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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nagheenanajar

Fiddlesticks: Actually a good mage

Nagheenanajar Last updated on November 22, 2010
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I am astounded as to why not many people use Fiddlesticks. With one of the best AOE's in the game, and several powerful spells, he is a very good mage who is deceptively easy to play but requires much technique to become powerful. He is great in ganks, but can destroy unwary opponents 1v1. This build focuses on maxing out AP and destroying other teams with your ult as well as your drain and dark wind. I made this build after trying several others on mobaire. I feel that every item has a purpose and is needed, as explained below.

Item Build:

Amplifying Tome:Fiddlesticks starts off great with a lot of AP. Buy a mana potion as well.

Rod of Ages:
On your first trip back at 1350 gold, buy catalyst protector. Rod of ages will give great health and mana as well as AP. Buy Sorceror's shoeson next trip back after the catalyst, and then finish off the Rod.

Mejai's Solustealer:Although people have told me this is a bad idea, Mejai's is essential. If you are playing right, you will stack up many kills and ***its, and mejai's will max out your AP.

Abyssal Scepter:This is AP and magic res. The passive will loqer magic res of nearby champs, fitting well with Fiddle's passive.

Zhonya's Ring:Not much to be said here, AP.

Void StaffOR Rylai's Crystal Scepter:
Usually, I will go Void staff for magic pen, but one could go rylai's for health if you are dying a lot. Additionally, I have chosen to place rylai's in the place of abyssal scepter if they have all DPS champions and no mages.


Flash: Essential to fiddle. Great for chasing, but mmost important for your ultimate. It extends the reach by double, and lets you channel from afar. Absolutely necessary.

Exhaust: Exhaust is perfect for fiddle. Use it right after channeling into crowstorm and landing, catching champions with it while draining others at the same time will score multiple kills.

Ability Build: I love my ability build, I recommend following it. Fear is not that throughout the game, and drain is very powerful as well as with dark wind, dont upgrade fear untill the end. As for drain and dark wind, I enjoy this build, but you can follow your own if you want.

Overall Gameplay: When used correctly, fiddlesticks is a great mage. Using dark wind to harass is easy, as when it is fully leveled it will bounce 10 times. I often get kills out of the blue after casting it because it will bounce between champions without me knowing. Your ult is your best move by far (it is your ultimate). When ulting in, I usually will target the squishies and tos dark wind. The best thing to do is to run with the enemy team to kill them. Because of this, wait until the team is slightly damaged to ensure kills. Using drain while in your ult forces you to remain stationary, but you often wont need to move to kill champions like twitch and ashe who die very quickly, and you can focus a tank like mordekaiser with drain.

Early Game: You want to conserve mana generally. Playing against a squishy champion, harass with dark wind and get last hits as well. When you have drain and you fear, use dark wind and follow up with fear and drain. With drain, you will not need to use health pots. By the time it reaches mid game, you should finish off your rod of ages and be ready to start raping.

Mid Game: Now, you can start destroying. Get your Mejai's and start racking up kills with crowstorm and your fear drain combo. While drain seems easy to avoid and get out of, you will be surprised as to how many people will get destroyed by it. Use your ult wisely, as the cooldown is huge. You will be avle to score multi kills if you play it safe and always ult from bushes or in hiding.

Late Game: By this time, you are fed. Mejai's stacks should be high and your Zhonya's should be finished. I often get to about finishing half of Zhonya's and the game ends. The last item, as listed above, is up to you.

Many people disregard Fiddlesticks entirely. I have found him to be my best champion. He is very powerful, and his ult will almost gurantee kills. The best thing to learn to maximize his effectiveness is using your ult well. Practice with his ult will ensure multi kills and rape. I am told that he requires no skill, because drain has you remain still and your ult only requires running. However, I often beat another fiddlesticks in games I play. I believe this has a lot to do with this build. I have won about 70 % of my games with Fiddlesticks, all won with this build.