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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by ahmad187

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ahmad187

Fiddlesticks Ap Great Build

ahmad187 Last updated on March 18, 2012
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are you an ap junkie like me, love to use champs such as amumu and ezreal with ap, heres a champ that i think is stronger than all of them

fiddle is by far one of the strongest champs in league of legends, this guide will show you how strong he can get and how he should be built to do alot of ap damage

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Pros / Cons


very strong
can harass
can silence many enemys and his dark wind can hit 1 enemy champion up to three times


very squishy throught game

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the runes i have chosen are for cooldown reduction, and also ap, these runes will help you out alot because of course more ap and more cooldown reduction which means u can harass with ur dark wind

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20 for ap, 3 for magic resistance, 7 for mana regen

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tear of the goddess early game for mana and regen, also for ap since youl be very mana hungry, cooldown boots for speed and obviously cooldown, mejais soulsister for ap stacks (only buy this if your doing well and ur confident u wont die alot), deathfire grasp for extra cooldown and ap, rod of ages for magic penetration so all up 50 including your mastery (good for tanks), finish of tear of goddess with archangel staff for extra ap, last but not least deathcap for that extra ap kcik

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Skill Sequence

my skill sequence is very important, drain first for first blood and to get hp to keep u in early lane, dark wind to harass early game (remember ur tear of the goddess will help u to get ur mana back and also it converts mana into ap), build that up 2 harass and i guarntee ul be one controlling the lane if ur mid, or in another lane, then build ur ulti ofcourse, that and dark wind well help ur soulsister stacks, then start to build ur drain so u can drain enemy champs or drain minions to stay in a lane, then build ur fear jst to help u drain enemy champs

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Summoner Spells

flash is a must (why is it a must il tel u why, ulti and then flash into the middle of 2 champs = total ownage ofcourse with ur fear and then drain, tele is optional but it will help u tele to allies so u can get kills/ ***its (mejais soulsister stacks), if u dnt wish to have a tele u can always pick ignite or exhaust but tele is highly recomdedn

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How to use Fiddlesticks

Fiddlesticks is the type of champion who should be played very offensively, his terrify makes them run for a little which gives u extra time to drain, his dark wind means u can silence multiple champs and do a decent amount of damage, his drain means u can stay in a lane and u can also use it againest enemy champions, and his ulti means u can jump out of a bush and do a ****load of aoe damage to enemy champions in minions. Usually when you see fiddle ulti on your team u say ow this is going to be good and the whole team charges with you while u leap, with this build their gna be saying this is gna be great.

my dark wind is built early game because it means u can harass alot from a distance, this goes great with cooldown reduction boots and also tear of the goddess because first of all it does damage and can bounce up to 3 times on a single champ, and secound of all it means u can harass from a distance because the closer u hit the minion with darkwind thats closest to the enemy champ, the more likely it will hit multiple times which means fiddle can harass from quite a distance, do alot of damage, stay in a lane and drain the hell out of a minion at pretty much anytime to keep him in a lane to get exp. His abilities give him that edge over other champs such as ryze and malzahar early game and with the a tear of the goddess bought asap, it gives u a big edge which means u get fed, they lose exp because they need to recall, so everyones happy, well jst you actually thanks to this guide :)

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Creeping / Jungling

You should start jungling at lvl 7, remember to try and jungle as much as you can because it means more gold which means quicker ap :), dnt forget to get blue as much as you can for extra mana. BTW aim to get dragon asap because that means 190 gold for u and ofcourse your teammates, jungling is very REWARDING!!!

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Team Work

Coordinating with allies is very important for fiddle, this will help him get stacks for soulsister, which means more ap, fiddle should never be the first to jump in a team fight unless backed by the whole team since this guide will keep him squishy. Fiddlesticks is also deadly when he is with a stun type of champion such as amumu, ryze, or pantheon.

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Unique Skills

this build is alot better i believe than others because u get alot of ap, i think about up to 650 or 700, u got cooldown reductions which means u can harass alot, and also ur drain means u can drain 2 get hp so basically ul never really have to recall unless to shop

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to sum it up this guide will make you a pro with fiddle if its followed in order and u have a good team, have fun with fiddle and dominate middle lane :)

BTW this is my first guide so id love to hear the pros cons of this guide and hope you enjoyed reading :)