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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by Chinksta

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chinksta

Fiddles MagPen Build

Chinksta Last updated on September 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This build is based upon Fiddle's passive. His passive is an AoE MagPen so therefore it is useful in group fights. This guide is to extract and enforces his passive into an active walking weapon of mass destruction. I do enjoy farming with Fiddles and I always noticed that people would often run away from the sight of me.

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The MagPen build

Most people would start by building Doran's ring at the start of the game. This is usual and I always start on buying this. After farming and reaching to level 6 to get Crowstorm, I would start building the first and most important item in the MagPen build. This item is known as the Abyssal Scepter. This staff has the passive of adding on with Fiddle's passive so it's simply (20+10 = 30 MagPen). Amazing right....I mean each time you ult the enemy would suffer from the pure awesome damage of Crow Storm. After a few kills just farm until you are able to buy Void Staff. Again Void Staff gives +40% MagPen so if you do the math so the total MagPen would be 42. This 42 MagPen would prove beneficial to CrowStorm. After void staff and the team didn't surrender then either choose between Rabadons or Rylai's. Since Rabadon would give more AP than Rylai's so people would choose this item over Rylai's. I disagree. Rylai's not only give health and 80 AP, it also slows the enemy down. Imagine people fleeing from you but you were manage to catch them with your ult, the slow added by the MagPen would instantly troll the **** out of the enemy.


Doran's ring ---> Abyssal Scepter ---> Void Staff ---> Rabadons ----> GG
---> Raylai's Crystal Scepter ----> Troll/GG

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Runes anyone?

Well I have not yet complete my AP rune set so I can't really tell how much damage it would give me with my MagPen build. If you ask about which runes should you get...I'm going to murder you in your sleep (Nocturne Style).

For the Red slot, all I have is just Mark of Insight. Mark of Insight provides me 0.95 MagPen per slot. Each set contains 9 slots so if Red set contains all nine Mark of Insight you would receive 8.55 MagPen.

For the Yellow set, I have currently choose Seal of Potency. This seal gives me 0.59 Flat AP each so if filled the set with Seal of Petency, you would get 5.31 Flat AP.

Finally the Blue set, I choose to fill it with Glyph of Insight. Since it gives me 0.57 per slot, filled it all would get me 5.31 MagPen.

Finally, the Quintessences that I choose were MagPen so it gives me 5.67 MagPen.

The final result would give me +5.31 Flat AP and +19.53 MagPen. With this, you can excel in early games and build on MagPen to harass the enemy with CrowStorm.

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Summoner Spells

I personally think that Flash and Ghost are the best priority. Since your ult basically flash you to the target destination, adding another Flash would be easy to move your ult closer to the enemy team. If both fails and you have seconds until the ult fades away, activate Ghost and grab one target to nuke. This is how i play so Ult in, if enemies start running away, Flash then ghost for maximum damage.

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Fear also have Fear

The worst fear for Fiddles is ignite. Since ignite reduces healing and damages him, making "Drain" useless would be bad since Drain is probably the second damaging spell that he has. Exhaust also have detrimental effects as well, since fiddles isn't a fast moving character and usually relying on Flash or Ghost to get away from sticky situations...haha sicky situations... Anyways if you get exhausted without flash then you are the prime target. Remember this...Fiddles can be squishy at times but cannot take all nukes at once.

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In many cases, I have always encounter a Fiddle building Rod of Ages instead of building Abyssal Scepter. This pisses me off real bad...

Since RoA (Rod of Ages) needs time in order to perform at the optimal level. Time is money in this game and also the business world. Time is very crucial and I think being passive until RoA hits full power would be too late to force a win but yet again, if you have good teammates. I personally think that playing aggressive with Fiddles is the key to success. So building Abyssal Scepter instead of RoA would tell the enemy to "**** off or else face the **** storm".

Building Evil Tome gives you the ability to spam spells more often. Would you keep spamming spells or just simply use one spell and kill all enemies? Hmmmm..I wonder....very self explanatory here.

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The more MagPen and AP you have, the more YOU can do ****. I hope this build provides insights and inspiration to you. I accept GOOD comments but would really appreciated no troll comments or any comments that makes you look like an *** would really piss me off.

I hope you enjoy reading this since there are no pictures because I'm new to this process.

Happy hunting,