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League of Legends Build Guide Author Thaisun

Fiddlesticks, your health is mine!

Thaisun Last updated on May 11, 2011
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Welcome to my first build! This build is dedicated to one of the most ANNOYING champions in the game. To the enemies that is... Fiddlesticks. Fiddle is an AMAZING champion with the fact that he can do tons of damage, and can gain hp as fast as he loses it! So, here we go! Comment and rate if you wish. I'd love some feedback!

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I'm definitely not a rune expert, so any advise on the runes would we very appreciated. So, as you can see I chose these runes:

Mark of Insight
Seal of Focus
Glyph of Potency
Quintessence of Insight

Alright, first off... Marks of Insight. Magic penetration. Fiddlesticks can deal some major damage, and his heal depends on the damage dealt. So, if an enemy decides it's smart to stack magic resistance to counter you, give them a surprise. Rip right through their little magic resistance and shred them.

Seal of Focus. With the help of these, it will be almost a nonstop drain. And, when they're about to escape your reach, the cooldown of your fear is lowered as well, making you a killing machine.

Glyph of Potency. More AP. Plain and simple. There's no such thing as too much Ability Power. Unless of course, your Dark Wind is killing a champion each time it touches them... But I HIGHLY doubt it will.

Quintessence of Insight. As mentioned before, this is to help rip through all those smart little tanks who think they can stand against you without dieing.

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For masteries I stick with 9/21/0. Why? Because your nine masteries will give you higher ability power, longer exhaust, even MORE cooldown reduction, and more magic penetration.

The twenty-one is almost purely for survivability those first few minutes of the whole, "Will I get fed or not?" stage. Of course, after reducing incoming damage pretty well it also increases your ability power by even more.

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Alright, I figured out how this item build works after an extremely pathetic win with Fiddle. I found, if you start with magic penetration and a bit of health, they will either focus on you and still lose, focus on you and win (not usual), or not focus on you and get their butts kicked.

First! Buy an amplifying tome for that beginning kill, Dark Wind's silence plus Drains damage. Once you hit about level six or have simply too much money, you upgrade the tome into a "Haunting Guise" and if you have money left over, boots of speed. If you have more than enough, get the Boots of Mobility and continue on. Welcome to mid game.

Next, get the blasting wand and prepare to kill. Lots. After you get enough money or simply need to return, upgrade the blasting wand into a Void Staff and prepare to sell your Haunting Guise. As soon as you get 1600, return to base. Unless some emergency needs to keep you out, go back. Sell the haunting guise, buy the Needlessly Large Rod, and get back into the fray. IF you have enough to buy the blasting wand, go ahead. If you can purchase it, welcome to late game.

Get Rabaddon's deathcap as quickly as possible, once you have it they will either learn to target you or die. With your boosted ap, nothing should stand in your way. Next, comes the fun part. Super healing. Buy the HexTech Revolver, and watch your drain not only do the stated amount, but an additional amount from spellvamp! Once you have 1245 gold, return to base for another great item... The Fiendish Codex. More ability power, some mana regeneration, and cooldown reduction. With this item, you should be just drain, drain, drain. Once you hit enough gold, upgrade the codex into Morello's Evil Tome. It basically doubles everything from the previous item! If you haven't won, or dare I say it... Lost by now, proceed to the dreaded, End Game.

Here is the end. The final moment where the two teams are finishing their builds, and realizing the winners. Right off, upgrade your HexTech Revolver into the Will of the Ancients. Even more spellvamp, ap, and an aura that gives some. If you STILL aren't completely shredding everyone, buy a blasting wand and turn it into Rylai's Crystal Scepter. Your drain now slows. Your enemies are now dead.

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Skill Sequence

I don't believe this requires much explanation, start with Dark Wind so that you can have a bit of AoE type abilities right off. Silence, it bounces back to them, easy amount of damage. Next, Drain. They get daring and charge you, Dark Wind silence and Drain. Bounce those back and forth once more and get Terrify. Fear. Right before your ultimate means you can ult in, fear, dark wind, drain, and they're most likely dead. Next, level up drain. Fast. With each level, the damage dealt and hp given back to you increases making it an excellent skill. Next get another level on your ultimate after another Dark Wind and then max it out. Finally, max out Terrify wile adding in your ult halfway through. Boom.

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Summoner Spells

Oh boy... I think these are just no-brainers. Exhaust for that extra push to keep them in your drain range, and flash for the extra chasing ability, if they get out of your drain range, fear and flash behind them and start your drain again.

Other possibilities are Ignite and Ghost. Ignite really only for lowering their hp regen and for "First Blood"'s while getting Ghost for the extra chase or escaping ability.

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All in all I have to thank everyone that has battled me when I was testing this. Please rate and review! Until next time!