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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mr.Pinchy

Fiddle is Fun !

Mr.Pinchy Last updated on October 29, 2010
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Welcome to my 2nd build, this one is made for Fiddlesticks, The Harbringer Of Doom.
please test the build first before votin, got any suggestions or something like that let me know.

Fiddlesticks is a heavy CC, AoE champion. That means he can control teamfights, and by that i mean with Crowstorm, i think it's one of the most coolest ultimates in the game. When entering a teamfight with you ult, you force the opposing team to leave the area of effect, but more of that later.

Summoning Spells:
Flash is the most important spell on fiddlesticks if you ask me, it allows you to keep enemy's up with Crowstorm and gets you out of nasty situation...or maybe you need to be a little closer to fear someone and lifedrain him/her to death.
Second i pick Ghost, also mostly because it let's you keep up with enemy champions. Good escape/chase mechanism.

Attacks Explained:
Dread is Fiddlestick's passive, it reduces nearby enemy champions magic resistance by 10 with a range of 800.
Terrify is horrible for enemy champions. When this attack is at max level it fears an enemy for up to 3 seconds, the enemy then walks a random directions, nice attack for escaping or in combination with Crowstorm.
Drain is Fiddlestick's lifesaver, let's say you're level 18, with 500 AP. then it heals you for 160(+0,4 per AP), thats 360 health. And with a 6 seconds channeling time and 10 seconds cooldown, you only have to wait 4 seconds to cast it again without CDR.
Dark Wind is very usefull in teamfights, when this attack is at max level it bounces 10 times! doing damage and silence for 1,4 seconds.
Crowstorm is Fiddlestick's ultimate, like it wrote before it's one of the coolest ults in my opinion, it has heavy AoE(Area of Effect) damage, it forces, when an entire enemy team is standing in it, to split, making it easier to pick an enemy champion.

Rune Explenation:
Greater Mark of Magic Penetration for magic penetration, you want some MP, this will give you almost 30MP with the sorcerer's boots.
Greater Seal of Mana, i know for sure you got some mana problems in the beginning, this migh help a bit and when you have Archangel's Staff the extra mana will be converted into AP.
Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction, cooldown reduction is quite important on fiddlestick, because when all of his abilities are on cooldown, he's more vulnerable.
Greater Quintessence of Cooldown Reduction....MOAR CDR, yes that is what you want.

Skill Sequence:
First pick Drain, on lower level youre safe near the turret, you rather get out of mana then out of health.
After that pick Terrify, you can hold enemy champions a bit at distance so you might even outlevel them. Try to Terrify-> Drain every now and then to harass, if you have enough mana. I chose to upgrade Terrify at the end, ofcourse...a bit CC is nice maybe you want to upgrade it once but i start upgrading this ability at level 13.
Dark Wind is you're 3th ability, the damage isn't that amazing, but the silence is. More chance of survival and better minion farm if you upgrade this after Drain.
Pick Crowstorm on level 6, 11 and 16. it does alot of damage and can surprise enemy's when you flash out of a bush with deadly, vicious crows around you.

Item Explanation:
At level 18 Fiddlestick has almost 3000 health, the reason is that i want to make him less squishy. Alot of caster/AP champions can nuke quite well, but they have low health (without health items around 1900).
Sorcerer's Shoes for magic penetration, together with the runes this will give you 30 MP.
Rod of Ages, is nice because it gives extra health. The passive is also nice.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter, might be the most important item on Fiddlestick, more health for squishy champions is always good, but besides that it gives an decent amount of AP and the slow effect. It's gonna be hard for enemy champions to get out of Crowstorm when you have Rylai's Crystal Scepter.
Zhonya's Ring is a must, it boost youre AP by a huge amount and the active ability of the ring can safe you.
Archangel's Staff, maybe you want to get this one before Zhonya's Ring, some of youre mana is converted to AP.
Deathfire Grasp gives you mp5, some AP, cooldown reduction and he 30% magic damage to enemy champions, only use this item against tanks.

Play Style:
Most important thing is just don't get killed,play safe, i'm sure i don't have to eplain why.
Early Game:
Start with buying a Sapphire Crystal, then i should go for boots or catalyst the decide wich one first.
Try to get rod of age as fast as possible, although you maybe want to sell it later, it gives a nice boost in the beginning.
Fiddlestick solo mid is an option, i rather go with another champion top/bottom, but if you go mid solo then i suggest you get Teleport instead of Ghost, because it's inevitable taht you dont have to recall. And Teleport helps you to get back in the fights quickly and can save some of the turret's health.
If you're mid, play safe. Hug the turret if needed or maybe you want to upgrade Dark Wind so you can farm minions better, wich results in a better push. Check the minimap now and then if there are champions missing.

Mid Game:
When teamfights errupt, Fiddlestick's true powers will appear. Keep yourself a bit secluded from it, wait in bushes to activate Crowstorm, don't go in first, let someone else initiate, else you're dead before you can say OMG. Fiddlestick can jungle quite well, so you want to get the blue buff when you have the chance. It's even possible to solo the dragon on level 5, wich gives you and youre teammates some extra gold.

Late Game:
Now you have almost 3000 health, around 400 AP...and Drain, 1vs1 should go easy now, make sure you have blue buff most of the time because of the cooldown reduction. If there is gonna be a 1vs1 fight, start with Dark Wind, so he's silenced he might hit you a few times with auto attack, but no problem you just Terrify him and Drain. After that you're health is restored, you're enemy's health is drained. If you really want to kill him/her, use Crowstorm, 90% chance that people run away from it.
When they have some tanks in the team, you might considering to buy a Void Staff, sell Rod of Ages.

Conclusion: Fiddlestick can perform very well in teamfights, with some good stuns/slows from teammates Amumu, Galio or Nunu but fiddlestick stays quite squishy, 3000 health is a nice amount of health for a AP champion, but you don't have any armor nor magic resistance so stay cautious.

Thanks for reading my build.