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Fiddlesticks - Fear the Caw

WikkedTiki Last updated on April 30, 2011
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Hello everyone, this is my first jungle build. I have been jungling fiddlesticks for awhile now and have been changing the way I do it every patch till recently. This jungle build has helped me carry many teams. I will try my best to be as detailed as possible because this build is somewhat risky through the jungling phase. This build does focus more on after jungling then during jungling. I feel as though fiddlesticks is strong in the beginning where most would find him weak. I hope this build stands up to its own but any suggestions or comments are openly welcome.

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Pros / Cons


-If you mess up jungling at all, your gonna get really far behind.
-No ward in the beginning so you will need help from team


-Very strong jungler
-If you are paying attention it is extremely difficult for you to get ganked in jungle
-If there is not another jungler on the opposing team you can take down dragon at 7:30
-Increased 1v1 potential
-If you run into another jungler, you will have an advantage
-You can pull of some rediculous ults.

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Now i focus mostly on AP champions so I have tried alot of different combinations. I find that running cooldown on fiddlesticks helps solve alot of problems late game after jungling. It does howeve make jungling alot more complicated. I first tried using my AP rune page that I use with karthus. It made jungling super easy but it made mid game hard if I ever ran into someone, my abilities wouldn not come up quick enough. So I went with all cooldown. Now this is nice but you end up having to use an extra drain on golem, causing you to be down an extra 100+ mana which is not good in case you need to terrify someone who is trying to mess with you. So I combined the two. Now I know the AP gain isnt much, but it helps in jungling. The cooldown helps after jungling immensly.

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Now I dont think there is much to say about the mastery setup, pretty standard for an Ap jungler. Now if you are finding yourself in a situation with alot of melee dps you could maybe go 9/21/0 but thats more for a lane fiddles in my opinion.

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Now i get the amplifying tome becuase I like to have the extra AP in the beginning and the mana pot helps whenever you are low. You can do the jungle without the pot but its nice to have. Now I usually end up getting boots first, because a fiddle that cant move fast is worthless. Next would usually be rylai's. The slow is obviously amazing for not only the drain but the ult. The health rocks and who doesnt love more AP. Sometimes I will replace the rylais for a RoA if I feel like i dont need the slow or if my health is becoming a concern. The rest of the items are fairly interchangeable to fit what the opposition is, I just love Abyssal because it helps counter any other AP champs. I get sunfire cape because after awhile in the game your AP doesnt matter as much. Being able to survive during your ult becomes harder the longer in game so having atleast one armor item somewhere in their is a good idea (Guardian Angel is amazing as well)

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Skill Sequence

Obviously for a Jungle fiddle you need drain first. I get his Q second in case of any incoming champions, the quick fear is enough to flash or ghost away. I normally like having the E second but I always end up using it through the jungle which horrible offsets the jungling. Drain is your priority until lvl 3 drain for dragon. Afterwards decide whether you need to up your Q or your E. I reccomend Maxing out E but maintain a decent curve eith your Q. Your Q is a powerfull ability. The longer the fear, the longer the drain.

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Summoner Spells

Flash and Ghost are the two I use. With having both of these you will almost always have one of them up with your ult, and when you dont have your ult up, you will likely have one of them up for escaping a gank (if you use them carefully). There is nothing more awesome then to ult from far away, flash closer and ghost through their team as you and your teammates pick off the trash left behind. I do reccomend to be selective when using them, if it is not needed, do not use both! You most likely will only need one or the other, saving one for escaping is crutial.

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Creeping / Jungling

So to start it off, make sure you have someone watching the river, it helps so much more, and if you have 2 or 3 other people watching your back (hiding) you can get ganks really easy.

Start at golem. Drain the golem as quickly as possible, you will get very, VERY low, so get ur flash button ready to flash over the wall if anyone comes. You will have enough time in between each drain to get off about 2 auto attacks. (Make sure you actually attack after the drain ends, it does not happen automatically). Now once he is dead, start auto attacking one minion, when drain is up, drain the minion with the most health. I usually end up draining both of the lil guys to speed things up.

Once you hit level 6 and have your ult, go gank!
Next go to wolves, drain the big guy and auto attack and drain like above.

Go to wraiths. This is the hardest point in my opinion. Now the way I do it is, Drain the blue wraith, as soon as its done you should be able to drain him again soon after. He will have almost no health, but he will gain faster then your auto attack can deal, so dont think you can get away with it. If you make sure to only auto-attack one of the smaller wraiths, while draining the other 2, you will be fine.

Go to Lizard, drain him and finish off the smaller ones. Then hit the small golems.

If they have a jungler on the other team
Go back, hit the wolves ( i usually end up ghosting their because IMO the wuicker u get done the less chance you have of coming in contact with someone at dragon), then the wraiths, then Recall. After your recall you should be able to buy some boots, (recalling is really just a way to stall out and wait for golem buff, but you might as well get refreshed). Go take golem, hit level 5, get the 3rd level of drain, go take dragon. If you have enough when you recall to buy a ward or two, do so. Put them on bothe sides of the dragon in the river, preferably in those close bushes. If you do not have blue, do not do dragon until you do.

If they do not have an opposing jungler

Go to the other side and steal the blue buff then their wolves. Afterwards it should only take a little bit more experience to get you to level 5. Get that experience on the wraiths, then hit dragon.

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Team Work

Make sure to have your teammates back off when your ready to gank. BE PATIENT! I never junmp in unless they have little health, or are atleast past the river on your teams side. Make sure your partners are aware of your ult, the ult wont be that powerfull yet because you dont have much AP. Jump in, throw a silence on a caster or a silencer, fear whoever is about to get out of your ult and then drain whoever is closest to you. If you can focus this all on one person it will do some nice damage in which your partner can clean up if needed.

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Fun Tricks

-If you know that their jungler doesnt start at golem and wont be their for awhile, then you go take theirs first. This is so much fun, and it really can mess them up.

-Ward thier jungle so you know when its ok to steal some buffs.

-Really, ward anywhere. Knowing when someone is stranded is key to an easy gank.

-But elixers whenever you have some extra gold. The cooldown helps in spamming your Q and W and the extra AP is always nice.