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League of Legends Build Guide Author Khurzon

Fiddle the Survivor

Khurzon Last updated on June 10, 2010
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For those Fiddle players who struggle with survivability, here is a Fiddle build that has served me well while I learned to play him over the past 3 months. I am moving on to purer AP builds, but have found great success so far with this one.

Start with an Amplifying Tomb and a Health Potion. You are a great lane partner, but your ultimate is a game changer, so take middle against most champions if possible. Then you can pop top or bottom to gank whenever your ult is up. Getting to level 6 with the cash you need can be a challenge though. Perfecting the art of last hit minions is critical to playing Fiddle in the first few levels. Save your mana for harassing opponents with Dark Wind or gaining life with Drain. As soon as you can afford Kage's Lucky Pick, heavily harrass opponents and kill minions with your remaining mana and then pop back to buy it. This is one of the reasons why we take Teleport with Fiddle. He is one of the slowest (if not THE slowest) champions in the game, so we use Teleport to increase our early lane time and port to the fights later on. (If for some reason you don't like Teleport, then I suggest Exhaust or Ignite.)

Continue to try and conserve mana, but if you are fighting it can be hard to do. The goal is to try and stay in lane long enough for Teleport to renew, and make enough money during that time to buy Sorcerer's boots. The boots are critical to cutting through enough base magic resistance (in combination with your runes/masteries) to ensure kills with Crowstorm at levels 6-8.

Getting Rod of Ages ASAP after that is critical, as it needs 15 minutes to build up fully. You should have your Void Staff by the end of that time, and the game should end soon after. If not, Rylai's gives you additional end-game survivability along with AP and a slow. The slow is especially powerful for Dark Wind and Drain. Fifth and sixth items should be game-specific to your needs: Zhonya's for more damage, Frozen Heart for defense and max cooldown without the golem buff, Abyssal Scepter for more magic resistance and increased damage against stacked magic resist. If you are going up against magic powerhouses such as Ryze, Karthus, Veigar, etc, then getting the Abyssal Scepter early on is important, as it is your sole magic resist item.

A quick word on Kage's Lucky Pick: Fiddle struggles with money in the beginning, and his items are far from cheap, so an extra 30g/minute really helps. The item is not that expensive and pays for itself by mid-game. It also gives you an extra 25 AP early on, so I think it's worth it. But if you want to skip it I would suggest starting with a Saphire Crystal and 1-2 Health Potions. Build Catalyst the Protector first and then get Sorcerer's Shoes. You then have a head start on Rod of Ages. [NOTE: I am currently doing this second option in my builds, but you have to be assured of some early kills to make up the money, or be in a slow game where you have extra time to farm. But an experienced Fiddle player should have no problem getting a kill or two by level 8.]

This build gives you 15% CDR, but you want your ult up as often as possible. (Your team wants that too ;) So getting the golem buff is very important. It also helps when you can spam your spells left and right without running out of mana. I usually wait till level 10 (Drain level 3) to get the buff, but that is only because I hate to waste a lot of time jungling. You can easily do it at level 8 - it just takes longer. And it is even possible at level 5, but again, takes a long time. If you feel the need to get it earlier, then take your second level of Drain at level 4 or 5 and go get the buff. But I find that the extra levels of Dark Wind are much more useful early on and heading into mid-game.

I won't go into details on combat strategies, since there are many great discussions on that out there already. But I will say that most of my kills are with Crowstorm + Dark Wind, closely followed by Dark Wind by itself. Drain gets a few during team fights, but a well placed Dark Wind is the long-range surprise damage that often finishes off an opponent! Just remember that Fiddle is NOT an initiator. But... there are champions and circumstances that enable you to solo kill 1-3 at a time with your ult. It just takes practice and experience to know when to attempt those attacks, and when to sit back and wait for your teammates. ;)

Have fun!!!