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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Exyter

Fiery Justice, Kayle DPS build

Exyter Last updated on October 22, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Short guide to how I play Kayle.

Summoner spells:

These are the ones I choose from:

I use Exhaust and Ignite because they score me some easy kills in the start. Im gonna start experimenting with Ghost instead of Exhaust though because sometimes I'm having trouble chasing down my opponents, no matter how much I slow them. Will update this as soon as I have some results.

If no one on your team has it, getting Teleport can be important for tower saves, but that is only as a last option.

Update: I played a few games yesterday with Ghost and it proved quite effective. Gonna be using that more now and have Exhaust as a substitute.

Item build sequence:

These are the possible items you want to get:

I always rush a Guinsoo's Rageblade as soon as possible. This is your main dps item throughout the game so its very important to get it as soon as possible. After getting boots you can choose between Chalice for some mana reg/magic res(if their team is heavy magic dps, I always go this item after Rageblade and Sorcerer Shoes), or the Hextech Gunblade, prioritizing the Hextech revolver over the Bligewater Cutlass.

I have had some thought on going Frozen Mallet instead of Hextech Gunblade, but the spell vamp + life steal is really neccesary later on. If you want a Frozen Mallet you should get it as the last item instead of Trinity Force.

I've added the items I usually get in the items tab, but feel free to use any of the other items ive mentioned here.

Update: There are of course the situational items, one of which I mentioned up there(the Chalice), but I'm gonna give you a few more to choose from, should you face some strange setup you're not sure of what to get against.

The Abyssal Scepter is a great tool against a team thats trying to build MResist to counter your dmg. Taking down their MResist a notch could prove to be the winning factor of a match. You can trade the Hextech Gunblade for this one if you feel comfortable going without the lifesteal it provides(you have a heal anwyays so you should'nt be to low health most of the time).

Deathfire Grasp is a great tank-killer item. If their team has alot of health heavy champions this item is recommended over Trinity Force since its gonna be lethal for their tanks to go up against your team when you can blast away almost 40% of their health instantly. Remember though, this item has a cooldown of 60 seconds. Try to pick the most important target to take down, but dont use this on a squishy target, since your normal attacks and spells can easily take those down anyways. ALWAYS, ALWAYS use this on a tank. Note: I have not tried this item myself, but I've seen others use it and well... Tanks dont have it easy vs this one. :)

Lich Bane... I've had plenty of games where this one has been a major factor for taking down an entire team. Since you'll be a hybrid from the start, just getting Sheen will improve your damage quite alot. This is also a very good item when facing a health heavy team. Whats more this item actually provides some MResist so getting it vs a heavy magical team isnt a bad idea either. The only downside is that it doesnt provide any healthboost so you'll be quite low health and vulnerable to burst damage heroes. Try using your Intervention at the right time :)

Reckoning: This is your main spell early on. Very good for harassing and its the initializer of all your kills. Throw one of these and then start smashing their faces with normal attacks using Righteous Fury to hit them from afar.
Divine Blessing: This is mainly to give you a movespeed boost in the beginning of the game. Later on it will be quite valuable for teamfights. Throwing a wellplaced heal on an ally that needs it can be the turningpoint of a teamfight. But for earlygame just put the 1 point in it to make it easier to chase down fleeing enemies.
Righteous Fury: This spell is your forte, the reason the enemy team fears you. By adding a portion of your AP to your AD this one will strike for alot of dmg when building Kayle as a hybrid DPS. Not only does it give you a damage boost, it also makes your attacks ranged and giving them a small splash effect which is lethal for the enemy team if they are standing together. This is the skill we'll be maxing right after Reckoning to get the maximum effect out of it.
Intervention: This is a very important skill of yours. It can be the difference between life or death in any encounter you have. And since you can throw this spell on an ally, make sure you use it on the person that needs it the most in teamfights. Since its cooldown is quite low you should be able to use it every teamfight and the combination of this + your healing spell is a great asset to your team, not to mention its great for towerdiving or taking down the towers by yourself.

The actual game:

Earlygame: I start of with a Dorans ring and a health potion and then head to a lane. Try laning with someone that has a stun/snare. This makes for a early kill by your Reckoning/Righteous Fury combo(which deals insane amounts of dmg early on btw). By getting your Divine Blessing on lvl 4 you can stay on the lane for quite a bit longer than your opponents. Hopefully you'll have already killed them by lvl 2-3 so getting ahead in lvls should'nt be a problem. When you have enough money for a Blasting wand and a pair of boots you should teleport to base. If you're doing well without them, stay on the lane until you can afford the Rageblade(if you have enough for this item but no boots yet, buy it anyways because it will pay off more than the movespeed you get) then teleport to base. After this you should be heading to midgame.

Midgame: Now you have your Rageblade and hopefully a pair of normal boots atleast. Its time to get some kills. Head back to your lane and try getting a kill or 2 out of the enemy champions there. If they are to cowardice from your early assault, try heading mid/bot for a gank. By this time you should be able to solo the dragon aswell so head there and see if you can kill it. After getting 1-3 kills you should have enough money to get you boots upgraded. This is the point where you can choose to go Chalice of Harmony or rushing the Hextech Gunblade. As I said above, if their team is heavy magic dps, a Chalice will help you out in many situations, but this is your choice. If you're going Hextech Gunblade you should have enough money for the Hextech Revolver part by now. If not, stay out there killing champions/minions until you do then teleport home. Time for lategame.

Lategame: By now you should have almost completed your Hextech Gunblade and start buying parts for your Nashor's Tooth. At this point it should be all about teamfights. You should stay in the back, using your Reckoning/Righteous Fury to hit them from range and targeting their weakest heroes first. By now even their tanks should take considerable amounts of dmg from that combo and after taking a few hits they will probably back down. Always try to use your ulti on the one on your team that gets targeted. And try to use it when you think that person will take most dmg. For example a target with low health being chased by Garen should always be shielded since Garens ultimate will probably oneshot them, but with your shield they will survive the hit. Try to keep your team on high health with your heal as much as possible. Dont forget the movespeed bonus your heal gives aswell so if you're chasing down a hero and one of your teammates are close, throw a heal on them just to give them a movespeed boost and it will probably help kill their champion. The range on the heal is quite large aswell btw.

I think that is all for now, but please, feel free to comment and add some hints or tips if you think I missed something. Hopefully this will help you bring fiery justice to your opponents sometime soon.

Please bear in mind this is my first build ever. I accept all the critizism you might have even if its good or bad. Thanks :)