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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Simple Logic

Fiddlesticks - Nothing to fear, but fear itself.

Simple Logic Last updated on November 20, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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"I think I'll let you suffer for a while..."

Fiddlesticks is in my opinion, one of the most underrated characters in the game. Despite his squishy-ness and slow paced play style at first everyone disregards you as a threat. Now I feel that I have finally made the perfect build to put fear in your opponents hearts when they see you scuffling around the map. Not only is Fiddlesticks very underrated, he hits very hard while keeping himself alive and he harrasses like the best of them. I will try to explain everything in this build as well as my others to be as in depth and provide the most information as possible. Just stick with me and I promise you will be burning the whole forrest down...

Lets get down to business

Passive enemy magic resist decrease.
Abnormally fast champion.
Can fear his enemies to provide a kill or an escape.
Able to drain his targets health.
Good harassment.
Strong farming.

Very squishy early game and slight mid game. (8 armor at start)
Usually main target due to health.
Situational mana complication.
Item dependent.
Hard to place ultimate.

Summoner Spell Choices:

- This is a necessity with this build, you will find yourself using quite a lot of mana due to the cost of your drain ability. Having this will help you stay in lane and kill others and grab the various map buffs with ease.

- Even though you are already a strong speed based champion, it can't hurt to have that little extra umph. There'for I always use ghost to evade and catch up to my enemies. Having this will also allow you to have more time to place a well timed ultimate. Not to mention, in the talent tree going improved ghost is a steal of a summoner spell.

- This will help you get back into lanes quickly to help your teammates or kill the opposing team champions.

- Flash will get you out of tight spots, or put you in the middle of the battle for your ultimate.

Keep in mind, that these are just my 4 favorite summoner spells with Fiddlesticks. You may choose whichever spell you want that fits your specific play style. Although, I feel that Clarity and Ghost are the best combo for Fiddlesticks.

Rune Choices:

These are my main rune choices, I choose these because it is the best way to combine ability power and spell penetration along with mass ability power end game when you have 3,430 health. If you feel that these aren't needed to fit your play style you may change them accordingly.

Mastery Tree:

The 9 points in the offense tree will offer you more:
    0.6% Ability power per level
    0.66% Critical boost
    3% cooldown reduction
    15% Spell penetration

The other 21 points will help you maintain:
    4% Health and mana regeneration
    Improved ghost will give you a longer and more effective ghost which is needed for evading and chasing enemies
    5% Experienced gained
    5% Mana increase
    0.66% Mana regeneration
    3% Speed increase
    6% Cooldown reduction
    15% Summoner spell reduction

Champion Spells and Breakdown

- This is your passive, it allows you to decrease your opponents magical resistance by 10. Even though this is a nice and helpful passive with your magic pen and what not. It is also annoying because champions can see your de-buff on their screen if they are near the bush you are in, so once you see them and they are in range you have to engage fast.

- A very important spell, this will fear your opponents away and ultimately saving you on many occasions. The higher the spell is, the longer your fear lasts. I keep it pretty low til' late game since its a strong harass and it gives a great spell combo.

- This will be your main spell, this will allow you to drain your targets health. Which is very handy as you are quite a squishy character. You must use this wisely early-mid game because it costs a lot of mana. Which is another reason why I choose as 1 of my summoner spells. Another thing I would like to add is that drain has quite a long range so you will still be ticking as your target is fleeing from you.

- This actually does quite a lot of damage, due to the bouncing and the silence is great. If you ever find yourself about to engage in a fight you should silence your enemies first so they can't react as quickly as you do.

- Finally, your ultimate is without a doubt one of the best in the game. It will burn down your enemies unlike anything you could imagine. Especially when you add combo's of the various spells above. Your ultimate makes you a huge threat at level 6 and unfortunately.. a bit of a main target. Be very careful when using this though, as it isn't the easiest to place and once you click to cast it, it cannot be stopped.

Engaging as Fiddlesticks:

Harassment - Early game: Levels 1 - 2

Try to use this on the enemy champion or the closet minion near your targeted champion if you think it is sketchy to go straight for the target. This will harm them and silence them, ensuring that they will back up slowly or, they will do the opposite and come straight for you. In which case you would.
- - Auto Attack - (if needed) - Repeat
This should almost guarantee a kill in early game, none the less an easy assist.

Harassment/Killing/Assisting - Early game: Levels 2 - 5
- - - This is the basic rotation for killing someone and or pushing them far back into their lane early game.

Turret Kill?
A fun way to kill a bold enemy champion is as they are tower diving to kill you.. Do this combo.

