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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by Mathmech

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mathmech

Fiddlesticks guide. <Insert funny gag here>

Mathmech Last updated on November 2, 2011
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Hello guys, Im Mathmech, and I have played the **** out of Fiddle (was my 2nd character bought, only after Sivir because I wanted to spend IP on something) and I thought I could give my two cents on how to play him.

Also, Im bored as **** right now.

So read this guide, tell me what you think and please don't rate until you try it. It takes some skill to play a squishy character like Fiddle, and just because you read this guide and failed, doesn't mean this guide is bad. But maybe it is. What do I know.

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These runes I pick mostly for jungling reasons. I could go all out AP, AP/lvl, Mana reg or whatever really, but that makes me not able to play my alternate route. And I want to keep my options open.

Fiddle can jungle with almost any runes (thank god for that when you are picking the wrong runeset), but then you have to start with something else then boots, but we'll get to that later.

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Masteries are standard cookiecutter AP jungle (9/0/21).
It's AP masteries with improved smite.

I take the GP10 instead of another point in Meditation, because most of the game, I'll be having blue, and when I don't, It'll probably be mid-late, and you don't really need to spend a lot of mana in the jungle. It doesn't make THAT big of a difference, it's just personal preference.

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Skill Sequence

I usually max drain first, just to do ridiculous amounts of damage earlier, but if your team lacks CC, or you had a bad start and your laning buddies can do more, then max fear after get drain to level 3 or 4. You have to get a feel for that.

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I play a REALLY squishy build with Fiddle, but that is because he needs to do stuff FAST and get OUT. He's not supposed to still be standing in a middle of a teamfight when his ultimate is over. In fact, the teamfight should be over by then.
I mean, what can you really do when Irelia, WW and Taric beats you and all your teammates are dead. Nothing. Also, AP becomes survivability when you drain.
So let's get to it.

I generally start with Boots, Ward and a Health potion. Some people start with an Amplifying tome, or a Dorans ring. Those are fine too, but the best reason for starting boots is the ward. Use it to counterjungle you opponent. Place it at his red or blue for a easy buffsteal, or even a kill.

After the boots, I usually get Kage's lucky pick. It's just a good item early, to give you a little damage boost, and some extra money.
I got TWO exception to this. The first is if you have 1600g your first recall. Then buy a needlessly large rod. The other, is if you feel your opponents suck, your team is winning every lane, and you have 3+ kills. Then get a Mejai. But be warned, Fiddle dies easily later in the game, so ONLY pick this up if you feel you're gonna win under 25 minutes.

My first main item is Rabadons Deathcap. It just gives so much AP.
Second item is most often hourglass. It works great in a cramped teamfight and you pop your ult in the middle. This is what will keep you alive in later teamfights. USE IT!
Third item is void staff if they got some MR, otherwise I start working on Rylai's Crystal Scepter. Gives you some extra survivability, aswell as slow. You could also go Abyssal if you need MR yourself, and they only got a little bit of it. It stacks well with your passive.

The game usually doesn't go further then this, but after that, just use your imagination.
Need more survivability? Banshees. Need more damage? Whatever AP item you didn't do before. Need to troll your enemies more? Guardian Angel.

You get the drill.

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Summoner Spells

Smite + Flash.

Fiddle can jungle without smite, but if you want to do that, GTFO this guide.

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I got two main routes.
The first is your standard Blue->Wolves->Wraith's->Red->Small Golems.
I do one small wolf before blue though, just so I can Dark Wind on the lizards at blue for some extra speed.

<Insert YT later>

You can get some early ganks off, and if you see a lane without flash and/or escapes, go for it as early as you can, and keep harrassing that lane. A good example in lower ELO is flash-less Kassadins. The rely on their ulti insted of flash, and often picks Exhaust/Ignite. Gank them all the time before they reach lvl 6. Ask that lane to let him push, and gank gank gank.

The other route is my personal favorite, and I use it as much as I can.
I go Enemy Golems > Enemy Wraiths > Wovles > Wraiths > Golems > Recall > Blue etc.
There is a downside to this route however. You need to start with Doran'ss Ring

<Insert YT later>

This route is tricky though, because if you don't know where the enemy is, they might come and screw things up for you. This route works especially well if you are purple team, because you can position your bot lane in the tribush, and if their bot lane comes, you might get FB due to it being 3v2.

