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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by Infact

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Infact


Infact Last updated on November 27, 2011
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This Fiddlesticks build shows the way, fiddle can control the whole map in mid and in late game. In early game, he can control up lane very good because with fear and drain, he just smash the most champs back in 1 on 1.
It should be your most important mission to kill the DD's - They are feed for you

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Since the new masteries exist, Fiddle gained a new way of mastery using. Get all masteries for ability power and when you have nothing more to increase your dmg, use your last points for mana increase and mana reg. Don't go for Defense because you are a life leach DD!

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Skills - Way of Using/Playing

There are 2 ways to plan your skiklling.
1. The choose of skills you see listed is my favourite way of skilling. Dark Wind is nice though, but i don't use this skill very often. I think dark wind could be important for enemies like Tryndamere or Soraka, which survival could be interrupted with silence.

2. With lvl 8 you skill Dark Wind instead of Fear. Dont skill fear with lvl 4, because you really need fear lvl 2 for lane play. Fear lvl 1 doesn't help.

Anyway, all them time when you have the possibility, upgrade Drain and your Ulti cuz they are your most important skills.

When you gank an enemy - Smash into him with crowstorm, use fear, use dark wind and make fear.
In a team fight, it's very important for you to have your ulti rdy.
Fear the one with the most dmg - Like Tryndamere, Master Yi, LeBlanc - and use Drain on the one with the lowest life - Aniie, Teemo.
There are 2 opinions for your enemys. - Focus you or running away.
If you see them running away try to get the one with the lowest HP or magic resist, if they fight back, use the combo i told you above.

On up lane, if the other chamion has stun, fear skills, never use Drain before he uses his stun skill (except if he will die). Wait till he wastes stun, to go on contra and attack him.
If he keeps attacking you, he will die (if he isn't feeded) and if he runs, your HP will be full again and the other champ has to stay save at the tower or has to go back to town.

On bot lane, wait for the other one in your lane to engage so you can attack them from a higher range. Just all the time remember - Most of all DD's have more range than you! so care.
As always - focus on DD.

But in my opinion - Play on the up lane, it's the best thing you could do to a Fiddle :)

Ah and remember: You might be ganked!

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Take primer runes for Ability power and Magic Penetration. Seals should be Armor or Magic Resist. I prefer Magic Resist because there are more AP champs you will have your problems with :D Anyway, that's users decision.

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Summoner Spells

#1: Flash

Most important Spell - Perfect escape, engage and ... AH - You think you failed your ulti? Just use Flash and flash into the enemys.

#2: Ghost

You will always be one of the slowest champs - So use Ghost right after your ulti to follow your enemy/s and to get them. Otherwise, escape with Ghost to survive :D

#3: Exhaust

Perfect to get 1 save kill. Same function as Ghost, use exhaust on an escaping enemy and kill him. Otherwise, you can use Exhaust on an enemy which is follwing you to survive.
The point why i don't use Exhaust is, that it's senseless to escape from a gank (2 or more attacking you on your lane). Here, i Think, Ghost is more usefull.

#4: The new spell: Woge

Really nice skill to use before you engage with your ulti. Your damage difference will be seen - but if you have enough items, you will deal enough damage ... So there will be the problem, to get escaping enemys or to escape by yourself - Ghost missing :/

#5: Ignite

Same as Woge. Problem here: 5 Ability Power from your masteries will help at the early beginning but a bit later, it's useless. Anyway, nice spell to piss off your enemies or to get a kill :)

#6: Surge

Helps you to stay longer on a lane ... But wtf, the other ones are more usefull, aren't they? :D

Don't use the other Spells, and really Don't use heal! Where's the reason to use a space for heal as the 2nd biggest life-leacher on this game?

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1 - Ability Power
2 - Magic Penetration
3 - Life
4 - Mana
5 - Magic Resist
6 - Armor

These are the most important attributes your equip has to fit.

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Not ready

This guide isn't ready yet.
I just wrote the important informations down. Others are coming soon :D