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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rockyy

fiddlesticks - The raping branch

Rockyy Last updated on July 20, 2010
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Hello all and welcome to my first guide so feedback please ;)

When u join a game as fiddlesticks always try to go for mid lane, ur a realy nice mid character with lots of helping posibilities for other lanes.

Early game

If u got the mid lane i start out with 1 point in dark wind for last hiting the minions for some extra gold income and some harrasement posibilities, then after that i just make sure i get 1 point in each spell and lvl up dark wind and terrify pretty fast so i can CC the enemy laner and get my gold inflow going, then when i hit lvl 6 i start watching the lanes a bit more for teammembers with problems or just some nice gank oppurtunities to get the first kills in. While going to gank any lane make sure u keep ur eyes on the minimap aswell so their mid laner cant do the same, OR trap u in the back. After ganking the lane take another look on ur minimap if the guy on mid didnt push to far u should be able to recall and get ur Catalyst protector and ur boots of speed
After recalling for ur items its time to look what lane needs help if none go pick up a golem buff and now ur ultimate is ready again gank any lane even their mid laner if he got a bit cocky pushing ur turret. Just keep ganking with ur ultimate untill u get fed enough Just keep ganking with ulti / fear-drain to help kill enemy champions and ofcourse kill dragon if the posibility is there.

Mid game

U should already have atleast the needlessly large rod by and maybe a mejaj's if ur realy getting all the kills u want (get the mejaj's only if the oponent is not realy taking u down) During mid game try controling the jungle with ur darkwind and drain ur and invincible jungler whenever ur team needs help or a turret does make sure u are there to help them with ur fear / ultimate u can realy help alot. also make sure to place sight wards on places u liek to stand to cast ur ultimate so u know if there is a enemy champion luring for u. (also nice in combination with teleport - can realy suprise the enemies by teleporting in the bushes and coming in their back from nowhere)

Late game

It shouldnt be to much of a problem helping ur team now with some nice placed fears on enemies to grab em up and using ur ultimate to clear the enemy away from the turrets u shud be almost unstopable with ur flash/ghost summoner abilities giving u a high chance to espace if u ar not cc'd.
Anyway just make sure the tank goes in before u and use ur ultimate from spots they can not see u and u will be a great succes late game with ur real high Magic penetration and ability power ur drain/crowstorm should devestate ur enemies.

Other item options

Mercury's Threads, When faced by a heavy Crowd control team these ar a must have for fiddlesticks u will be completly useless unless u have these.

Mejaj's Soulstealer, Liek i sayd before its a great item when ur not being downed to often and have easy ganks on ur opponents.

Banshee's veil, The passive that blocks 1 spell every 30 seconds is realy nice and the extra health/mana ar always welcome

This is about all items i sometimes use, cuz u get alot of surviveability from ur drain and u shudnt enter teamfights before atleast ur tank does u dont realy need to much survievability just ultimate in use flash if needed to stay close to the enemy champions and if they target u try ghost out realy fast if u notice that u will not survive. turn back and annoy the enemy with fear and drain to keep helping ur team.

Anyway tell me what u think of my guide please.

Greetings Rockyy