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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hermoor

Fiddlesticks -Death-

Hermoor Last updated on January 22, 2011
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This is a guide on how to slaughter with Fiddle. He is one of, if not the best team character there is. Surrounded by friends or with just spawns there isn't much if anything that can take him down. The only time when Fiddle is really weak is when he hasn't got anything in front of him taking all the damage.

It's important when playing with him to always stay behind your spawns, always let them take all the damage. Never to let yourself become surrounded or walk around alone between the lanes, if you are not 100% sure there aren't several enemies walking around in there. Fiddle can take down most characters one on one.

The only characters you can't go one on one against are the ones who can disrupt your attacks. Also fast character which are a few levels higher obviously you can't take down on your own. But Fiddle isn't the best ganger, he should use the element of suprise to take down his enemies. Not run around trying to hunt them down.

He works just as great in the middle lane as he does in the side lanes. Fighing a fiddle in the middle lane sure is irritating. But fighing a fiddle on the sides is probably even more annoying, because of the grass that works great to Fiddle's advantage. The key to master Fiddle is to avoid damage and suprise your enemy.

This requires you to have a sharp and quick thinking mind. If you aren't a genious you should leave now and go play with one of the tanks instead.

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What to master

Fiddle is a great character, but he got a few cons that could in the wrong hands lead to disaster.
These cons is what you will have to master.

+Great ambusher.
+Can fight until level 10 because of Drain.
+Tide turner with his powerful special.
+Great set of skills that will disable and kill your enemy before escape.

-Horribe defence.
-Not much health.
-Bad normal attack.
-Very slow moving.

The horrible defence and health isn't really such a big problem. Since Fiddle never takes much damage anyway, only if he is surrounded. Also his Drain ability helps keep his health on top most of the time. If it wouldn't be for drain Fiddle would be worthless, the only reason he is able to stay alive with his low health and defence is because of drain.

So in order to make up for his bad defence and health avoid close encounter with a fighter or tank. And always stay behind your friends if there are many enemies in front. One vs one fiddle can handle easily. Do not let them surround you, that means certain death.

His normal attack is slow and not very good. You almost never use it at other champions, only at spawns. When you can't reach the other champions and can't use Dark wind then just spam with the normal attack. Also if you are out of mp use your normal attack, if Fiddle runs out of mp you don't have to return to base except if you need to buy something. Stay out there and put fear into your enemies.

His mana will regenerate and clarity helps you keep your mp and health up, by using Drain. Fiddle is very slow moving, this isn't anything you can do much about, except if you need to escape use ghost. It will speed you up, but in most cases you don't need the speed. Fiddle relies on the element of suprise and ambushes to get kills, not speed.

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Summoner Spells

I always go with clarity and ghost. Clarity for regenerating mp out on the field and ghost for escaping an ambush or hunt down a enemy running for the tower. In this build clarity is a must, otherwise you will run out of mp too often. You could change ghost for flash or maybe even heal or exhaust.

Flash could in some cases be more useful than ghost, the reason I'm not using it is because it takes a long time to use it. You have to first put your pointer where to teleport then use the skill, and it's easy to teleport too close to tower or maybe into an ambush without you noticing it. Ghost lasts longer and makes an escape easier imo, plus you won't teleport into tricky situations.

Heal could be useful too if you are running and you got that tiny bit of hp and is just about to escape beyond the tower. But they shoot you with an arrow or something. But that doesn't happen to me very much since I'm not the one that runs around alone. Using heal in this guide would be the same as playing as a noob, not a very good idea at all.

Exhaust could be a good alternative to ghost, that is if you don't find yourself in the need to run fast very often and instead need to make people go a bit slower to put them in the grave. In many ways it would be better to use exhaust instead of ghost. Exhaust + Fear would be lethal.

But personally I go with Ghost, it suits my playing style. Clarity is a must though!

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Start at level 1 by picking Dark wind. This skill will let you silence your enemies on a distance and start leveling against spawns. If you go on one of the side lanes hide in the grass and if the other team is hiding there too, shoot away a dark wind at them. They will definatly run since you made them silenced and your friend should be right behind you.

Try to dominate the grass early on, if you are lucky you could get the first kill. That is if you got an ally with some kind of stun or an opponent that is a noob. Against pros it's hard to get first kill this early, but it's possible. When the spawns start to appear stay behind them with your teammate. If your opponents gets within range of your dark wind send it at them.

