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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by Neil

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Neil

Fiddlesticks: The Scarecrows Big Brother

Neil Last updated on September 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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In this guide, I will be showing you how to use Fiddlesticks in LOL. This is my first guide, so I am happy to receive feedback, positive or negative.

I made this guide to provide more relevant, post patch information

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Champion Match Up

Fiddlesticks is strong against people who rely on doing continous damage. (Urgot ect.)

Some of his weaknesses is that if he faces an assasin, the may be able to kill him if they pull their combos. It is important to use terrify often, this can disrupt an assasin, keep somebody in the range of drain/crowstorm, or make a quick escape.

While tanks may not seem deadly at first, their constant CC can be extremely annoying. Use terrify to shut them up before draining them.

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Skill Sequence

]The Sequence is drain, dark wind, terrify, then crowstorm as soon as it's availible (6-11-16)

Drain[/b} is the ability you will almost always use. If you can't drain, you can't kill, simple as that. Enemies who fight you often start with a CC. So, either terrify them, which uses mana, or wait a second for them to pop their CC then attack them. Don't wait too long!

Dark Wind [/b} is often underused. It's ability to bounce five times can be exteremly useful. It is automatic, so if you pop it by a bush it could hit the person inside it. But, mind the fact that it might not go in the bush while a champion is in there. If two champs run by each other dark wind will bounce between them, doing a lot of damage. It DOES have a LONGER range then drain! Remember this.

Terrify is somewhat explained how to be used up at the top. It should be used to: keep an enemy in crowstorm, make an enemy not be able to run so you can get a drain off, force to stay in turrent range, force to be attacked by minions, make a hasty escape, and disrupt an assasins combo. Always watch the cooldown as it can save you many times.

Crowstorm is a channel, then jumping in causing massive damage in it's range.It has a somewhat small cooldown, so use it often, but don't use it unless you know you can get the kill. Inside friendly turrent range, it can easily change the tide of battle by killing the minions leaving the enemy champions without minion cover and dieing. If used in a team battle it will steal kills. Not giving any ideas, but you might want to be aware of that. And, you can use spells while the storm is around you. drain/crowstorm combo can completely devastate somebodies health.

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Here is some questions about masteries choices.

Greed/Utility Mastery: If you jungle (Which is easy for fiddlesticks) you get extra gold anyways and the buff lasts longer! What's not to like?

Sommuner Spells masteries: If you choose another summoner spell, you can use the point for that if it doesn't devastate the mastery tree ex: teleport

Why use good hands? I don't plan on dieing!: Well it is that or spatial accuracy, which is useless without teleport, or haste, which is useless without ghost. If you use one of these,make sure to not waste the flash point unless you are using flash.

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Early Game
This is one of the most important parts of the game. If you get underfed, the rest of the game can be very..... tramatic, since fiddlesticks is not a good minion farmer with his weak attacks.
also bieng underfed increases the risk that enemies will outdamage your drain, making you essintialy useless. Try to get as fed as possible.

Mid Game
Always watch your back, since your are prone to being ganked, and just killed. Be careful and watch your minimap. Use the jungle and minions to get fed.
Activley participate in team fights and ganks. Don't just go for pvp. If you are high enough, go for the harder jungle monsters such as lizard lord, ancient golem, and possibly dragon.
Kill people. When they are all dead, kill lizard lord and golem. Watch the jungles, as people tend to go for a gank to shut you down.

Late Game
This can be an extremly bad situation for you. You will have to watch your back, and be prepared to be ganked. GET FED!!!!

Kill monsters in jungle to build some items. While farming minions isn't usually done, items can add to your damage and turn the game in your favor

Keep your crown. Don't let the eneimies cacth up to you by killing them. Force them into submission.

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Buy Doran's Ring first. This is useful for early game umph. It is ok to sell this at the end to get something better. it costs 475g

Then, you want to get the sorcerers shoes, because the bit of movement speed can be the diffrence between a great crowstorm and a wasted ult, plus the AP is very useful. It costs 1100g

Then, get the amplifying tomes, building up to a hextech revovler. the revolver requires TWO tomes. This is one of the most important items since it brings drain back to not nerfed lvl's It costs 1200g

I would go for the abyssel scepter next, which costs about 2650g

I would then buy the rod of ages, which is more useful the earlier you get it. It costs 3035g

I would then go for Rabadon's Deathcap. It costs about 3600g

If you have bought all of this, and still have gold to spend, you might want to upgrade the hextech revolver to a hextech gunblade. If you still have more gold, sell dorans ring and get something else.

NOTE:These Items are not to be followed religously. You may have to stack some MP if the enemy starts stacking MR. If his is the case, you may want to go for the Void Staff. Also, if you are facing annoying enemies who rely on auto attacks (Master Yi etc.) You might want to buy thornmail

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Summoner Spells


You can also use...
Ghost if you don't have flash (Use your point in haste instead of flash if you are using it!)
Clarity if you really need mana. (The mastery point for this can go both ways. If you stick with a teammate, spec)

Don't Use..
Pretty much everything else

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Thanks for Reading my first guide. Fiddlesticks is a great charater to play, and is very efficient if used properly. I am open to criticism and I will try to update as soon as dominion comes out. Good Luck!