanish) so plz forgive any mistakes.

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About Fiora

She's hot, she got style, she wears like a girl from Hellgate London and she has a sexy french accent. Do u need any other reason to love Fiora? Well Im here to give some more. Fiora exells at team fights with her ultimateand can melt squishies in like 2 seconds (the beefy guys usually take 3 or 4). Her weakness is the laning phase, shes squishy and has no harassing tool. She's not a great solo lane cuz most of the other soloers outlane her and duo lane u must trust so much on ur partner harassing power, otherwise u ll just hug ur turret and pray for a gank.

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Pros / Cons

[*] Great DPS power
[*] Very usefull ultimate that makes u untargetable
[*] Natural Atack Speed and AD steroids that makes her a beast
[*] Gap closer and u can use it twice

[*] Squishy! U need some lifesteal to have sustain
[*] U need the timing to get in the fight, otherwise u ll always be focus
[*] No escape tool other than her natural speed

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I guess u r thinking "Omg this guys is just crazy! Full critical chance runes, this is madness". So lemme explain. Fiora has natural AD and ASPD steroids, this make AD and ASPD runes a waste for her. Many ppl would say "what about Ar. Pen. , Armor and MR? Well it wont help much cuz she will keep being squishy and for the armor pen problem we have our friend, a cheap item that gives u some ad, ar Pen and CDR. Our masteries also give u some armor pen so it wont be a problem, and ur main target should be the enemy carryes, they dont often build armor. In other hand, our critical chance runes give u free 20% critical chance at level 1, this is improved to 35% when u have ur . So in the very start of the match u have 1/4 chance of hitting 140 instead of 70-80 and believe me, at level 1-6 that mean TONS OF DAMAGE. Plus, Fiora has ASPD steroids (did I say it before?), so u can hit 4 times instead of one or two, what means one of ur atacks is certain to crit. I've seen many Fioras getting pwn by other ad champions early in the game, it never happens to me even if Im facing (or fencing) another Fiora and the reason are those beautifull runes.

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Wow, last chapter was kinda big wasn't it? Well I said before this was going to be a boooring guide so u got adviced. BTW I promise this one will be short.

I went 21/9/0, cuz I feel that the defense masteries worth more to her than utillity. A little boost of hp and armor helps a bit to stay longer in ur lane and earn more gold. But if u feel u r too squishy and u can't play a squishy melee guy without dying often u can switch to 9/21/0.

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Creeping / Jungling

I've seen many Fioras Jungling, but here, between u and me, *whispers her ganking power is just too low if u compare with other standart junglers like skarner, fiddle, lee or nocturne. The reason is pretty simple: 0 CC, what means if the enemy isn't low enough to get killed by urself, quickly and without ur buddies help he WILL escape. So let the dirty job to the guys that can fear, slow, stun and FEAR MY STIING!!!!

Last hitting as Fiora is not that hard, u have urbuff and the beloved critical runes that make the job even easier. Later in the game u can also activate to clear waves even faster. When laning, just play safe and don't try anything idiot, u are not Sion or Nasus and it means that u wont dive 3 guys, kill them all and stay alive (well at least when not fed). Let ur lane partner harass them and when the time comes u go there and finish the job (Ill discuss laning partners and laning tatics later, if my mind doesn't blow writing those walls of text).

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Welcome to Summoners Rift! : Get urand ur potions and go to ur lane. U might be wondering why shall u get those if u are not going to jungle. The answer is : Cover her lack of armor and give u enough sustain to farm and get a decent amount of gold before porting back even if u r facing a hard lane.

First Recall:and . If u can afford both the choice is up to you. If u feel like moving on slow motion get the boots, if not get the brutalizer. This item is just wonderfull, gives u everything u need, is really cheap + becomes a (Ill express my eternal love for this item later). You can feel ur power level increasing when u get this gift from the gods named Brutalizer, by this time you can start playing a bit more aggro (but u won't abuse will u?).