You will soon reach level 2 and at this level you need to pick drain for two reasons. First you need to stay alive, there is a small chance you have taken some damage already. Second, it's the ultimate executing skill. If you have little hp left the enemy will feel overconfident even if your teammate is right behind you and try to go for the kill. But by first sending off dark wind which will make him silenced and then start draining his life.

At the time of him being able to use one of his skills again you will have drained all life out of him, and have almost full hp yourself. If you are lucky you will get the kill, but fiddle tend to give more assists than kills. But sometimes you are lucky, if you know got the first kill early on before the spawns and now go the second kill. You have really pissed your enemies off. And you have gained a bit more exp and money than the others.

If you keep it up like this you will be 3-4 levels stronger than your enemies around level 10-13. Which will give you a lot of kills. Just keep going like this, use dark wind to silence your enemies. And drain to drain there life force and replenish your health. This way you can stay alive until level 10 if you want to. But that is if you are lucky, there are some good opponents out there too.

If you run out of mp use clarity, and you will have life regeneartion and the ability to slay opponents again. If you at some point haven't got clarity and the cooldown is on 50 something. Stay out there and just hit with normal attack on some spawns. That is if you can't afford any of the items I have put in the list above. Then go back and get mp hp full and go out there again.

The first 10 levels you should stay at the same lane, the only reason to leave your lane is if you got a noob team, and that happens a lot. Just try to help your team out where it's needed. If you started good with a few kills and not dying yourself. You should be able to walk between the lanes and have good enough experience to not fall behind. Remember to keep the tower alive, if both of your friends have died on one of the side lanes and you are in the middle lane. Go and defend the tower until they have respawned.

Loosing towers early is a sign of you going down quickly. If you got a noob team, just scream out commands and pray to your imaginary god they will follow your commands. otherwise you are doomed. not even the greatest player can win with a noob team. If you got a noob team and defeat is obvious. Then just concentrate on getting a high kill count, so you walk away with some good results. But you will have to accept defeat at times too, you can't always win.

As I said before, if you find yourself to be surrounded or chased by two angry champions use ghost to escape, use the bushes to cut off their attacks and they might stop for a few seconds and maybe give up the chase. You can also use ghost to hunt down survivors of your crowstorm. At level six you will gain this incedible powerful special that you will be able to get a lot of kills with.

Crowstorm is especially good at the end of the game. When you are fighting within the forts. You could easily turn a loosing situation into a winning situation with crowstorm. But it's important that when using crowstorm not let the enemies see you. Otherwise they will run and you would have wasted a great skill on no kills. Never waste crowstorm on spawns, early on level 6-12 you can use it against single opponents if you know they will fall by it. But it's best used against two or more opponents.

If you are lucky with crowstorm you can get 4 kills in one hit. For this you have to be very lucky though. It's also a great way to get assists, since it will weaked down the enemies til the point of having little health left. Then your team can finish them off or yourself. You should only at around level 5-7 put one point on fear. You don't need fear this early, drain and dark wind is much more important. Fear is useful later in the game, when you aren't trying to level up fast but is going for more kills than experience.

Put eveyrything on drain and Dark wind. And when you are allowed to put points on Crowstorm of course. Keep playing like this, avoid damage and use in this order. Dark wind, drain, fear or dark wind, fear, drain. And it's certain you will get a lot of kills and piss a lot of people off. If you get a really good game, with like 20 0 5 or something people will run at the sight of you.

Seeing Fiddlesticks is to die!

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Don't be greedy, even if they will sometimes run behind a tower with 1 hp. Don't run after them, be patient and you will be able to end up with 0 deaths. The greatest weakness to the Fiddle player is to be overconfident and run in and think you can survive everything with the use of drain and dark wind. Always stay behind either a teammate or your spawns. Only time when you want to go one on one or you against to others is if you got crowstorm or a really good ambush.

Don't be overconfident, there are other great champions out there. Personally I would say Fiddle's greatest enemy is the demon lady. Who can make herself invinsible and fool you to ambush a lone champion when there really are two of them. The key to playing with Fiddle is:


With this you will be great and get scores like the ones below.Have fun and please comment if you got anything bad/good to say.