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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author demoneka

Fiddlesticks the Unhappy Scarecrow

demoneka Last updated on January 12, 2011
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Chapter 1

Fiddlesticks the Unhappy Scarecrow


This is only my second build, so please try to bear in mind that this is still somewhat new to me, do not down vote without leaving a constructive comment explaining why you down voted my guide, remember, I am here to learn and to teach. Thank you!

As Fiddlesticks says, "You will know fear."

This champion's Terrify Ability is one of the most effective ganking abilities in the entire game, which is not an ultimate.
At Rank 5 this is a 3 second full immobilization. The only thing that can break this ability is the Summoner Spell: Cleanse.
The Ultimate Fear he has is his Terrify � Dark Wind Combo, which is a 3 second full immobilization with a tag-on silence, making it virtually impossible for them to do anything.

Who should play fiddlesticks, and why?

This really depends on what playing style you like.
Typically this is a harass-based champion, with some effective damage and crowd control.
This champion is not for someone who wants high-burst damage, or high survivability, but someone who wants to be effective ganker/team fights finisher.


Nearby enemy champions have their magic resistance reduced by 10.

Strikes a target enemy unit with fear, causing it to flee in terror for 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 second(s).
Cooldown 12.5 seconds.
Cost 65/85/105/125/145 mana.
Range 525.

Drains 50/75/100/130/160 (+40% of ability power) health each second from target unit and gives it to Fiddlesticks.
Lasts up to 6 seconds.
Cooldown 12 seconds.
Cost 80/100/120/140/160 mana.
Range 450.

Dark Wind
Strikes an enemy target and then bounces to a nearby enemy unit. Deals 100 (+35% of ability power) magic damage and silences for 1.2 sec for each strike.
Can bounce up to 2/4/6/8/10 times and may strike the same target multiple times.
Cooldown 15 seconds.
Cost 50/70/90/110/130 mana.
Range 600.

A murder of crows flock wildly around Fiddlesticks for 5 seconds, dealing 150/250/350 (+35% of ability power) magic damage each second to all enemy units in the area. This has a 2 second channel duration and teleports Fiddlesticks to target location.
Cooldown 150 seconds.
Cost 200/300/400 mana.
Range 800.

What Combo should one use for team fights?

I usually open with my ultimate from behind them, then I will usually use my Dark Wind on the closest target to silence them all, and then I will use the Terrify � Drain combo on a support/tank champion, so that all the Area Effect damage is spreading efficiently and will hopefully get the team all 5 kills or 4 out of 5.


When opening with your ultimate, make sure your team has the tank engaging first, then make sure you open with your ultimate right behind their team, while avoiding letting them see you.
Once you have opened make sure your team is attacking head-on, on the higher damage-dealing champions, then tanks/support.
Once they have attacked, use your Dark Wind Ability targeting a Tank/Support as the first hit from Dark Wind.
After that knock out the highest HP tank or the support champion with the Terrify � Drain Combo, rendering, whichever is closest, useless.
Avoid being targeted by Crowd Controls as much as you can. If you feel that you are about to be focused over the tank, and then use flash to jump behind the tank so that he/she can slow them, or stop them in their tracks, then turn around and continue to attack them.
If after flashing behind the tank, they continue to try to pursue you, kite them, use Ghost here if you have it, around your tank until they can no longer pursue without dying, and finish them with the Terrify � Dark Wind combo.


R � E

Q � W

E � Q � W

Summoner Spells:

What Summoner Spells work best for Fiddlesticks?

Ghost/Flash: Usually, if you have one of these, you will want to get the other as well, due to their very effective combination.

Clarity/Teleport: This is nice for being able to stay on lanes longer and being able to switch lanes with someone faster, I usually recommend this if you think one of your teammates will be better in a different lane, than originally planned.

Summoner Spells that could work, but not as well as others:

Ignite/Exhaust: I don�t personally recommend this setup mainly because you don�t need exhaust usually, and ignite will not kill a target early or late game unless you want an assist, which usually is not worth wasting the summoner spell spot over.

Ignite/Smite: This is for Jungling only, check other guides to see how to use this in a build. My build is not for jungling. I apologize.

Summoner Spells to Avoid at all costs:

Heal: You have drain, get this spell out of your mind now; if you have to use this then you shouldn�t be using Fiddlesticks.

Cleanse: Yes, it is nice, but if you have the chance to use this then you will most likely die anyways.

Fortify: Let the tanks/supports have this ability; they will use it if it is truly needed.

Revive: Just a waste of a summoner spell and usually doesn�t make a difference.

Clairvoyance: Same thing as Fortify let the tanks/supports have this ability.