Now keep farming killing and getting the other items : Lemme explain the item order: After u have ur brutalizer, its half way to buy the. I grab this item before everything, even the advanced boots and let me explain. Ghostblade gives u critical chance, arPen, damage and the active effect: Giving u a boost of movement and atack speed that if used together with ur E will make u look like Master Yi using . Tired of jumping ur enemyes and see them fleeing with 50 hp? This is the solution! A cheap item that make u a killing machine. U will not only run faster but HIT FASTER! Early in the game its enough to melt anyone in few seconds and if u combine this with ur Q they have no way to get away, even when flashing out! This item can also be used later in the game to approach the team fights from behind, melt the carry and get away before they have time to react. The monstruous atackspeed combined with some lifesteal will also make u nearly unkillable whyle hitting someone, EVEN when u are focused by 3 guys. And it has a hidden power knew as BACKDOOR, yes u can go there, break that turret with no minions and get away without losing half of ur HP bar.

Well now that u know why do I LOVE the , lets continue our item build.

Those are ur friends in almost every match, Lifesteal is vital for her, zerk graves are the best choice for boots cuz they Improve ur atackspeed early in the game and keep useful untill late. If they have lot of cc u can get a but honestly, reduce the time cced wont prevent the enemy from killing you if they catch you in a snare or stun, u are too squishy and easily melted if you stop atacking and life stealing. Infinity for better crits and damage, its your loyal right handed sword. Well she's a fencer and need a parrying dagger (main gauche in french), so what about the ? More damage and lifesteal to make u unkilable whyle hitting something.

By this point u shall be hitting like 1k with your crits, if u have my runes u have 60% critical chance thats good and I consider ur offensive build done. If u dont have the runes, consider getting something that give u around 20% critical, the item is up to you. I would sugest Trinity Force, its a bit expansive but worth the price. I don't feel necessary getting the because u have ur E + Ghostblade active combo + zerk graves so any other atackspeed item would be a waste because the atackspeed stacks less depending on how much atackspeed u already have.

Now for my protection :the name is perfect for the item, it really saves ur butt and give you a second chance when u make any mistake in a teamfight and die before u should ( but u should die?). It can turn the tides of a battle and the defensive status are good all-around: Armor, Hp and MR.

POWEEEER UNLIMITEEEEEED!!!!!!!!!! : Well this is our last item, by this point u shall be fed like a fat pig, or the match is taking more than 1 hour (man I hate when it happens). By this point u should analyse the situation. Who is theyr strongest guy, whos my target, what is happening every fight, my weakness, my strong points and get the best item to decide the match.

My team is having problems with they superfed Karthus and his ultimate :I know its a mage item but its a circunstance that u MUST get invulnerable to dodge that ult, so don't be shy to have 80 AP xD. And ur W also scales with AP so it wont be a total waste

Im getting CCed to the death without time to react: no explanation needed, its a free cleanse.

I need to survive and push their turrets: 900 HP, its like a horse steroid in ur muscles and ur HP bar will look tough, so they will think twice before focused

IM UNSTOPPABLE!!! FEAR MY POWER!!!!: Ur team is raping, u r the leader of a massacre, the enemy is ****ting on theyr paints. Go and get ur second

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Team Work

Man my fingers are melting! But Ill not give up writing this. Now Team Work

Team Fights are pretty simple: Dont initiate, don't chase too far, wait they CC ur tank, go there and kill those squishyes, use urto lose the enemy focus and/or tower diving.

WARD WARD AND WARD MORE!!!! everytime you port back get one or two and ask ur teammates to do the same (if they dont, plz dont blame them or qq about this, just do ur job)

Laning Partners: Try to lane with someone that can harass the enemy and make them low, so u can go there and slay.

Some sugestions are :
well there are many others, just get someone that harass hard or is a tank guy with good initiating power, like Leona, Voli, Maokai, etc

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Skill Sequence

Kinda Simple
more early game power and the parry gets really painfull
very usefull, but u dont need to level it ASAP, the level 1 buff is enough for the early game
u need the utillity, not the damage.

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I cant believe its almost over!

Well some final advices are : Trust ur teammates, even if they are noobs u shall motivate them and help with the item build, playstyle etc. Even if u lose the match, u won a friend and it worth more (we call it Sportive Spirit, Fair Play, whatever). Stop qqing about enemy Op heroes (like Jax, Sion, Nasus... Oh wait!) When u pwn them as Fiora Im sure they will QQ too and it just dont help


be prepared to change or suport lanes that are sucking

Upvote this guide xD (or downvote... =( )

Leave ur comment, feedback, tips, anything that u think I should explain better or add to this guide

Play Fiora as ur main

Have fun

Earn tons of IP

Eat more vegetals

Respect Old people

Be kind to animals

My advices are over