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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by Cocamo1337

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cocamo1337

Fiddlesticks - A teamfights worst nightmare

Cocamo1337 Last updated on June 26, 2011
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Hello everyone! Welcome to my first (but hopefully not last) guide! excuse me if my spelling is wrong, as english is not my native tounge. The whole reason im making this build, is to show the world the true potential that fiddlesticks has. Im still fairly new to making guide's, so please excuse the lack of pretty pictures. i assure you, it wont make the build any better, or worse, without them. Please give it a fair shot and try it our before commenting/rating. Thank you!

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Gameplay mindset

One thing i love about fiddle, is that he can easly dominate a team fight, as long as you have a half decent tank, and good positioning for your ult. at the same time, early game as long as you keep a level head, you can easly own your lane. However, keep this in mind, YOU ARE NOT A SUPER FIDDLE. You can be killed, and fairly easly if caught offguard, or going up against someone with large CC/burst, like xin zhao. As fiddlesticks, your job is

    A. CC the enemies carry
    B. Decemate the enemy team with a well positioned ult
    and C. Ultimately lead your team to victory, and leave the enemy team raging about how "fiddlestix is soooo OP, it taks lotz of skil to press R, trololol" (Dont worry, theyre just jealous that they cant be as awsome as you are.) remember, rule 14 states that argueing with trolls means they automatically win.

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Runes - Icing on the scarecrow shaped cake

Heres one thing im often intreuged with when reading guides. They act like if you dont have runes, you will feed, suck, and ultimately, lose! In my experience with fiddle, this isnt always the case. While it is true that the right set of runes can make the difference between an avarage game, and a legendary, total roflstompage, best game ever, game, at the same time, skill beats all. For all you level 30's who have IP and dont know what to do with it, read on, for all you level 15's who are still trying to find a main, practice makes perfect, dont worry if you have a bad game or two, in time, you will learn. Alright, time to actually talk about runes! I go for Greater marks of insights, Greater seals of clarity, Greater glyph's of celerity, and greater quints of insight. HOWEVER, ive also had good luck with Greater quints of fortitude, they really make the difference early game, but arent nearly as usefull late game. up to you.

*UPDATE* Thank goodness, i noticed how to set the runes, skill's, and items.

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Masteries - Plain and simple.

For obvious reasons, i went 9/0/21. The archaich knowlegde is CRUCIAL to this build, as this is about dominating team fights with your ultimate. as such, its an easy choice to invest in. HOWEVER, the reason i didnt go for 21/0/9, is mainly because i feel like utility offers more overall benifets for fiddle personaly.

    Fiddle is a very slow champion, so the 3% movement increase speed can really make the difference.
    The CDR is amazing for fiddlesticks. your enemies just made a clever move, and wasted your ult without much return to you as far as kills, or even dmg. Well 1 minute later when they think theyre safe to push, BOOM! FIDDLESTICKS PENTA-KILL!
    The increased experience can be really nice. its always good to have an edge up against your enemies.
    I feel that flash on fiddlesticks is often underestimated. one thing that makes fiddlesticks good is his ability to surprise people with his ult. Flash means that you can do all this from much further than before, giving you nearly twice the range for potential surprise attacks! obviously, having a lowered CD on it is benificial.
    Longer time for your golem buff to last? know what that means? Longer time to troll your enemies with the highest possible concetration of ults! >:D
    Im rambling, you get the idea

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Items - What makes this build so great?

I appologize for the lack of pretty pictures, since this is my first guide, i dont entirely know what im doing.
*UPDATE* Although i have found out how to put my item build up, i do suggest you to read this, just so you understand each items role in this enemie crushing build.

I start out with dorans ring. i find this item has a little bit of everything, and really makes the difference towards the start. if you invested in Quints of fortitude, however, you can buy an amplifying tome, only do this if you have a very reliable laning partner. if you going middle, i dont recomend it.

From there, i try my best to hold out till i can afford fiendish codex. This and dorans ring have the same generally theory. Has a bit of everything. i tried getting boots first at the start, and i ended up having a pretty below avarage game (For me personaly, meaning only a 1.5:1 KD). Suffice to say, great item. Later in the game, your going to build this into morello's evil tome.

After this is when i get my sorcerer's shoes. At this point in the game, people will start to have a little magic resist. What better way to contenue dominating to not only negate there MR, but hopefully push them into negative numbers?!

Next i get Abyssal Scepter. This (In my oppinion) is the bread and butter item of fiddlesticks. At this point, you should be rocking around 60 AoE MR reduction, BEFORE your archaich knowledge! If your doing everything right, this is the point where enemies go splat under a well placed fiddle ult.

