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League of Legends Build Guide Author JulesK

Fiddel the AP champ

JulesK Last updated on January 16, 2011
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Hey guys this is my first build here but I hope it will still help many of you.
So as you see it's about Fiddelsticks, one of my favouritecarcacter because he can be good, either alone or in a team.
I designed this build so that it more of a Midgame, or Endgame is cara.

Now look this build !!!

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I took these AP-Runes because i want to have some AP in the early game too.

Another possibility would be taking some cooldown runes because of his ultimate ability which has a very long cooldown.

A tip of myself is, start buying runes only when you are lvl 20 or higher cause the runes in tier 3 are a lot of better than these in tier 2 i think.

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Now the Items.
How I sayd this build is great in Midgame. because you will have more than 600 ap and about 3000 health.

I first would buy

Tears of Godness

, because its great to get a lot of mana and after ypu ahve archangel you will have a lot of AP too.

Secondly you should take the

Socerer`s shoes

, or the new shoes which give you 15 % cooldown.
But if you play against a caracter with a very high magic resistence, you have to buy the Socerer`s shoes!

Then start buying

Relays Cristal Septer

, because with this item you get some health AND AP.

Meantime you should use a lot of abilitys because of your tears of godness because now archangel comes. And this means you will get a lot of AP!
Well, you buy the rest of

Archangel Staff

After this you may have about 300 to 400 AP.
Now you buy that great new Item

Rabadons Deathcape

. its one of the most important items for you because it gives you 155 AP and the best:

+ 30% of your full AP !!!

After these 4 Items you have a very good build, and then you can choose what you want. You are palying agaist a lot of magic rsistence , the you had to buy

Void Staff

But you can also buy for example

Deathfire Gap

if you are playing against a tank.
this item has a great passiv skill! It deals 30 % demage to the tanks live!!

After this i would buy another

Archangel Staff

because now there are 6 % of your mana which are switching to your AP.
and so when you buy these items you normaly have about

700 until 900 AP

If you buy instead of the Deathfire Cap another

Archangel Staff

, you will have

more than 1000 AP

and then you can do

Pentakills with your Ultimate !!!

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Skill Sequence

Here its your oppinion.
I prefere the


ability to skill first, because it can hit on lvl 5 about 10 times and so its great if you are alone against 2 or 3 .
And its also great if you get ganked, you spell this and the gankers become silenced and cant do you anything for 2 seconds and meanwhile you can run away or casting your ultimate!

Fiddelsticks is great Mid-char, because of his


spell. Its great to stay a long long time at your lane and become overlevelt cause you can heal with the minions and your oppents has to go to base !
Its also great when you are low life, and you are attacked, you do youe [Q] and then [W] and you heal until your oppents becomes demage.

Now the


spell. I like this because your oppent can`t run away if you do this .
its also great for ganks.

Now last but not least the Ultimate


i think its one of the best ultimates in game because you can do that while sitting in bush.
Its great for ganks or sometimes to escape xD
A disadventage is that if you become stunned until casting your [R] , it will cancel this.

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Summoner Spells

Here i would take Ghost and Clarity, because with Ghost you can escape and Clarity allows you to stay longer on your lane.

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Pros / Cons

At least the pros and cons for Fiddelsticks


- very good ganker caracter
- one of best ultimates in game (if you know when you should do it !!)
- very nice dancer =)
- I think one of best Mid caracters
- can kill dragon since lvl 6 or 8 allone !


- Not this good against tanks
- Difficult spells

... so sorry but I can`t find more cons =)

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Team Work

My oppinion is that Fiddelsticks should go solo lane. But even not, it would be great to play with:
- Sion
- Evelyn
... the most important thing is that your friend can stun and then you can cast your ultimate!

it also great to play with a carcater who does a lot of demage cause then you [Q] and [W] and the other is hitting down the rest!

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So this was my build about Fiddelsticks, i hope it well help you.
PS: Best Combo: [E] than [Q] than [W] and then DEAD !!!

Please suscribe if you have questions or improvements!
if its good do a "+1" please!!

greetings JulesK