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League of Legends Build Guide Author ColdHell

Fiddlesticks / ScareChampions (he aint a scarecrow)

ColdHell Last updated on July 5, 2010
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As soon as the game starts buy Dorans Ring, it's a great start for Fiddlesticks, because this ring offers health, mana regeneration and some ability power.
Mana Potion or Health Potion it's your choice, it basicaly depends if you like to save mana then get health potion for incase, if you like to burst enemies from the start get a mana potion just to save clarity for more dangerous situations. After that I wouldn't really buy potions because it will delay my important items that I need for the match.
If you die early game just like level 3-5 buy boots of speed, i'm sure you will have enough money for this after farming some minions.
If you didn't and reached about level 6-9 and you have to go back to your base, buy Sorcerers shoes. Fiddlesticks needs magic penetration, else it will be really hard for him to do proper damage. Don't waste your money on other types of shoes because if you are aiming for a good 5v5 team fight, then you should know how to ambush and not melee fight your enemies, you will see what i mean in Crowstorm ultimate when my explanations are over there. (If you think you really need to buy other types of shoes do it, but there is no use to get so many survival items such as Angels guardian and such, because with fiddle sticks you need to maximize your damage to take down as fast as possible your enemies. Mercury shoes are good for tanks, or for noobs with range dps, because they get often ambushed other wise stick with your team, use your creative skills to surivive you have terrify no excuses other tha 5v1.
If you still have enought money which I always had for this item, then get it. Twenty Ability Power will be useful, those litle ability power will probably be the ones who will take care of the enemie's magic resistance.
Get the 80 ability power for better damage to most of your spells and go back to fight.
After that when you get enought money you HAVE to buy Void Staff, 40% armor penetration is an advatage for your damage. Else your spells will become weak and enemies can take you out.
As soon as you hit 1110 gold, return to base and buy giant's belt. Extra hit points are important for Fiddlesticks because his health is very little. Do not worry, this item will be important for another item that you will buy.
When you make enought money for this staff, get it! It is a MUST to have it as well. It increases your hit points, it gives ability power AND your attacks or maybe even spells will slow down enemy's movement speed.
Haunting Guise isn't a bad item at all, 20 magic penetration is usefull, some hit points and ability power. Remeber Void staff increases your hit points.
This ring, is trully dangerous, and lethal. 25% extra ability power will make fiddlesticks a war killer. Trully expensive but trully dangerous as much as it's money cost. Move this item to slot item 1, incase you get ambushed hit the button (1), you will get immune to all damage for 2 seconds, rendering you immovable and paralysed from casting spells. Anyhow if your friends are close during those 2 seconds of rescue ping on the map for help.
Death Fire Grasp, it's an optional item but I would recomend this item if there is a dangerous tank will loads of hit points, because this item will destroy 30% of the target's initial health (+3% or something if im not mistaken extra for every 100 ability power or so.) Which means you can almost take out 40% in late games with item from any enemy, and this is a trully ideal anti-tank weapone that all tanks must fear from. Death Fire Grasp as well offers cooldown reduction and some ability power. You may even use this to attack an enemy for early attacks or ambush just to take him down quickly.
(ADDITIONAL) And by the way if you know your a pro with fiddlesticks and can trully make a lot of kills buy this item. Beacuse you can end up with great abilitypower. This maybe good idea to get it for early game.


Dark Wind, is probably one of the most creative spells, probably very similar to one of ryze's spell, but this one is more danagerous in 5v5 for some reasons and of course ryze's boucning spell (Spell flux) is lethal with his ultimate activate but this Dark wind, has something much more dangerous. I recomend this spell first spell when the game starts, despite only 2 bounces this spell does little damage and silences the enemies, late game this spell dangerous, especially when it comes in 5v5. At level 18 this spell will will bounce for so long and will cause loads of damage + silence the enemies in moments when they really need to cast spells, which means you bring the team fight a step closer to kill them. It's more dangerous than Spell Flux (ryze's similar spell) because this Dark Wind will travel further and will not bounce back to you, which means you can save a extra hit against an enemy. While Spell Flux is practical for 1v1 but lets talk about 5v5 in here.
Terrify is probably a way to make an opponent leave the game... Im kidding, but it will disturb the oppoenent(s) which means make get pissed off. Terrify should be your third priority after Crowstorm (Fiddle's ulty) and Dark Wind (fiddle's third spell). Because this spell will make crowed control, or help you run away from an enemy melee since it's short range, or keep the enemy disoriented for 3 seconds at it's full level and finish the target off. Honestly Terrify is sometimes better than a stun, because if you are trying to catch up an enemy with ur allies, the enemy might walk in a direction it doesn't want to. Terrify is lethal tacticaly!
Drain is a lethal spell for late games, at first its good to have it at level 3 because you can drain minion's health instead of wasting time in base, and/or have 3 spells and kill and enemy is better than 2 spells sometimes depends as well. Drain + terrify = Malzahar's ultimate. Always use Terrify before Drain, so that you do not inturupt Drain. You can cast Ignite with the enemy is terrified and you are draining him at the same time. Which means? A kill probably.
Crow storm, probably the most dangerous AMBUSHING spell in the game. This spell is not easy to use, because of it's 2 seconds channel and the direction you deside. This spell is hard to be dangerous if you are not ambushing, if the enemies know where you are, they will defenitly run or move around from your ultimate. While they have no idea about your presence you can hide behind a wall or in the bushes and directly appear with this dangerous cirle of doom that you have. In 5v5 team fights, if the enemies are all gathered over there and your team is ready to attack, be in the bushes or behind a wall or something where they can't see you. As soon as the attack starts ultimate over litle bit more behind the fight so that can catch anything runing away opponent, as soon as your ultimate is activate and reaches the enemies, cast fear on any one, cast darkwind on anyone and cast drain on anyone and ignite anyone and clarity if you have to help your friends regen some mana. (MUST READ THIS!) Never EVER use Crowstorm if YOU are being ambushed, because it's a 2 seconds waste where they can finish you and you will defenetly die because of that. If you get ambushed cast terrify darkwind and drain ignite, don't 2 seconds waste and wait for 120 seconds for the next ultimate.


Ignite is a great spell for an extra damaging spell, just a direct and a DOT spell at the same time, (DOT = damage over time if you didn't know), cast ignite when an enemy is about to die, or as you are draning an enemy and you casted terrify before it of course, ignite will not inturupt drain.
Clarity is a great spell for 5v5 and for supporting friends, since most spell casters should have 9/0/21 masteries clarity can be usefull, supporting your friends isn't a bad thing. Do not always be gready and not use some supporting spells for helping others. Champions like soraka are so supporting that you can almost win every game you play with her, since you musn't be greedy with.
If you really think your ultimate is important to you more than anything else, then take Flash, im not used to it, but flash is a key to keep your ultimate successful, because sometimes there is a change during team fights and everyone moves away so flash can help you keep your position correct.


At late game in a 5v5 game, 3 of my team mates died while i was late to reach them, sion was still over there, I hiden in the bushes casted Crowstorm to their location, casted DarkWind and terrified one of the opponents, casted drain on an opponent and ignite, with sion's assisst he stuned one of the opponents to remain in my ultimate.
I ended with a PentaKill...

Thanks to all of, for your reading i appreciate it, i dont care if you don't believe about my penta kill, so many people do pentakills i was little bit lucky tho but skilled enought for it. Thank you all!