At this point, you can take two seperate roads, both equaly important. You can make a rabadons deathcap, or upgrade your codex into a morello's evil tome. I tend to go for the deathcap, as by now you should be getting the golem buff, and not be in dire need of CDR. However, if theres lets say, a jungler, you may want to pick morello's up. Either way, get both next to each other, regardless.

This game is dragging ON and ON, when will it end? thats it, we need something to really screw our enemies over. Rylia's Crystal Scepter! The one fall with fiddle's ultimate, is its so short, that you cant afford to let your enemies skip a second or two of dmg! NOT TO FEAR! RYLIA'S SCEPTER IS HERE! (****py rhyme ftl) With this item, not only are you getting a large health increase, and a great amount of AP, but also an AoE slow against your enemies! that means 1 of two things, you either Own them yourself, and they cant escape. You pwn a majority of theyre health, but youve taken too much dmg and have to retreat! QQ, but wait, THERE SLOWED! ah, the pleasures of being in a team. HAH, not gonna get away this time! well except for maybe master yi....damn asians with theyre gas powered rocket-techmaturagy boots!

Alright, this is just getting stupid. How are we gonna finish this? at this point, there either mentaly challenged, or they know to focus you. this is when i pick up Zhonya's Hourglass. i find that it gives that last bit of balance for a fantastic build. You should now have a pretty good amount of magic resist, and armor, on top of a S#%T load of AP.

But wait, why not get a mejai's soulstealer?
in my experience, a mejai's soulstealer is like installing a self destruct button on your *** with big flashing neon spotlights surrounding it. Its so attractive, they just have to kick it! You want enemies to have no hope of survival, but what they dont know, is without you, your team wont be able to ace em in 5 seconds! Good thing that wont happen. But wait, getting a mejai's gives even the stupid ones a reason to focus you! OH TEH NOEZ! Now, i will say 1 thing, if your enemies are either VERY stupid, or your tank is very dependable and coordinated with you (someone like amumu, who has a lockdown ult), than you can get this item and pwn even more. i would swap out zhonya's hourglass with this if you just HAVE to get it. simply because everything else is pretty crucial to the build. However, i dont recomend it.

Generally, when it comes to this build, i really dont like to stray. This build is ment to let you dominate as often as you can, while still having a good amount of health, excellent survivability, and Great CDR. not to mention the large amount of AP. To be clear, this is not a glass cannon build. However, you can stray in some parts. If the other team has alot of CC, feel free to get mercury treads. better to lose 20 magic pen, than to be locked out of a team fight altogether. Same thing goes for ninja tabby, get it if a majority (meaning 3/5'ths or more) of the team is auto-attack FTW (jax,yi,xin,tryndamere, etc).

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Skill Sequence - Patterns, gotta love em.

The skill sequence for fiddlesticks is fairly simple. Once again, i appologize about lack of pictures. Hopefully ill find out how and update it ASAP. For now, ill just letter it out.
*UPDATE* Once again, i have found out how to show the skill sequence. feel free to still read this, it still has some usefull info.


Pretty cut and dry. only time you stray from the Q-W-E (or at the start E-W-Q) pattern, is for the ult. Some people choose to get drain as a starter. HOWEVER, no good enemie would get that close to a fiddle, and stay there long enough, for it to do the same amount of dmg as darkwind. i cannot tell you how usefull darkwind is when laning top and bottom. Lets say your team mate just facechecked the brush when you both showed up late. OH S#%T! he's dying! dark wind! know what just happend? 2 silenced enemy's, 1 took 120 dmg, the other 180, AT LEVEL 1! For me, its an obvious choice. if your going mid, its simply fiddle's main far range harrasing tool, as well as his only half decent farming tool (although, end game drain can be really usefull against those pesky super minions).

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Summoner Spells

This is going to be very short, as its very self explanitory. I go for flash and teleport. why? For flash, it can not only get you out of sticky situations, help you catch a fleeing enemy, or get to teamfights quicker, but also gives your ultimate double surprise range. just be carefull on how much time you waste using flash after your ult is activated, as his ult is very short.

Fiddle is amazingly slow, and although the 3% speed increase from the utility tree does help, by the time you walk all the way across the map, half your team is dead, and its time to go into defensive mode! Teleport gives you great mobility, and makes sure that you almost never miss a teamfight.

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I think i got roughly everything. Thank you, too whoever read through this, i really appriciate it. Although im sure this may not be all sparkly and happy with fun colors and pictures, this is a proven build. please try it before voting. VERY big thanks to khurzon, as he inspired alot of this build. I really suggest go looking at his if mine isnt working out for you, as his is very well made, and gives very in depth information. Once again, thank you all for reading! please give me feedback and what you think i could do to make this build better. i am planning to slowly ramp up this build, and will do my best to keep it updated through patches. Later fellow summoners!

- Cocamo1337, US