"But what if I'm on blue team and their solo top comes?"
Well, glad you asked. Same principle. Put YOUR solo top in the tribush. It's harder to get FB, but you'll live.

Anyway, if they come, whether you get FB or not (burn flash if they are about to kill you) transition to your Blue golem ASAP. Since you have Doran's Ring, you should be able to take it without smite (if you burned it), if you didn't lose to much HP. Ask your team for help otherwise, or if you are unsure. Better safe then sorry!

You can also go Stonewalls route. It's quite good, but I don't use it all that often. I want blue fast, So I can pick it up again when ganking really starts. I know my alternate rout doesn't do this, but the benefits of counterjungling makes up for that IMO.

An important thing to note is that you can solo dragon at lvl 5 with blue. If you do this however, make sure you're safe when you do it. If you suspect a ward, get a pink ward. If mid and/or bot goes MIA, skip it. If you stay, chances are you'll die and give dragon to your opponents. You don't want to do that.

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Jungle Recovery

If YOU got counterjungled you'll have to live with it and make the best of it. Jungling Fiddle when your blue got stolen is hard, but managable. It's slower, and more dangerous, since you can't waste mana on draining all the time. Some people just rage all game if they can't get blue, because they feel it's annoying to be that restrictive with your drains. To those of you this. STFU. You got counterjungled (Read: Outplayed), live with it.

I wont go into more details about this, but I'll link to stonewalls excellent video on the subject.

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So, why do you play fiddlesticks? To put some fear into the enemies. Gank constantly. Make them burn flash, make them die, make them recall. Just piss them off as much as you can. When they rage in /all, you can be proud of your ganking skills.

You COULD gank as early as lvl 2 (right after blue in the standard route), but it is often a waste of time, unless you are sure you can get the kill.

Alternatively, you can do as Elementz does, and pick up Fear lvl 2, and gank mid then, to burn flash, and then immediately gank again for FB.

I can see the reasoning behind this, but in reality, it's just not worth losing that much jungletime. You can get level 4 around a minute later, and gank then.
You're jungle should be FAST, since it's easy to fall behind in levels as Fiddlesticks.

When you get level 6, THAT'S when the fun starts. You're ultimate is devestating, and almost always results in a kill.

When enemies smart up and ward, you ulti+flash from longer distances (and over walls) to surprise them.

If an ally dies or recalls in a lane, and their enemy is attacking your turret, charge a stun over the wall (there's a good wall near every turret), and fear+drain them. Your ulti will clear his creeps, and the turret will attack you enemy. Since he is now getting ulti, drain and turretshots, you are almost guaranteed a kill.
Ill show some examples in the next chapter.

Another way to gank is when a sidelane is pushed, sneak into the inside brushes. When the lane pushes back, you can get a nasty gank in.

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Tips and Tricks

Fiddle is such a fun champion to play. You can surprise your enemies completely.
A classic thing to do is when you are getting chased, run into a brush, and start channeling your ult. When your opponent reaches you, your ult goes of, and you fear+drain him do death.

<Insert YT later>

Another thing to do is when you know you can take an enemy, act scared and run. If he follows, fear and drain him. He is much more likely to stay and try to kill you if you ran first, instead of starting to drain him immediately.

<Insert YT later>

You can also do things like flash over a wall to escape, just to ulti back the same way you came.

<Insert YT later>

You can do all sort of fun things. Explore!

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Selphie uses Limit Break: The End

So, this is the end of the guide. Hope you learned something, and just because this is the way I play Fiddle, doesn't mean it's the best way for everyone to play Fiddle. Everyone got their favorite playstyle, but this is mine, and I've played it with pretty good success.

As you might've noticed, many places in this guide you'll find "Insert YT later". That's because I planned to insert some youtube-clips, but my recording software just doesn't want to work right now for some reason. Maybe my computer just trolling me, whatever.

I'll update later with some videos and pics to help explain things.

On the other hand, if people doesn't give two ***** about this guide, and downvote it to oblivion, maybe I just saved myself some time.

In any case, comment and rate, and thanks for reading this guide. Now go put some true terror into your enemies!