Summoner Items:

I, personally, recommend grabbing Doran�s Ring and 2 Health Potions, because it gives you extra AP, mana and mana regeneration, which never hurts.
After that I usually get a Catalyst the Protector and my Boots of Speed, I try to have the gold for these by level 6.
Once, that�s done I will usually go grab my Blue Buff and Red Buff, then kill the Dragon, very easily doable. Just use Dark Wind to initiate and then Drain Spam.
After I have done all 3 of those spawns I will normally head to middle lane and gank the enemy champion, just open with your terrify, then dark wind and drain them down, make sure you target the enemy with the alert system so your current middle laner knows to let the enemy push so he can help gank him, YOU WILL HAVE TO OPEN!
At this point I will normally help push the middle lane and take down the tower, then I will recall and get my Rod of Ages (should only be 1710g now, you will have gotten 400g from jungle, 200g+ from the kill, and about 400-500g from tower/minions, that means you will most likely be 100g short or 100g over, if you are short just go kill the wraith and wolf camps).
Now you have your first main piece and should be level 9, return to your lane through the jungle and open up with your ultimate and slaughter the enemy, then take that tower.
Nice job, you now have your tower down as well and should have the gold for Mercury�s Tread/Sorcerer�s Boots.
At this point, I would be surprised if the 3rd lane hasn�t dropped their tower yet, but if they haven�t then that�s all the better for you to gain some more champion kills, minion kills, and a tower takedown. If they haven�t taken their tower, go give them a hand, whether they like it or not, get some extra gold, because next in line on your list of gear is: Banshee�s Veil.
I recommend getting it now because this is when all the team fights will start happening and this will help prevent you from being an easy target. Try to get a couple of Sight Wards at this point as well; it will help with watching for invisibles/ watching the Dragon. Also, grab blue and red buffs every time they are up and have a back up champion for dragon in case the enemy tries to gank you, usually I recommend the champion who support or the one that is doing 2nd/3rd most damage. Avoid using the carry, this should not be you.
By about level 15 you will most likely have enough gold to buy your 4th item which, I recommend, Abyssal Scepter, as it�s got some really nice Ability Power, and Magic Resist, all the better, once more, for team fights.
By this point of the game you will be very hard to kill, if not unkillable. Just shoot for your buffs, and continue to head to level 18.
Once level 18, I usually have just enough gold to get my 5th item, and a piece for my 6th item. Usually at this point it�s a good idea to get Rylai�s Crystal Scepter, and get the Needlessly Large Rod for my Zhonya�s Ring. Finish the game with this item if possible.

Game Time:

I usually recommend laning with the tank, and let the carry go with the support.
Ok now that we are on our lanes, start by letting the tank venture into the bushes, if clear, jump in behind him, if not, run up and use Dark Wind to silence them and have him retreat. Simple as that.
Nice, you most likely just did about 150+ damage to each of them in a matter of one cast, they�ll think twice before trying to attack your tank when you are around, this should give them idea that you are not a target to be taken lightly, which will benefit you when farming those minions. Use Dark Wind on the Minion closest to the enemy champions, and then just auto attack for last hits on minions. By the time you take out the 3rd Minion Wave most likely the enemy champions will be on defensive, use that to your advantage, have your tank continue to push and go grab the Golem Camp (you will be like level 2.75 at this point), then go back and get ready to launch a huge E � Q � W attack on the nearest enemy champion, use the bushes to surprise them so they won�t have time to escape. If you get one, then congratulations you probably just got first blood, if not, oh well, that just means they will probably have one recall, which means you can push the tower harder, push it as hard as the other champion will allow, most likely he will get brave because of the nearby tower, if he/she extends past all of the minions, flash, terrify, dark wind, and drain him, have your tank try to slow/stun or whatever he has to keep that idiot from getting away, and then you will get a free kill and that means, a free tower takedown. Good job! Now you will be at least level 5, go get back to base and grab you Catalyst and Boots of Speed.
Ok, now we can go take down some buff minions, and the dragon with our lane partner, go get those taken care of then go demolish mid-lane.
Well, time to make sure all of the Outer Towers are down, if they are then most likely team fights will start happening. Try to have your team as whole take down the Inner Middle Tower as quickly as possible. You should be playing the stealthy attack role at this point, when they see there�s 4 of your teammates pushing mid they will grab all 5 most likely and try to gank your team, this is perfect, because you will have the advantage of surprise. Use that to take down the whole enemy team with your above combination (Look under Abilities � Tips).
Ok, the mid-lane inner tower is destroyed, now all that is left is to 3 man one side and 2 man the other, usually they will send 3 at your 2, 1 down mid, and 1 on the other, use this to your advantage, gank the mid laner, and let whoever is doing the 3 man, 2 man it, then go back to 3 manning that lane.
Once the Inner Towers are down you will be heading into End-Game Phase. Open with Mid-Lane and then push the bottom or top lanes, just push, don�t get greedy or over-confident, as this is where at lot of the game is determined. Refrain from letting them kill you, as with a tower you can most likely solo 3-4 of them easily. When you have finished 2/3 Inhibitors the game is basically over, go get Baron Buff with the tank, then finish it.


Good job, you just won the game, you can look back now at your mistakes and try to figure out ways to fix them, and if you have questions, I am always here to help!

Credits and Conclusion:

Thank you Simple Logic and Flipfcukk for your wonderful guides, I used some of the tips in your guides to make this one, and I really enjoyed looking at your other guides.

Want a Jungle Fiddlesticks build?

Restrictnine has one of the most amazing Jungle Builds for Fiddlesticks I have ever seen! Go check it out, and vote for his guide while there!

As always: If you have any questions please let me know either on this site, at my e-mail:, or even in-game: Demoneka. I am always willing to help anyone who has issues and needs advice.

Also, when voting please take 20-30 seconds to leave a comment explaining why or why not this guide helped you, if it is a valid comment I will try to incorporate it into my guide.

Thank you,