(to silence their next move) - (this will make them either run towards the turret or away) - (while the turret is shooting them you use your drain to tick them down to 0 as they should be) If this doesn't ensure a kill, if you ping on the map with (G) then I'm sure one of your teammates will take note and clean up the enemy trash in the rift and they are sprinting for their life.

Heres where it gets fun: Level 6 - End Game

You can ask any Fiddlesticks player that no matter what happens your ultimate is 1 of the best in the game. Especially combining it with your other spell. Here is the ensured way of killing an enemy champion at level 6 and throughout the remaining match.

- (to make them unable to run out of your ultimate) - (once you have your enemy in or near the center of your ultimate) - You should finish them off with the crows bounces of the spell, also silencing nearby enemies from attacking back.

Or if think this doesn't suit, you can start with the Terrify first.

Welcome to the jungle...

Upon from also gaining kills and assists to give you an extra buff you must enter the jungle to retrieve the buffs along the Summoners Rift to benefit yourself and your teammates greatly.

Ancient Golem: Grants "Crest of the Ancient Golem,' which gives you 1.5% Mana regeneration and reduces ability cool-downs by up to 25%.

Lizard Elder: Grants "Blessings of the Lizard Elder", which gives additional attack damage which increases as you level up, and a slowing effect to your basic attack.

Both of these buffs will help you with your success throughout the match. Gaining these 2 buffs are an actual universal.

(initiate with this to kill the creeps near the Golem and Lizard) - - - - - = Buff gained

Early game:

Right at the start of the game you are going to want to buy a Doran's Ring and purchase 2 health potions. The Doran's Ring will give you 3 of the main things you will need throughout the game: health, ability power and mana/mana per second. This is a key item to a good start early game.

TIP: After buying these 2 items switch them in your inventory so that the is on the 1 button on your keyboard. That way before you enter into a early game fight with a enemy champion or, running away from them you will be able to heal yourself and stay alive this is needed because Fiddlesticks is very easy to kill at the start, so you have to play smart.

The next important item that you need to purchase and is apart of your core build is Sorcerer's Shoes. These will give you more speed as Fiddlesticks which you need to escape or catch up to an enemy. The second part to this item is the magical penetration from the boots, the more magical penetration the better you will be throughout the game. Once you get these you will be on your way to Mid game.

Mid game:

Mid game is crucial because the second you get your Sorcerer's Shoes you will need to get possibly the most important item in the core. The Rod of Ages will give you a huge help throughout mid game with all of its stat increases. The main reason you get this as soon as possible is because you also gain more health, mana and ability power OVER TIME so sooner you get it, the faster you will get these increases. Although this item is costly, it is viable to your success.

So now that you have this expensive item! It's time for another.. Rylai's Crystal Scepter will give you 500 health on top of the Rod of Ages that makes your health increase by 1150 just by 2 items. Now, if we calculate the rest of the health from the Rod of Ages that will increase your health OVER TIME by 1470. As I stated before you are very easy to kill.. Now we are changing that.

Guess whats next? Thats right, even more health, mana and survivability. The next item that you should purchase will save your *** more times that you can imagine. After you get this you will be able to run in to team fights and other confrontations with ease. This is a NEEDED item.

End game:

So now that your battle is almost its end, this is when I take the gloves off and build for the rest of the core ability power items. Your are going to want to get a

The flat 20 magic resist reduction combined with your boots becomes 40 flat magic penetration. That, coupled with your runes and masteries, will always be better than the Void Staff until you face a target with 100 magic resist or more.

In addition, Abyssal Scepter lowers the magic resist of enemies other than the one you're targeting, meaning that the AoE from Dark Wind and MUCH more importantly the AoE from Crowstorm will deal much more damage. Abyssal Scepter also gives you more ability power, which is always nice.

Finally, Abyssal Scepter lands you another 57 magic resist, amounting to 144 total magic resist at level 18, or approximately 59% damage reduction compared to 46%.

60% damage reduction.

I would like to thank Adonikam and Jebus McAzn for opening my eyes to getting this item for the statistics listed above.

If your game still hasn't ended you need to stack the Abyssal Scepter with even more power to finish off your scum of enemies off once and for all! Hense why we get the ability power from this item is just mind boggling. Not to mention its unique ability will also save your *** along with the Banshee's Veil.

- TIP: Just like your health potions your are going to want to put this at your 1 key on your keyboard so that you can quickly use it in a team fight or a sticky situation to save your yet again.


This is how I play Fiddlesticks and how I maintain the majority of my wins. If you find anything wrong or you have any comments or concerns don't rage rate. Just please leave me some constructive criticism and positive and or negative feedback. I'd like to hear what you have to say about my builds