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Finding your Fit: Finding a Team

Finding your Fit: Finding a Team

Updated on March 20, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Infectious Lepar Build Guide By Infectious Lepar 8 1 4,235 Views 24 Comments
8 1 4,235 Views 24 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Infectious Lepar Build Guide By Infectious Lepar Updated on March 20, 2013
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Why are you here?

So, you are trying to find a regular team to play with or get into to the competitive "Ranked" scene of LoL and have realized the truth...


LoL is a team game and taking the risk of playing solo Q is something that most people wont do.
Granted some of you out there turn Rambo and clean house all on your own, but most of us aren't like that.
You are here because you need to find other people that are at least as capable as you are at their respective roles.
This guide is just an easy way to end up on a team without doing a bunch of leg-work searching for a team yourself.
So, let's get down to business...
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How does this guide help you?

This is less of a guide and more of a Hub for matching up with others and forming a team.

The guide works like this:
1: You create/fill-out a Player Card and post it into the discussion part of this guide.
2: Player Cards are analyzed and matched up with other like-players.
3: You are placed in a large group of like-players to see who you enjoy playing with.
4: After you play with people in your group you review how they played.
5: After player reviews are matched up a 5 man team is made, narrowed down from group play.

Q: Wait a second, so what are you in this grand scheme?
A: The best way to describe it is to compare me to "the sorting hat" in Harry Potter.
I will place you were you seem to fit best, but I also take what you have to say into account.

Q: But how do you match us up?
A: It's a combination of multiple things: matching skill levels, roles mastered/preferred, and commonalities in personality.
I will do my best to match you with people like you.

WARNING: This may be an ongoing search. Sometimes people that match-up well on "paper" do not necessarily do well together. If a team doesn't seem like it's working for you then feel free to come back and try again. Seriously, what can you lose by trying? It couldn't be any worse than Solo Q.
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Finding Your Fit: Player-Card and Group placement

This section is the most important way for me to help figure out where to place you.

It is important that you answer these questions as well as you can to give me the best understanding of who you are. You DO NOT HAVE TO ANSWER EVERYTHING. However, the less information you give me the less likely you are going to have a cohesive team placement.


-Personal Information-
In-Game Name:
Real name:
Languages spoken in order of preference:
Time zone:
-Computer Use Information-
Time/days you are regularly playing LoL:
Other forms of chat besides in-game messaging:
Are you willing to use a Mic to chat while playing:
Do you stream/record your games:
Do you play with additional hot-keys/ smart click:
Does your computer have any troubles running LoL:
-League of Legends Information-
What servers do you play on:
Summoner Level:
Normal games Won:
Ranked games Won:
Number of rune pages:
Number of Champions Owned:
Preferred Solo Top Champion:
Preferred Solo Mid Champion:
Preferred Jungle Champion:
Preferred Ranged AD Carry Champion:
Preferred Support Champion:
Preferred Position:
-Personality Questions-
What type of music do you listen to?
What Unique skills do you have?
What sports do you enjoy watching/playing?
What other online Computer or Console games do you play?
What job do you have(if you have one)?
Do you enjoy: Drinking, smoking, toking?
What is your favorite meal?
What TV shows do you like to watch?
What movies have you seen recently?
What hobbies/past-times do you have?
On a scale of 1-10 how serious are you when it comes to gaming?
Are you a laid back/ care-free person?
Are you sarcastic/ witty?
Do you get to know people easily or does it take a while?
Tell me a little more about you, whatever you want to add:
Do you have any additional questions?

This card needs to be copied and filled out in the discussion portion of this guide. After a while I will send you a message informing you where you have been placed. Return to the guide to see Who else is in your group of players and get a hold of other people in that group to play together.
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Testing the Waters: Groups play

After you have turned in your Player Card you will be sent a message asking you to return to this guide to see where you have been matched up.

Step 1: Find your Group.
-Groups are color coordinated
-Groups contain a larger number of people then a required 5 man team
-Groups are here to help find more accurate matches for a set 5 man team

Step 2: Play with people in your Group.
-Play with different members of your group in normal games to see how you like them
-Watch their play style closely to see how it matches in comparison to yours
-See what champions they play
-See how they build their champions

Step 3: Rate other people in your Group.
-Fill out this quick player evaluation card and PM it to me

Who did you play with:
Number of games played together:
During these games:
-What would you rate your skill on a scale of 1-10?
-How would you rate this player's skill on a scale of 1-10?
Do you have anything else to add about that player and the games played?

Step 4: Team Placement.
-After you play with multiple people in your group a 5 man team will be made
-Team placements are not final, but they should not be exited from lightly
-Try hard to get to know the people behind the players, the more you know each-other, the more fun you will have and the more effective you will be in-game.
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Groups: Pre-team placement

Don't think of team colors having anything to do with stereotypes. They are simply an easy way of separating People by a Combination of Server and Player card info:

Light Blue:

Dark Blue:

Light Green:

Dark Green:







Light Yellow:

Dark Yellow:
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Teams: Established 5 man teams

This sections is my way of showing you all off to the world. Once you are in a team Check-in regularly and let me know how you guys are doing.

If we have a large enough group of teams posted on here we may have to do some events.
Let me know how you are doing by filling this quick Team Info Card:

Team name:
Team Captain/spokesman:
Team Image (url):
-Champions played/in-game name of summoners-
Win/Loss ratio:

The Team Image is for a mascot or Team logo, please no large images. If it is too big it will not be posted.

Teams in order of Wins

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