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Build Guide by troll

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author troll

fiddle'n with fiddlesticks(super drain build)

troll Last updated on March 3, 2011
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normal 3vs3 guide


light jungling guide (3vs3)

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hello guys this is my first build to make. i have been playing as and against fiddlesticks and i've noticed some major mistakes ppl made when they play fiddlesticks so i decided to make a build to help out those ppl. if u wanna add me my name is "resinatedflame"

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very good 1vs1
very good ganker with ulti and combo
very good in team fights
awesome harasser
anti- gank
anti-tower diving

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weak against crowd controls(interruptions like silence fear ...)
somewhat squishy(according to this build)
not a good farmer early game(unless u have and use ur crows on minions)
(you may experience more cons in-game)

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if u see your enemies getting magic resistance items, get void staff as soon as possible. this build is really expensive,but once u get rylai's ur alrdy pwnage. at late game (if u get everything) take out doran's and put in another rabadon's and dont be shy to get some pots in the begging-mid of game. the reason why i spammed rabadon's is because your drain NEEDS ability power and same with ur ulti.

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the best combo while your in battle is the following
2-your silence
4-repeat till opponent is dead

now ganking (an) opponent(s) u might want to use ur ulti if ur in a bush or behind a wall where u can ulti in. now most people just run to their enemies while fidd's ulti is on, but dont forget if ur going into alot of people they can kill you , so best thing to do is use the combo listed above.and dont frgt to use your ghost if everyone has low health and is running away.

this is your main ability especially with the combo listed above and a dps with u ur target is practically dead XD. if anyone against u can stun, silence, fear, knock u into air, or disappear (especially akali) do not approach him by yourself unless u can kill him in the duration of ur combo(lasts at how much your fear rank is) or if u have your teammates with you

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ability sequence

if ur enemies can do cc's dont focus on your drain too much go for silence or fear first according to what your guts tell you to do. so if ur enemies dont have cc's then max out drain asap

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this section is for the other section of the build(from here and under is only for the light jungling guide), it is mainly used for first blood in the begging of the game and slight jungling since this is a 3vs3 guide.

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biggining of the game

make sure all of your team will gank bottom and ask them to have slows or stuns or snares first.
when u see an enemy target him then quickly ignite him then do drain. if ur teamis targeting the same person(which is better) make them stun or slow. your drain will do massive damage if u get masteries and runes like i said above. if u get the kill w8 a few minutes then go back and get kage's lucky pick. farm minions until ur lvl 4, then get the monsters next to the lizard elder.once u get both get back into ur lane.dont forget to use smite

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u should, by now, have 2 kage's lucky pick and a sorcerer's shoes and ur ultimate. if ur team was to gank anybody use our ultimate and dont panic and not use other abilities while u have ur ultimate on, cuz most ppl just run around with their ultimate when they can fear silence and drain.about jungeling, continue feeding off of the bottom jungle's monsters, and if u can get some monsters from top, get em. espicially try to get dragon, u can ask teammates for help if u need it.

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late game

u should be starting to get or have rylais crystal scepter if u notice your enemies getting magic resistance get void staff, if they dont have a single magic resistant item, get rabadons then void staff. after those just spam more rabadons for more ap if enemy is spamming magic resistance items dont be shy to get so magic penetration items

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runes and masteries and summoner spells

all runes focus on pure ap(no per level runes)which help u to get alot of ap at the beggining of the game. masteries are not fully focused on jungling because the only monster buffs that will benefit u are the dragon and movement speed ones, but they somewhat focus on getting money per second and gaining money from smite. these summoner spells are good for jungling like smite and ignite is for fighting and jungling